Coxs River Xmas Trip - December 1975

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.
Party - A mixture from SBC and SUBW

Above - some of the SUBW contingent - Martin Darling, Lloyd Flack, Rob Shearer, Barbie Easson, Dave Brown, Ross Bradstock, ?, Hugo Rubbessa, Hugo's sister, Peter Young, Adrian Teague, Ian Hickson, Sue Ashmore, Peter Woof

Above - on the way down to the river via the Six Foot Track

Above - ian at the campsite

Above -water jumping - at the magalong junction

Above - Dave Brown showing how to lilo

Above - Martin

Above - Dave Brown showing how not to lilo

Above - some of the party watching the liloing - Ian, Ross, Barbie, Rob and Hugo and Peter Y

Above - liloing

Above - Ian

Above - Barbie

Above - Tom Williams, Ross, Barbie and Rob

Above - Lloyd, Ross and Barbie

Above - Sue, ? Adrian and Ross and Barbie behind

Above - on the river

Above - Rob and Barbie

Above - on the way out - Martain, Sue, Ross, Barbie, Ian, Rob, lloyd, ?, Peter Y, Peter W, Hugo, ?, ? Dave B, Adrian

Above - heading out to an "EPC" meeting on the second sister - Rob, Riss, Martin and Dave N

Above - on the second sister (Three Sisters - Katoomba)

Above - on the second sister - we had a "choreographed fake fight" - where someone would be pushed off (to a hidden ledge) to amiuse the tourists at Echo Point.

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