Coxs River - Xmas Walk - Dec 1974

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Gordon Thompson (The General), Liz Perrars, Cob  and Di Taylor, Graant Benett (Benge), Peter Price, Chris MacGowan, Bob Salijevic (Hot Dog), Ian Bailey (Bails), Peter Styles, Tom Williams, Steve Moon (Moss) Dave Noble and others from Springwood Bushwalking Club.

Above - Peter Styles on a rapid

Above - Tom watches Peter on the next rapid

Above - not so good going backwards.....

Above - Tom has a go

Above - and finds it thirsty work......

Above - at least the beer makes it down the rapids intact

Above - Dave's turn next

Above - Oops...

Above - back on

Above - nice

Above - Benge begins the lilo wars

Above - The General

Above - Cob at the fire at the campsite

Above - Benge and Tom waterjumping

Above - The General has a go (and another person)

Above - some of the party

Above - Moss(?) on the rapids

Above - more lilo wars

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