Wild Dog Mountains - Coxs River - 1973

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Medlow Gap - Mt Merrimerrigal - Mt Dingo - Splendour Rock - Yellow Pup - Coxs RIver - Gangerang Gorge - White Dog - Medlow Gap

Party - Peter Duhs, Tom Williams, Ross Williams, Steve (Moss) Moon, Dave Noble

Walk organised by Dave Noble for the Springwood Bushwalking Club.

Above - Tom, Peter and Ross on the way to Splendour Rock

Above - Coxs Country

Above - Peter, Tom and Moss

Above - The playground of the Dingos on Mt Merrimerrigal

Above - in bad weather - Peter enjoying the view from Splendour Rock

Above - Ross, Tom, Peter and Moss on Mt Yellow Dog

Above - Coxs River near Kanongaroo

Above - Tom and the others crossing the Coxs River

Above  - Peter and Tom enjoying the view from White Dog

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