Colong Caves - 1974

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Batsh Camp - Acetylene Spur - Colong Caves and return

Party - Tom Williams, Peter Styles, Ian Watson, Peter Lonergan, Dave Noble and others from Springwood Bushwalking Club

Above - At Batsh Camp

Above - on the way to Acetylene Spur

Above - Ian descending Acetylene Spur

Above - Tom and Ian at Lannigans Ck

Above - Ian and Peter at one of the cave entrances

Above - in the cave

Above - Tom explores a side passage

Above - At Kings Cross

Above - At Kings Cross

Above - Dave

Above - At Woofs Cavern

Above - back out

Above - Tom. Ian and Peter on top of Acetylene Spur

Above - back at Batsh Camp

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