South Boyd Range - Colboyd Range Walk - 1974

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Katoomba - Narrow Neck - Medlow Gap - Splendour Rock - Brindle Dog - Coxs River - Breakfast Ck - Carlons Chains - Narrow Neck - Katoomba

Party - Tom Williams, Peter Wood, Peter Styles, David Rutherford and Dave Noble (mixed SUBW and SBC walk)

Route - Boyd Plateau - South Boyd Range (Uni Rover Trail) - Joalah Mtn - Kowmung River - Christies Ck - Colboyd Range - Kanangra Walls

Above - On the Uni Rover Trail - South Boyd Range

Above - Peter and Tom on the Uni Rover Trail

Above - Tom taking up someones pack on steep ground on the Colboyd Range

Above - Peter S on a steep section

Above - David R on the steep section

Above - On the Pindari Tops

Above - Dave N looking towards Byrnes Gap

Above - mischief

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