Kanangra to Katoomba via Mt Cloudmaker - 1973

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Kanangra Walls - Gangernag Range - MT Cloudmaker - Strongleg Buttress - Kanongaroo - Coxs River - Yellow Pup - Medlow Gap - Narrow Neck - Katoomba

Party - Tom Williams, Gordon Bateman, Dave Noble

This walk was organised by Ray Kaltenbacher of Springwood Bishwalking Club, but at last minute he was unable to go - but I think he was able to give us a lift out to the Walls. It was my first visit to Mt Cloudmaker.

Above - Tom looking into the mist of Kanangra Deep

Above - Kanangra Deep

Above - Tom and Gordon looking towards Katoomba

Above - Thurat Spires

Above - Kanangra Deep

Above - Danae Brook

Above - Looking back at the Walls

Above - Danae Brook

Above - Tom jumping off the pinnacle at Mt Berry

Above - at Sawtooth Trig - Mt Cloudmaker

Above - The Coxs River. We had camped the night at Kanongaroo

Above - Tom at Mobbs Soak

Above - Resting at Medlow Gap (note the dam - seldom full in recent years)

Above - Tom on Mt Debert, looking at Narrow Neck (no powerlines then)

Above - on Narrow Neck, Gordon and Tom

Above - Looking at the Wild Dog Mts

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