Mt Irvine - Lost Flat - Bungleboori Ck - Wollangambe Ck - Irvine Range - 12 - 14 Jun 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Chris Cosgrove, Adrian Teague, Martin Darling, Dave Noble

Above - Looking into Bungleboori Ck

Above - Looking up Bungleboori Ck valley. We are just below the Short Ck Junction.

Above - Chris looking downstream at the Bungleboori Crater

Above - one of the two small hills in the crater. Bungleboori Ck cuts a deep gorge around three sides of the crater. The "crater" is just an interesting depression rather than an actual crater.

Above - in Bungleboori Ck

Above - Bungleboori Ck near the crater

Above - on one of the small peaks in the crater

Above - Bungleboori Ck

Above - Chris at the Wollangambe River

Above - Adrian crossing the Wollangambe

Above - Dave pushing a pass out - straight opposite the junction. It went OK

Above - Chris doing some pack-hauling

Above - Great views of the Bungleboori - Wollangambe junction

Above - Adrian admiring the view from the Irvine Range

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