Broken Rock Range Walk - August 1975

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Kanangra Walls - Bullhead Range - Cambage Spire - Kowmung River - Bulga Range - Scotts Main Range - Butchers Ck - Broken Rock Range - Shoobridge Head - Butchers Ck - Kowmung River - Low Gangerang Range - Coxs River - Splendour Rock - Medlow Gap - Narrow Neck - Katoomba

Party - Dave Noble

This was not supposed to be a solo walk - but the other two that were going to come along did not turn up - so I set off by myself. It turned out to be a good walk. It was great to return to the Blue Breaks.

Above - Kanangra Deep

Above - Looking towards Lacys Tableland from Broken Rock Range

Above - the southern end of Broken Rock Range

Above - Looking along towards Shoobridge Head

Above - Looking back

Above - Looking south

Above - northern Bimlow Tableland

Above - Looking back along the Shoobridge Head section of Broken Rock Range

Above - northern Bimlow Tableland

Above - northern Bimlow Tableland and Catt Head

Above - Mt Broken Rock from Shoobridge Head

Above - Looking down from Shoobridge Head. On later trips we used this as a pass. It involves some steep scrambling.

Above - Mt Broken Rock cairn

Above - being a solo trip - I left a detailed logbook entry

Above - Nice flats on Butchers Creek

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