Blue Breaks Walk - 16 - 23 May 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Ian Hickson, Keith Maxwell, Dave Ludowici, Dave Noble (and joined by Tom Williams later on the walk)

Above - Kanangra Deep from Kanangra Walls

Above - The party on Kanangra Walls - Dave L, Keith and Ian

Above - The Kowmung

Above - Keith at Yerranderie - outside the old General Store

Above - At Yerranderie - inspecting the old post office

Above - The old church being restored

Above - approaching the Razorblade - descending off Bull Island Peak (Alchemy Mtn)

Above - on the Razorblade

Above - on the Razorblade - the ridge is very thin for several hundred metres

Above - view from near Burragorang Peak

Above - The Wollondilly Arm of Lake Burragorang

Above - some gibberology

Above - view from Tonalli Tablelands

Above - Looking down the Wollondilly Arm

Above - Looking at the Frowner

Above - Keith on the pass down off Maxwells Broken Rock

Above - from Bimlow Tableland - looking up Lacys Ck

Above - Looking towards Maxwells Broken Rock

Above - Bimlow Tableland

Above - Looking at our next objective - a new pass up Shoobridge Head

Above - Looking down at Green Wattle Bay

Above - Looking along Bimlow Tableland

Above - Shoobridge Head

Above - Bimlow Tableland - south

Above - Bimlow Tableland - north. It was near here that we called out and heard Tom Williams - who had walked in from Katoomba to join us.

Above - Bimlow Tableland - south

Above - dusk

Above - Keith doing a bit of gibberology

Above - Green Wattle Valley

Above - Catt Head

Our pass up Shoobridge Head did go quite easily - although it was steep, loose and exposed. We then walked part of Broken Rock Range - dropping off to Butchers Ck - then heading back via the Kowmung and Gingra Range for Kanangra Walls

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