Blue Breaks Walk - May 1974

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Route - Batsh Camp - Colong Station - Colong Gap - Yerranderie - Chinaman Bluffs - Alchemy Mountains - Lacys Tableland - Bimlow Tableland - Greenwattle Ck, Broken Rock Range - Greenwattle Mountain - Yerranderie - Batsh Camp

Party - Ian Hickson, Tom Michelson, Martin Darling and Dave Noble. This walk was organised by Ian Hickson for SUBW.

Day 1

Above - Martin on the pass near Bent Hook Swamp

Above - Ian admires the view from the top of the pass

Above - Ian, Martin and Tom

Above - Ian pointing to Little Rick

Above - walking in Colong Station

Above - an old hut on Colong Station

Above - Martin crosses a creek while Ian watches

Above - Little Rick from Colong Gap

Above - The Silver Peak Mine at Yerranderie

Above - Byrnes Gap in the distance

Above - in the late afternoon we climbed  Yarranderie Peak. Looking towards Byrnes Gap

Above - Looking towards Green Wattle Break and Lacys Tableland

Day 2

Above - old house - Yerranderie

Above - Chinaman Bluffs just above the Tonalli River

Above - Tom on the bluffs, Yerranderie peak in the distance

Above - Ian surveys the route ahead from Alchemy Mountain (Bull Island Peak). We planned to go up the point onto Lacys Tablelad if possible. This point is called "Terni Head" by Myles Dunphy.

Above - Looking back down to the Chinaman Bluffs and Tonalli Valley

Above - Looking to Yerranderie Peak

Above - starting the descent to the gap before Terni Head

Above - Tom on the ridge - wide, open going at first

Above - then the ridge narrowed into what we called "The Razorblade"

Above - careful balance on such a thin ridge

Above - Martin on the ridge

Above - Looking to Green Wattle Mountain

Our pass did go -with a bit of scrambling and a pack haul. We camped up on Lacys Tableland.

Day 3

Above - Tom on Lacys Tableland

Above - Tom, Martin and Ian on a small peak at the northern part of Lacys Tableland. From here we are on Bimlow Tableland.

Above - Martin admiring the view of Broken Rock Range from Bimlow Tableland

Above - Bimlow Tableland

Above - Looking west towards the Wild Dog Mts

Above - Lacys Creek - north canyon

Above - Looking north along Bimlow Tableland

Above - Looking back along where had walked

Day 4

Above - morning mist

Above - Looking towards Shoobridge Head - Broken Rock Range

Above - Looking into Lacys Creek

Above - Tom climbs up a steep, exposed section

Above - Looking towards Catt Head - Broken Rock Range

Above - Martin near the "Pedestal"

Above - Looking into Lacys Creek

Above - Looking back along Bimlow Tableland

Above - Broken Rock Range

Above - Catt head on the left

Above - Looking ahead - would we be able to get off Bimlow Tableland? It was very rugged.

Above - looking back

Above - we are getting close to the stored water

We find a pass down and call it "Hicksons Pass". Ian was leading the way down it - and a large boulder was dislodged and only narrowly missed his head.

Above - luch at Green Wattle Creek

Day 5

Above - camp on Broken Rock Range. Tom and Ian.

Above - view from Broken Rock Range

Above - the classic view from Broken Rock Range - Butchers Creek, Scotts Main Range and then the Kowmung Valley filled with mist. Behind that the Low Gangerang Range and the Wild Dog Mountains with Medlow Gap and Narrow Neck on the right.

Above - on Broken Rock Range - approaching Mt Broken Rock

Above - closer to Mt Broken Rock

Above - Shoobridge Head and Bimlow Tableland

Above - Bimlow Tableland

Above - Ian on Mt Broken Rock

Above - view from the south end of Broken Rock Range looking towards Lacys Tableland, Yerranderie Peak and Vengeance Peninsula

Above - our next objective - Green Wattle Mountain

Above - Ian descending off the "Cliffs of Dirt" on Broken Rock Range

Above - Looking back to Broken Rock Range from the only place that had a view on Green Wattle Mountain

We camped that night in Green Wattle Creek. We had a lot of rain overnight

Day 6

With steady rain falling - we changed our plan to walk back to Yerranderie via Vengeance Peninsula and Axehead Mountain. So we climbed out of Green Wattle Creek, crossed Butchers Creek and then climbed onto Scotts Main Range. Then it was a long, cold and very wet bash back to Yerranderie. We found out later that it had been snowing in the upper Mountains and that the highway was blocked by snow. We stayed at Yerranderie that night.

Day 7

It rained all the day - and we had a very wet trip back to Batsh Camp. We had a lot of trouble crossing what are normally small creeks.

Above - Yerranderie

Above - Yerranderie

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