Blue Breaks Walk - Easter/Anzac 1973

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purposee without permission.

Party - Bruce Parr, Graant Benett (Benge), Peter Vanamois (Moose), Dave Noble (all the way to Katoomba), Martin Halley, Moya Hibbard (day 1 only)

The walk was led and organised by Bruce Parr for the Springwood Bushwalking Club. It was about 6 days duration -

Day 1 - drive to Byrnes Gap
Day 2 - traverse of Axehead Range to Greenwattle Ck
Day 3- Greenwattle Ck
Day 4 - climb around northern Broken Rock Range to Butchers Ck
Day 5 - Bucthers Ck to Kowmung Rivervia Mt Cookem
Day 6 - White Dog, Medlow Gap, Narrow Neck, Katoomba

Martin drove the party out to Byrnes Gap in his land rover. Him and Moya only walked the first day with us - they were planning a 3 day walk. On the first day we met up with a SUBW party led by Peter Hatherly. They were walking in the Blue Breaks too and had starte from Kanangra Walls.

Above - On Axehead Mtn. Martin, Moya, Benge and Moose and a SUBW walker above

Above - Bruce looks on while Moya scambles up a small cliff. Benge enjoys the view above.

Above - On Axehead Mtn - Martin, Moya, Benge and Bruce

Above - On Axehead Mtn - a SUBW walker, Moya and Martin

Above - looking towards Vengeance Peninsula

Above - Martin on a tricky descent on Axehead Mtn

Above - Benge finds his own way down

Above - Bruce enjoys the view

Above - Greenwattle Ck Valley

Above - Moya, Bruce and Martin on Bull Island

Above - Camp in Greenwattle Ck

The next morning we left Moya and Martin and the SUBW party and continued down Greenwattle Ck.

Above - Moose, Bruce and Benge resting at the end of a small canyon section of the creek

Above - Lower Greenwattle Ck - looking up at Shoobridge Head - part of Broken Rock Range

Above - Resting under Catt Head. Our route was slow with lots of lawyer vine

Above - we climb up onto the northern end of Broken Rock Range and enjoys the view looking towards the Medlow Gap and the Wild Dog Mts

Above - Benge looking along Broken Rock Range

Above - Benge, Moose and Bruce looking into the Kowmung/Coxs Valleys

Above - Looking at White Dog

Above - Camp on the lower Kowmung

Above - The Coxs River near White Dog

Above - Benge having fun on top of White Dog