Blackwater Creek - Mt Coricudgy Walk - Easter 1974

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Blackwater Creek - Mt Coriaday - Mt Kerry - Mt Coricudgy

Party - Martin Haley, Moya Haley, Denise Black, Carol and Phil Isaacs, Chris Perrers, Liz Perrers, Karl Bossard (Weed), Gordon Thompson (The General), Graant Benett (Benge), Peter Vanamois (Moose) and his brother (Bullwinkle), Tom Williams and Dave Noble (Springwood Bushwalking Club walk)

Above - The old sawmill on Mt Coricudgy - where we spent the first night

Above - some of he party - waiting for the car shuffle, Denise, Chris, Tom, Liz, Moose and Martin

Above - Tom, Moose and Bullwinkle

Above - Blackwater Ck

Above - Blackwater Ck

Above - the pass down through the cliffs into Balckwater Ck Gorge. Tom, Gordon and Benge

Above - in the gorge

Above - view of Balckwater Ck from where we climbed out

Above - Blackwater Ck

Above - Blackwater Ck

Above - on the ridge

Above - on the ridge

Above - on Ross Castle - Tom, Martin and Benge

Above - camp on Mt Kerry, Phil, Gordon and Tom

Above - view towards Mt Pomany

Above - on Mt Coricudgy

Above - a side trip to a small peak near the fire trail - Chris, Moya, Martin, Weed, Carol and Phil

Above - Tom has some fun...

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