Mt Cameron - Annie Rowan Creek - 24 - 25 Jul 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Tom Willaims, Peter Vanamois (Moose)

Above - on the Friday night - we camped up on Mt Cameron

Above - Dave has some new down booties to try out

Above - we went along a ridge between two branches of Annie Rowan Ck - and forced a pass down off the end (Combined Tactics Pass - we had to stand on people to get up or down)

Above - looking back up one branch of Annie Rowan Ck

Above - Bull Ring Ck. On a previous trip we had found a steep pass down into the creek near where we are looking

Above - great campsite at Annie Rowan Ck - near the Wolgan River

Above - Moose fuinds a lyrebird feather in the creek we explore for our exit

Above - great views of the Wolgan

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