Wakatta! is a course for senior high school students continuing their study of Japanese.

Wakatta! covers two years of study and can be used as the core component of any senior high school Japanese course.

Wakatta! can be purchased from the publisher, Pascal Press, and major bookstores in Australia.

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Course Book $A47.95 (including 10% GST)
ISBN 1-86441-332-8


Workbook One $A24.95 (including 10% GST)
ISBN 1-86441-333-6

Answers and Audio Scripts book
$32.95 (including 10%GST)
ISBN 1-74020-257-0

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Workbook Two $A24.95 (including 10% GST)
ISBN 1-74020-052-7

Audio Tapes $A199.95 (including 10% GST)
ISBN 1-86441-334-4