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Now in second edition

"Every teacher of Computing Studies should have this book. It is a wonderful resource of worksheets and teaching ideas which I have found extremely valuable"

Don Hitchcock, New England Girls' School, Armidale

"The strength of this book lies in the many ideas for student centred learning. Lessons are fully structured, or can be modified to suit your own needs.
We have successfully used these projects with all years."

Oakhill College Computer Department, Sydney

"The practical activities are great for teaching theoretical concepts in a way students understand and can relate to. The learning became real, especially with the sorting and searching algorithm activities, a concept that is often difficult for the ordinary student to grasp."

Pam Kelly

I believe a teacher's enthusiasm is infectious and can be a catalyst for inspiring students in ways that even go beyond the subject. This resource was written with the intention that it would add motivation, understanding and enjoyment to the teaching of computing theory.

David Grover

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