More Creative Ideas for Teaching Computing Studies

Volume 2


Following the sucessful publication two years ago of the first volume of this collection many teachers asked whether a further collection was possible. This edition completes the series and contains 13 exciting new creative ideas which cover many topics not covered in the first volume. Lesson ideas are presented clearly, with point by point outlines, detailed lesson content, photocopiable worksheets and are suitable for a wide range of courses and ages at secondary level.

These lesson ideas use fresh and creative approaches which stimulate original thinking and present significant theoretical material in imaginative ways, encouraging group work and fun.
All lessons have been tested in the classroom and many ideas become creative templates for teachers to apply to other topics.

Despite the fact that the teaching of specific software packages or particular hardware is very soon outstripped by the galloping pace of technological evolution such skills provide a conduit for the ability to generalise needed by our students when they face new frontiers. The mistake occurs when high school computer education seeks primarily to prepare its students for the current workplace.
When computing teaching, or any other, centres more upon rote learning, conditioned responses and short term vocational goals than upon genuine discovery it becomes mere training.

The very best education should last a lifetime - but the journey begins when the mind is awakened.
Early in my teaching I set the rather idealistic goal that I would never intentionally teach a lesson that I would not also wish to experience as a student. The teaching techniques that always appeal to me most are those which stimulate a students’ natural inclination to work things out for themselves and thus I reserve a special place for parables, simulations, games, modelling, group work and the long neglected power of the Socratic dialogue.

It is always inspiring to see a good idea in the hands of a talented teacher. The enthusiastic reception given the first volume of Creative Ideas for Teaching Computing Studies is testimony to the need for good ideas which will actually work in the classroom.
A gifted teacher stamps these ideas with their own personality and may completely forget their origins, so much a part of their own teaching repertoire do they become.
The discoveries they initiate for their students, however, become even more part of them because they are the results of their own journey.

More Creative Ideas for Teaching Computing Studies


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