More Creative Ideas for Teaching Computing Studies

Volume 2


1 On shoulders of giants
appreciating the present by understanding the past

2 Computer expo
students learn about hardware by exploring and categorising equipment on display

3 Definition restriction
avoid the minefield while reinforcing definitions

4 System development cycle
a whole-class trading activity examines the big picture

5 Troubleshooting
a problem-solving cooperative activity with groups pitched against the clock

6 Magic binary cards
mystifying mentalism explained in binary code

7 Bit by bit
an unforgettable game using binary coding and translation

8 Fonts of all wisdom
words of wisdom and layout skills grace the walls

9 Personal business cards
mail merging and graphics combine for those moments when image is everything

10 Mosaic mural
students each contribute a special effect to part of a single image in a large scale wall hanging

11 Taking a stand
personal values on the line

12 Ethics race
race against the clock but don't compromise your ethics

13 Web site plan
students chronicle research in guided web site design

14 Topic booklets
a single-sided A4 sheet folded ingeniously into a palm sized topic revision booklet

Reference section

Marking matrix for multimedia / web design projects
use this convenient marking grid to evaluate interactive projects
Lessons grouped by topic for volumes 1 and 2
Cumulative Index for volumes 1 and 2
Bookmark and photocopy insert
a tear-off bookmark to hide the spiral binding when photocopying and print your institution's logo on handouts


More Creative Ideas for Teaching Computing Studies


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