Pixel challenge

a pixel play-off for your class

Bit maps and vector maps

a screen representation relay

Draw versus paint

creating paint and draw files for tool and size comparisons

Communication race

real life discovery of communication protocols and parameters the fun way

An ASCII spreadsheet

an automatic hex/binary/ASCII spreadsheet working as a translator

CD jewel box cover design

creative graphics as display

Box and lid design

graphics out of the box

Desktop publishing

what cut and paste used to mean

Database design

a class tracking database evaluated by students themselves

Group company project

an extended cooperative group project incorporating all the basic software skills: word processing, spreadsheet, database, paint/draw, animation, presentation and web design using a self-motivated approach

The machine cycle drama

fetch-execute comes alive

The paper computer

build a paper computer and understand the CPU - seeing is believing

Search algorithms

hands-on techniques for developing two algorithms

Sort algorithms

hands-on techniques for developing three algorithms

Software evaluation

introducing a fun method of group decision making

2020 vision

investigating social implications of computers - an exercise in imagining the future

The glossary game

coming to terms - a game to teach computer terminology

Word processing activities

basic WP skills revised in 12 straightforward exercises - what you font is what you get!

Creative Ideas for Teaching Computing Studies

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