1. Introduction

We present a tutorial for the CLEAN Functional Programming Language produced at the University of Nijmegen. Two programs for animating Conway's Game of Life played on an infinite square grid are developed. These programs differ from the Life program supplied as part of the CLEAN system. They were written in CLEAN Version 0.8.4 as a learning exercise to display the various features of the language, and its usefulness for application programming. Programming suggestions in the CLEAN manual were used as a basis for the techniques used in this paper.

For a copy of the programs described here, see the author's WWW page. For Macintosh users, a SEA/HQX file (110K) containing the tutorial in the form of literate LaTeX/CLEAN programs is available on request. I can be contacted by email at dekker@ACM.org. For information on CLEAN, see the CLEAN web site. The language is available on Apple Macintosh, Sun3 and Sun4 (SPARC) systems. The author apologises to CLEAN's designers for any inadvertent injustices to the language which this report may contain.

This work was supported by National University of Singapore Research Project RP920614.

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