Help File

This program for animating the Game of LIFE was written
by A. H. Dekker to demonstrate CLEAN window facilities.

File Menu
L  Load	      - load a LIFE pattern from a file
S  Store      - store a LIFE pattern to a file
P  PostScript - write a PostScript picture of a LIFE pattern
Q  Quit       - quit this application
Life Menu
C  Controls   - open control dialog box, if you have closed it
   Speed      - set speed of animation:
                    F  Fast      - steps as fast as possible
                    M  Medium    - one step each second
                       Slow      - one step each 5 seconds
                       Very Slow - one step each 10 seconds
   Size       - set size of LIFE cells in window
                (4x4, 8x8, 16x16 or 32x32 pixels)
T  Track      - centre the window at each step, 
                thus tracking a moving pattern
E  Erase      - erase all cells
R  Run/Halt   - start/stop the animation

Control Dialog
The Dialog Box shows the number of steps executed, the number
of live cells, and the current status of the pattern.

The control, when active, shows the area occupied by the pattern
as an open rectangle, with the "centre of gravity" of the
pattern shown as a cross.  The window is shown as a black
square, which can be moved to any desired new position.
Clicking the GoTo button performs the change.

The Run and Halt buttons start and stop the animation, exactly
as for the corresponding menu items.

When active, a cross cursor is displayed.  Clicking on any cell
in the window changes the state of that cell from live to dead
or vice versa.  When the animation is running the window is

To move the window over the pattern, the control dialog should
be used.  Clicking the window's "go-away" box quits the

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