MODSIM session on Homeland Security & Emergency Management Applications

Homeland Security Applications of Modelling and Simulation

The multidisciplinary MODSIM International Congress on Modelling and Simulation is held every two years, and MODSIM 2013 was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre (South Australia) on 1–6 December.

This specific session (D2) within MODSIM discussed Homeland Security & Emergency Management applications of modelling and simulation. It resulted from a splitting of the successful Defence and Homeland Security session into Defence and non-Defence areas. Anthony Dekker was the session chair.

We had 6 papers in this (fairly small) session within the larger MODSIM conference, with many other related papers within the Applied and computational mathematics and Defence streams of the conference. Accepted papers for the session (after review) were:

Homeland Security Applications of Modelling and Simulation

Some relevant papers at previous MODSIM conferences include the following:





Other related conferences include:

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