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               ISBN: 978-1-5320-9849-9 (sc)
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iUniverse Bloomington 2020


       Jazz and  The  Jazz Age: Searching  for Meaning  in  a  Word    tells the story  of jazz in

 the   Roaring   Twenties  when a   strange  new word   came uninvited   into the   language and dazzled  the   world. - everything you need to know about the formative years of jazz in The Roaring Twenties and  what the   word meant  to musicians and their audiences in The  Jazz Age and after.      



In his latest  work - Jazz and the Jazz Age Jazz , historian  Daniel Hardie traces  the emergence  of jazz from roots in  New Orleans to its appearance in Chicago in 1915, and its  domination of   popular music in the 1920's.   What did the word mean to musicians and their audiences in the Jazz Age and after?

Jazz music flourished between 1920 and 1930 - the  Roaring Twenties, becoming   the  most acceptable form of  popular  music    in  the world.  So much so that the decade  became known as the Jazz Age.   But  what   was the  origin of  the word   jazz  and where did it come from? What was its fate after 1930?

What is in the Book ?



Chapter 1.  Before the Jazz Age.                          

Chapter 2.  Enter ‘The Jass’.                                 

Chapter 3. The First Jazz  Recordings                                                

Chapter 4.  Responding to Jazz                              

Chapter 5. Defining Jazz.                                          

Chapter 6.  Flappers, Sheiks and Hustlers             

Chapter 7.  Jazz Age  on the West Coast                    

Chapter 8.  Taming the Beast – Hybrid Jazz?
Chapter 9.  The Revivalist Narrative

Chapter 10."Creole" Bands

Chapter 11.  Famous Fives and the Chicago Style

Chapter 12.New York Before the Bust

Chapter 13.  The Diaspora

Chapter 14.  Rewriting the Narrative

Chapter 15.  A Broader View



    Daniel Hardie is the author of five previous works on early jazz history:
                              The Loudest Trumpet: Buddy Bolden and the Early History of Jazz. 2000

                              Exploring Early Jazz: The Origins and Evolution of the New Orleans Style. 2002

The Ancestry of Jazz: A Musical Family History. 2004

The Birth of Jazz: Reviving the Music of the Bolden Era. 2006

Jazz Historiography: The Story of Jazz History Writing. 2013

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