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     Welcome to the website of Daniel Hardie and the Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra. It contains descriptions and and reviews of the author's  books about Jazz History and Maritime History. It contains links to other historical  sources and items of interest to writers and students of jazz history.
His four books about Early Jazz History portray it's beginnings, ancestry, creators and development in the first twenty years of the 20th century. His Latest work  - Jazz Historiography retails the story of the efforts of  jazz historians to establish a reliable account of it's origins and progress.

       The Facebook Jazz History  Writing Group was established by Daniel Hardie to provide a venue for those interested in writing works about Books jazz history.  Those with an interest in reading or studying jazz history are also welcome to participate at:

 Daniel Hardie's Jazz at the Beginning Channel on Youtube provides examples of the performance style of the first ten years of jazz based on research published in his book "The Birth Of Jazz: Reviving the Music of the Bolden Era”. The playlist  includes historically informed concert performances by the Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra formed by Daniel Hardie in 2004 to reconstruct the repertoire, instrumentation and performance style of the time of Buddy Bolden leader of the first jazz orchestra.
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