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  Welcome to  the website of  Daniel Hardie and the Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra
It contains descriptions and of the author's  books about Jazz  History and Maritime subjects.  Daniel Hardie's books  about Early Jazz History portray   its    creators, its beginnings, ancestry, and development  in the first twenty years  of the 20th Century


Works on Early Jazz History

- The Loudest Trumpet: Buddy Bolden and the
Early History of Jazz
, the story of the music
of Buddy Bolden the first jazz musician,
published in 2000. Writer's Club Press
- Exploring Early Jazz: The Origins and Evolution
of the New Orleans Style
- 2002. iUniverse
- The Ancestry of Jazz: A Musical Family
published in 2004. iUniverse
- The Birth of Jazz: Reviving the Music of
the Bolden Era
, published 2007. iUniverse
- Jazz Historiography: The Story of Jazz
History Writing
, 2013 iUniverse
- Jazz and the Jazz Age: Searching for Meaning
 in a Word
  2020 iUniverse


Jazz Historiography
: The Story Of
Jazz History Writing  tells the   story  of the efforts of  jazz historians  to   establish a reliable account   of its  origins and progress.

The Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra



The Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra, was convened by Daniel Hardie in 2004. Its mission is to recreate the music of the first jazz orchestras with original instrumentation and performance practices using a repertoire selected from  compositions played  by early  bands during the first ten years of jazz.

        The Facebook Jazz History  Writing Group was established  by Daniel Hardie to provide    a venue  for those interested in writing about jazz history.  Those with an interest in reading or studying jazz history are also welcome   to participate at: