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Buddy Bolden's Orchestra

 The Birth of Jazz


   Exploring Early Jazz:

  The Origins and    Evolution of the New Orleans Style

                                                          By Daniel Hardie

    ISBN-0-595-21876-8 iUniverse

BOP  Rediscovering the Lost History of Jazz:

Jazz first appeared in the Dance Halls of New Orleans  at the end of the Nineteenth Century. By 1927 it was the most popular music of the day.

By the 1940's the story of its birth and the musicians who developed it had largely been forgotten - "silvery shadows on daguerrotypes that have yielded their  image to time" (Alex Wilder).

                                   Who were the first jazz men?
                      Who were the Leaders?

                       Where did they play?
                      Which were the bands that gave jazz its birth?
                      How did it change in its first thirty years?
                     How did it sound?
                     What did they play?

Exploring EarlyJazz: The Origins and Evolution of the New Orleans Style
tells the story of the hectic thirty years during which the basic jazz developed by  Buddy Bolden around 1897 developed into Classic Jazz and then passed into history. It uncovers  the music of the twenty hidden years before the first recordings began to appear. It is also the saga of the first jazz bands, their struggle to adapt to the changing demands of their audiences and the impetus they gave to the roaring twenties.

         Contents - the Story of Early Jazz is told in two parts :

Part1 Discovering Early Jazz: 

1.  Recovering the Lost Years
2.  Music in New Orleans before
          the jazz revolution
3.  Buddy Bolden and the
       Birth of Jazz

 4.   Jazz Bands of the  Bolden Era


 5.  Ratty Music and Hot Ragtime
6.  The Dawn of the Jazz Age
7.  Classic Jazz and Golden Discs
8.  White New Orleans Jazz

Part II  Performance Styles and  Social History

9.   Early Bands  and Their Music
10.  Authentic  Instrumentation and

       Early Jazz Bands
 11.  Recreating the Music
12.  Legendary New Orleans and Early
13. The Life Story of Early Jazz
Appendix I Chronological List of Bands
Appendix II A Pocket History of Early Jazz
Appendix III Discography


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