The Loudest Trumpet Buddy Bolden

         Buddy Bolden and the Early History of Jazz

        By Daniel Hardie (iuniverse April 2000 ISBN 1-58348-607-0)

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        Author Daniel Hardie started playing cornet in a boy's brass  band at age 8,later played flute, then drum and bugle at High  School, and after graduating in History at Sydney University, played clarinet in the house band at the Sydney Jazz Club. He has a fascination for old boats and Jazz recordings. Since retiring from the Australian Civil Service he has devoted himself to historical research and painting. His first book "Forgotten Fleets",a history of the small boats of Sydney Harbour, was published in 1990 and he has also published a number of monographs and journal articles on maritime historical subjects. He has exhibited his Sea Heritage Paintings in major  Australian cities and country 
centres. He is married and has two grown daughters. Daniel Hardie's other books Exploring Early Jazz, The Ancestry Of Jazz, and The Birth of Jazz:Reviving the Music of the Bolden Era are  also now available. To get details click here

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