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                                                                                     The Loudest Trumpet     

Buddy Bolden and the Early History of Jazz

                             Daniel  Hardie

       Buddy Bolden, first of the Uptown syncopators, had been a source of gratification for Jazz buffs and critics, who long delighted to have a shadowy figure as the first man to play the new music of New Orleans.
He was mythologised and mystified, because it was a good story and no one had heard his music. Some thought to play down his contribution. At least that was until, in 1978, a New Orleans historian researched his background and told the story. Bolden was no dream, but a musician who found a new way to play dance music for the black people of Uptown New Orleans.
Buddy Bolden's Orchestra, shown here, was famous
 in New Orleans by 1900 but what was the music like?
How did it evolve in New Orleans?
What was its effect on the sound that was to follow?
Where did it come from?
How did it leave home?

 In The Loudest Trumpet: Buddy Bolden and the Early History
Jazz, Daniel Hardie describes the social and economic environment of New Orleans at the time of the revolution in popular music that started with Buddy Bolden--the musical
and dance influences, the religious movementsand the racial composition of the city. Buddy Bolden's life and musical development is recounted from biographical sources,and the influences on his musical style are examined.The essential features of Bolden's musical style are discussed, along with the improvisational styles of the musicians who played with him between 1897 and 1907.The influence of his revolutionary impact on the history of dance and popular music leading to the development  of the New Orleans Style is considered and described

Chapter Headings Include:
1. Background to a Revolution

2. The Bolden Story.

3. The Bolden Style

4.  Buddy Bolden’s  Blues

5.  The March of Ragtime

6.  That Stink Music.

7.  Rhythm and Religion

8.  Faking in Sharps and Flats       
9.  After Bolden
10.  The Dixielanders

11. Reading the Records

12. Instrumentation of the Early New Orleans  Bands

13. Recreating the Bolden Ban
14.  Bolden and Classic Jazz

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