The Buddy Bolden Revival  


      Reviving the

    Music of the

     Bolden Era





            Buddy Bolden, shown here,  is widely recognized as  the leader Buddyof the first  real  jazz orchestra.  orchestra.


       The Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra, the brainchild of    jazz historian Daniel Hardie, was established late in 2004   with the help of Sydney jazz band leaders Geoff Bull and   Trevor Rippingale.     Its mission is to recreate the music of   the first jazz orchestras with contemporary instrumentation and authentic performance practices, using a repertoire selected from compositions played by early bands during the first ten years of jazz  {Ca 1897-1907}. Performances are supported by research into early jazz history conducted by Daniel Hardie and published in his four recently published books. (For details Click Here)
         The Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra aims to present the kind of music Buddy Bolden played to jazz lovers and the public, through the media of concerts, festivals and recorded performances. Its inaugural performance - a celebration of Buddy Bolden's Birthday - was conducted for  the Sydney Jazz Club on 9th September  2005.


The members     of     the orchestra are:
Violin: Daniel Weltlinger,  Cornet:  Geoffrey  Bull,  Clarinet: Paul Furniss,  Valve Trombone: John Bates,  Guitar: Paul Finnerty, Bowed Bass: Stan Valacos   Trap Drums: Anthony Howe

Associate members:
Retaw Boyce    (Violin)
  Ian Bloxsom  (drums)    David Seidel   (Bowed    Bass)  George Washingmachine (Violin)


A selection of  performances by the Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra  may be viewed on YouTube at Daniel Hardie's Jazz at the Beginning channel:

Recorded performances  by The Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra released  on CD and DVD on Paul Finnerty's Riff RaffJazz Label  may be purchased at:   
or mail to


The Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra, founded in 2004, has performed  to audiences  in Sydney, Canberra and Noosa and at the Manly Jazz Festival. Cover
                                    BOJ1The story of its  foundation  and   the  research on which its performance  practices  were   developed is told The Birth of Jazz: Reviving the Music of the Bolden Era by  Daniel Hardie. Details of this and other works by the Author may be obtained at

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Daniel Hardie
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Phone: 02 95572533