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  The Birth Of Jazz: 

             Reviving the Music  of the Bolden Era

                               by Daniel Hardie                                             


                                                                  Published by iUniverse 2006

       They were dancin' to the new fangled 'swing music' the  Economy Hall in New Orleans

     in 1903. It was a very rough place 'nobody took their hats off (some said that was so  they        

    could get away if a fight  broke out.

    They were dancin' to the orchestra of Buddy 'King' Bolden - the latest hot ticket band playing 

    syncopation. Buddy Bolden was born in 1877 and by the time he was twenty he was leading the

    first band to play jazz and the hot blues. Since then his combination of street songs  and     

    popular  music has become a worldwide phenomenon.

 They say  his band made, a wax cylinder recording before 1900 but  it has never been     found.                  

                          But what was the music like?

                                  What dances were they doing?

                                     How hot was the first jazz?

                              Was it like ragtime? 

                                 What is in the Book?

Precis and Table of Contents

The gripping story of the beginnings of jazz and its creators, The Birth Of Jazz: Reviving the Music  of the Bolden Era describes music in New Orleans before the birth of jazz and show when and how the music changed. It explains what music the first jazz bands played and who their audiences were. It details how the author applied the results of his research to recreating the lost sounds of Elemental Jazz. It also contains performance guide for musicians wanting to play in the early jazz style.

In The Birth Of Jazz: Reviving the Music  of the Bolden Era  you will find descriptions of his music and his times, and the story of the author's  bid  to recreate  this first jazz  music with contemporary instruments in the style of the times. You will read of Coon Songs, of Hot Quadrilles, of Vernacular Bawdy Songs, of Elemental Jazz and of The Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra.

The List of Contents includes 
the following chapter headings:

1  New Orleans and the Birth of Jazz 
2  The Social Dance Evening 
3  The Creators of Jazz 
4  The Repertoire Part 1- 
    Popular Songs and Rags 
5  The Repertoire Part 2 
      Black  Vernacular Songs 
       and Blues 
6  How They Played 
7  Reconstructing Elemental Jazz 
8  Not Quite  Ragtime 
9  Historically Informed Performance 
10  The Heritage of Elemental Jazz 
11  Revivals in Retrospect

Appendix 1 Jelly Roll Morton’s demonstration of La Praline Quadrille 
Appendix 2  A Guide to the Performance of Early Jazz


          Reviving the Music

       In 2004 Daniel Hardie established a repertory orchestra to perform  jazz as  it was during its first ten years (1897/1907)
                 Information about  the Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra and its music can be 
accessed at the
Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra Web Page

       The Story of Buddy Bolden is told in The Loudest Trumpet: Buddy Bolden and The Early History of Jazz by Daniel Hardie
at the Loudest Trumpet Web Page. Other books by the author can be viewed via the Home Page

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