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                                                       Daniel Hardie                                                                            published iUniverse  ISBN: 0-595-30739-6.

A fascinating search for the true ancestors of America’s  own music. Did Jazz come from the music  of jungle drums  or  was the backwoods country reel its actual ancestor? The answer may surprise you.

  Duo   Where did the Family of Jazz Originate?
  • Are Country Music and the Blues brothers under the skin?

These and many other questions are explored in The Ancestry Of Jazz: A Musical Family History

  What is it about?

 In 1917 the Original Dixieland Jazz Band made the first jazz recordings. They also announced that they had invented this new music. However since the appearance of Buddy Bolden’s band in 1897 jazz had regularly  been performed in New Orleans dance halls. But did it just appear at that time? Jazz historians have sometimes suggested that it sprang from the memories of wild slave dancing performances in the celebrated Place Congo in Downtown New Orleans. Others have claimed that it was invented by Creole Musicians, and still others that it was invented by white  bands of street musicians.

In The Ancestry of  Jazz: A Musical Family History Daniel Hardie traces  the genealogy of New Orleans jazz. Exploring  the musical families  introduced to the first English, French and Spanish colonies, and their descendants, the author  reveals the connections between them, and  the musical sources from which the musical characteristics  of Early Jazz were derived. This analysis  also explores how  the family of jazz  and its many relatives  influenced the course of American Popular Music for much of the twentieth century

     Chapters Include
1. Genealogy and Jazz History
  2. American Popular Music : The Parent Stock
  3. The Scotch-Irish Legacy
  4. The Slave Heritage
  5. Ante Bellum Sacred Music
  6. Emerging Popular Music 1800/1865
  7. The Brass Bands
  8. The Afro-Latin Strain
  9. Popular Music after the Civil War
  10. The Folk Underground
  11. Ragtime
  12. The Origin of the Blues
  13. Music in New Orleans   Before the Birth of  

  14. The Birth of New Orleans Jazz
  15. Meet the Ancestors



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