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What is this site about?

I want this site to contain practical information about the law and also be a bit of fun. There are notes on the law and examples of legal documents. I have also listed a few law related sites and guides. Not wanting to get too serious, there are pages of legal trivia. I'll try to keep updating the pages.

This site is an experiment. I use the links and some of the pages myself but I was keen to see if the information I've collected here interests anyone else.

This site is under construction. As such, it is subject to all the uncertainty of construction sites including strikes, lock-outs, lock-downs, black bans, green bans, stop works and general delay. I'm sorry if some of the pages are not completed yet but I'm working on them.

The information I have provided here is intended only as a guide and should not be relied on as a substitute for detailed professional advice. The law notes are applicable to New South Wales and have limited application to Australia as a whole.

Where to from here?

BallLaw links - links to some legal sites
BallLegal Levity - humour (is there such a thing in the law?), quotations (there's plenty of those to draw from in the law) and trivia (no shortage of that either).
BallLaw notes - notes on various legal subjects: Alternate Dispute Resolution, Property law, Conveyancing.
BallOther Links - links to a few non- legal but not illegal sites
BallPlain Language - lets keep it simple
BallSample documents - examples of some legal wordprocessing and spreadsheet documents
BallWhat it costs - calculate the costs of buying or selling land using an Excel spreadsheet
BallWhat's New - what I have added or changed in these pages lately

Any comments or suggestions?

Let me know if you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions about these pages. I don't really want to get into providing legal advice over the internet. However, I am open to suggestions about the content I could include and other law related links. Email me if you like. Thanks.


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