Macquarie Law Letterhead

Who are we and what do we do?

D.P. O'Keefe Macquarie Law is a legal office in Dubbo, N.S.W., Australia.
The principal of the firm is Dan O'Keefe an accredited business law
specialist, commercial mediator and notary public.

Our services include

BallBuying & selling businesses
Contracts for the sale of business, setting up business entities,
transfer of business rights and interests.
Acting for landlords and tenants.
Franchising documents, buying or selling a franchise and franchise
Contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate, subdivision
requirements, easements, restrictions, building contracts.
Loan documents when borrowing or lending with or without security.
BallWills & estates
Preparation of of wills, administration of deceased estates, powers of
Formation and dissolution of partnerships, documenting succession planning.
Formation and variation of unit, discretionary and superannuation trusts.
BallNotary public
Witnessing and certification of documents for use internationally.
Establishing companies, amending constitutions, shareholder's agreements.
BallEmployment law
Employment contracts and policies, dismissal, independent contractors documents.
BallRevenue law
Advice regarding income tax, company tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty.
BallLiquor licensing
Documents for the sale or purchase of hotels, bottle shops & restaurants,
applications for and transfer of liquor licenses, varying licensed areas.
BallCommercial mediation
Alternate dispute resolution, settlement documentation.
BallCompliance auditing
Helping businesses meet legal requirements.
BallLaw-on- Computer
Law notes, links, levity and trivia on the net.

Service commitment

Our aim is to provide a high level of service in a timely, honest and personal
manner. We provide practical assistance to our clients while maintaining strict
confidentiality. We endeavour to help our clients be proactive with regard to
their compliance with legal requirements. Where appropriate we seek the
assistance of other professionals and legal specialists.

Comments or suggestions

This site is under construction. Some of the pages are not complete but I'm
working on them.

Let me know if you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions about these
pages. Email me if you like. Thanks, Dan O'Keefe

Dan O'Keefe
P.O. Box 1127 DUBBO N.S.W. Australia 2830
Document exchange: DX 4012 DUBBO
Tele: (02) 6884 4811 (BH) Int: 61 2 6884 4811 Fax: (02) 6884 5800
Revised: 16 August 1998
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