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A Slice of Stale Pizza March 2004

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Last Drinks

R.A.M.B.O. and far left limit played two massive shows this weekend. Friday night at the Arthouse, starting with Terror Firma streching thing out waiting for Jacs to turn up, walking straight up on stage the moment she arrived real rock star entrance. Some of the songs have singing now, giving Jac's throat a break from the Cookie Monster growls and Dase takes on some vocals.
My Disco also risk stripped throat with Liam singing away from the microphone working some sound dynamics. There are some emoish moments mixed with some Captain Beefheart guitar.
The Arthouse was full when far left limit took the stage and went through a set which covered most of their songs. A bad start with Ed breaking a bass string while tuning and Max destroying his snare on the first song.
American visitors R.A.M.B.O. were much impressed by the far left limit show and manged to keep the excitement and energy going.


Deadstare at Pink Palace



Plea of Insanity




Plea of Insanity



Throwdown at Shantytown



State of Mind

How can you keep a band going if you only play two or three times a year, State of Mind seem to manage with energy and enthusiasm, going out to play support whenever a name band plays an all-ages show such as Throwdown at Shantytown.



State of Mind

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10 March The Real McKenzies Go Set Ballarat
11 March The Real McKenzies Go Set Geelong
12 March The Real McKenzies Go Set EVs
12 March Bored Tote
12 March The Real McKenzies Go Set Evelyn
13 March Culture of Kings Hi Fi Bar
13 March The Real McKenzies Go Set Warrnambool
13 March Bouncing Souls Frenzal Rhomb Corner Hotel
18 - 21 March Frankston Guitar & Music Festival
20 March Beatnuts QBH
27 March The Immortal Lee County Killers Ding Dong
28 March The Immortal Lee County Killers Ding Dong
2 April Dirtbombs Ding Dong
3 April Dirtbombs Ding Dong
8 April Rocket Science Ding Dong
9 April Rocket Science Ding Dong
11 April Burning Spear Toots and the Maytals Palace
11 April Sick of it All Corner
16 April Conundrum Boite
23 April Manuhiri Boite
1 May Kerrianne Cox Boite
5 May 5,6,7,8s Ding Dong
7 May Vardos Boite

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  • Mutiny
  • 3 PBSfm
  • Pet Earwig play anywhere for Beer
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  • Punk Cast live video
  • AuGoGo Records
  • Squatters Radio

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