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Mötley Crüe - Hell On High Heels - 2000

He travels the globe from Australia to see the mighty Crüe perform on stage and off. On the day in 1998 that Mötley's 'Greatest Hits' was released, he was there in Canada soaking it up - live. In 1999 he caught a large dose of Maximum Rock in Japan, and now he's back in the land of sushi and the rising sun once more... this time for Mötley Crüe's '2000 Japan Tour'. Now YOU can experience the tour too, through the eyes and ears of Dr. Shinbone Starr, the rock'n'roll patroller, as he presents his entertaining saga - Nippon Patrol.

Chapter 2 - Tech Talk - 4 November 2000.

It's a Saturday night, and we decide once again to head towards Roppongi, looking for more Mötley action. We pay a passing visit to the band's hotel where a few fans are sitting in the lounge, waiting patiently for a band member to appear. Nothing exciting happens in the next few minutes so we decide to exit the hotel lobby and see what Tokyo's nightlife might have to offer us tonight.

The next couple of hours are spent sightseeing, drinking, and checking out the various night spots. We have a quick look in The Lexington Queen, but there is no sign of Vince (hehe) nor any other members of the band. It's after 1am and we are getting tired. It's time to retreat to our hotel, but not after making our obligatory stop at the band's hotel again.

Motley in Japan '99 - Photo by Dr. Shinbone StarrUpon entering the lobby I see yet another familiar face. Our eyes meet and I greet Kevin Briers - Nikki's bass tech, who had just returned from dinner with a Japanese friend and a new face who I have yet to meet. Kevin remembers me from last year's tour and introduces us to Mark - Samantha Maloney's drum tech. I ask about the previous tech Jimmy, but find out he left only recently, to work with Third Eye Blind.

We talk about the cancelled Australian tour and I ask Kevin about this show the band has brought to Japan. He says they have basically reproduced the show that was seen in the USA. Hearing this I ask about pyro and the effect that Nikki had shooting out of his bass. He explains that the bass wasn't used, as playing the outdoor venues in the States proved to be a problem due to the wind factor and weather conditions.

The guys are pretty tired at the moment. The band had already rehearsed today, and tomorrow they will be busy preparing for the opening show of the tour. Knowing we will catch them at the shows, we say goodnight, exiting the hotel lobby to head back to our hotel.

Catchya soon,

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