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"Sexy Suki, little geisha girl
Given every samurai a twirl"

Mötley Crüe - Hell On High Heels - 2000

He travels the globe from Australia to see the mighty Crüe perform on stage and off. On the day in 1998 that Mötley's 'Greatest Hits' was released, he was there in Canada soaking it up - live. In 1999 he caught a large dose of Maximum Rock in Japan, and now he's back in the land of sushi and the rising sun once more... this time for Mötley Crüe's '2000 Japan Tour'. Now YOU can experience the tour too, through the eyes and ears of Dr. Shinbone Starr, the rock'n'roll patroller, as he presents his entertaining saga - Nippon Patrol.

Chapter 1 - Back in Japan - 3 November 2000.

After flying into Tokyo from Brisbane, Australia and arriving at our hotel, we decide to walk down to the hotel the band stayed at when last in Tokyo. Upon entering the lobby, I see a few out-of-the-ordinary faces, and sense my every move is being watched, possibly due to my western appearance and the fact that I was wearing my newly purchased Bad Bones hat. My instincts tell me, and they have been fairly accurate recently, that these are looks of anxious fans. Their faces say it all - Mötley Crüe is here once again.

I approach a girl sitting in the lounge. I later learn her name is Ai, and question who she is waiting for. She tells me she is waiting for a friend. All of a sudden she notices one of my rings I am wearing with both happy and sad faces on it, a la the Theatre of Pain album cover. She tells me she likes the ring and mentions Mötley Crüe. I confirm with her that the band has arrived and are staying at the hotel. She tells me she is waiting for Nikki to come down from his room. Getting excited, we ask when he is expected in the lobby, however she does not know and she goes on to tell us that Nikki is really busy. My friend and I decide to wait another 15 minutes or so, before I leave a note for her to give to Nikki, should he bother to come down from his room.

Japan 1999 promo picAfter exiting the hotel lobby, we head towards the party district of Roppongi, in particular the Hard Rock Café, knowing that this is one place the band may venture out to. As we approach a 7-11 store, a very distressed looking character appears. I begin to motion to my companion to check this guy out, and all of a sudden realise it's a very jet-lagged Davey Kirkwood - Mötley's sound man. He passes by my shoulder and I call his name. He turns around swiftly and realises who I am. In a Scottish accent, he bellows, "Hey you crazy Australians!" Ahh Mötley! We reminisce about last year's tour and explain why we are back in Japan... to experience the Mötley madness once again.

We express our disappointment in relation to the cancellation of the Australian tour. It seems we are not alone at all - the band and crew were all looking forward to setting foot on our sunny shores once again. Davey in particular is very annoyed. Hawaii was cancelled too. Orris, Mötley's foldback guy had planned to meet up with a lady friend in Australia... haha! However, it seems the tour cancellation wrecked his plans... Life is hard on the road - the crew has very little time as it is to go searching for women.

Within minutes, we are introduced to 2 members of the Japanese production crew who have just walked out of a small restaurant. We all talk for about 15 minutes and decide to continue our conversation at a later stage. Davey is tired and we are informed that the boys are out and about, so we decide to continue walking about, entering various night spots. It is getting late, and after searching for an hour or so, we decide to to return to our hotel with no Mötley sightings. However I am under the impression that Vince Neil, was spending both time and money (and I'm sure lots of it) at a club called The Lexington Queen.

Catchya soon,

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Chronological Crue flashback: 11/12/87 - Nikki Sixx gets arrested on his birthday in Tokyo, after a couple of fist fights in a club called The Lexington Queen. He hit a guy’s face so hard his nose was smeared over his face when his head hit a steel pole, cracking it open and spilling blood out over his eyes. Vince dumps a table over on the son of the Japanese 'Yakuza' mafia and his minders, who subsequently pull guns on him. Mötley’s security guys roll Vince onto the floor and out to a waiting limo. Vince later wakes up naked on the floor of his hotel room, minus his Rolex watch, not knowing what had happened.

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