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On Saturday 6th June 1998 at 1am, Chronological Crue caught up with Neil Wharton in Covina, California. Neil is the only son of Mötley Crüe front man Vince Neil. Read on to gain an insight into the Wharton family, growing up with Vince as your Dad, his video with Pamela Anderson, and much more.

Neil Wharton

Chronological Crue: I want to start with Vince’s childhood. I believe his Mum’s name is Shirley and his Dad is Odie.

Neil Wharton: Yeh. Well, his real name is Clois, but we call him Odie because he got picked on because of his name.

CC: Oh right. He’s half Mexican I believe?

NW: Yeh.

CC: And Vince has a sister Valerie who was born before Vince.

NW: Yeh.

CC: And then a younger brother called Neil?

Baby Neil with Dad VinceNW: No there was just him.

CC: So there’s just the two kids?

NW: Yeh. Actually I think my Dad’s older. Yeh. My Dad’s older.

CC: Oh OK. How much older would he be than Valerie?

NW: I think 3 or 4 years. Not that much.

CC: So then when Vince was seventeen in 1978 he was fronting Rockandi, which was his band before Mötley. I believe you were born in October of that year?

NW: Yeh.

CC: And that was from a relationship with a girl Tami, who is your Mum.

NW: That’s right.

Neil and his Mum - TamiCC: Not much is known about Tami. Can you tell us a little bit about her?

NW: Let’s see. In High School my Mum was, kind of like, the ass kicker kind of person. My Mum’s a great person. I love my Mum with all my heart. She’s a really great Mum. Do you want to know about her in High School?

CC: Yeh. How did they meet? Do you know the story of how Vince and Tami met?

NW: I’ve heard so many different ones. The one that stands out the most would have to be when my Dad broke his leg, or something, skateboarding. He used to skate at the pipeline in Glendora. I guess he was coming out of the boys room or something and Mum looked at him and she kind of felt sorry for him. She wanted to help him with his books and he smiled at her. That’s what caught her eye.

CC: So they went to the same school?

NW: Oh yeh.

CC: How long had they been together? Was it ages, or was it just a fleeting thing?

NW: They were together for a little while. Something like a year and a half, or two years.

Neil with Vince and TamiCC: You were born in the October of that year, and it was a couple of years later that Mötley formed. So were you like living with your Mum or your Dad?

NW: I was living with both of them.

CC: Up until the time Mötley formed?

NW: Actually, for a little while after they formed.

CC: So after they split, I guess, because Vince later on got married to...

NW: Beth.

CC: Yeh, and that was what, ’83?

NW: Yeh, I believe so.

CC: So I guess with Vince being on tour, I assumed you lived more with your Mum.

NW: Yeh. They didn’t really go on tour until later on. They were playing places like the Starwood, the Roxy, all the little clubs out here.

CC: Right. So then in ’83, Vince was with his first wife because he never married Tami right?

NW: No, that’s right.

CC: So he’s with Beth Lynn and he has a daughter Elizabeth Ashley.

NW: Yeh.

CC: So she’s your step-sister?

NW: Yeh.

CC: Do you see her much still?

NW: No. She lives in Florida. I saw her last Christmas, which was pretty cool.

CC: Great. So is she with Beth still?

NW: Yes. She’s with her Mum.

CC: So what’s Beth like? Can you tell me a little bit about her?

NW: Little Beth? Or her Mum?

CC: Both.

NW: I really don’t remember her Mum really that much. She was really nice. She’s pretty cool. She’s a real sweetheart. She’s real family orientated. She did a lot of stuff for my Grandmother and stuff. Bethy: she’s one of those smart kids. She’s around thirteen now, and really, really smart. She reads books every day. Just talking to her is really weird. You can tell she’s a bit smarter than you.

CC: Hahaha.

NW: Just the way she pronounces things and says stuff. It’s kind of strange. We were having this discussion over the Titanic and she knew everything about it. It’s pretty cool. She’s really cool which is great.

CC: So she’s called Bethy? Is that like the nickname, so they don’t get mixed up?

NW: Yeh, like a little nickname.

CC: So moving on. We’re approaching the end of ’84 when Vince had the unfortunate crash when Razzle was in the passenger’s seat. What do you remember about that incident, like at the time when it happened? What are your memories of that?

NW: I just remember hearing about it. My Grandma trying to tell me about it because I was too small to really understand what was going on.

CC: Yeh, well ’84, you would’ve been like 6 or something?

NW: Yeh. I was just kind of buffed about it ‘cause I didn’t know where he was. People tried to explain it to me but when you’re small, you really don’t catch it. You just think Dad’s gone for a while. That’s kind of what they tried to cover it up to me like.

Vince fixing Neil's GI Joe toyCC: How often would you have seen him in those days anyway, because they were touring a fair bit then?

NW: Oh, quite a lot really.

CC: So when they were back in L.A. would you be spending time with him during the days?

NW: Yeh, quite a bit. I mean, not a whole lot. Kind of like, weekends at a time, or whenever he had some free time. When they weren’t on tour they were usually recording and stuff like that, so when he did have free time I’d come and visit.

CC: What kind of stuff did you used to get up to?

NW: We used to do real cool stuff. Like play video games ‘cause his house was set up with them. We used to do that, or take a hike, or play catch, and just other father and son stuff.

Neil kicking Tommy's buttCC: So that’s back in the Pacman and Space Invaders days?

NW: Yeh and on the Intelevision.

CC: Did you ever flog your Dad at the video games or was he pretty good at them?

NW: Nah, I kicked his butt!

CC: Of course you’d say that.

NW: C’mon. Kids are way better than grownups at video games.

CC: Yeh, that’s often true actually. Certainly with my boy anyway.

NW: Hahaha.

CC: So Vince ended up only spending eighteen days in jail after his sentence was reduced. Did you visit him while he was inside?

NW: No I didn’t.

CC: Yeh. I guess the family didn’t think that was the best thing.

NW: Yeh that’s right.

Satin jackets bought on Motley's Japanese tourCC: Vince used to go on a lot of holidays to like, Palm Springs and the Caribbean, while he wasn't touring. Did he ever take you away to places overseas, tropical resorts, and places like that?

NW: No. I never did any of that stuff. I had to stay home. When he did that stuff, I was at school. A lot of it wasn’t really in the summer time. A lot of it was done when he had the time free.

CC: So you were still living with your Mum, until when?

NW: I still live with her actually.

CC: You still do? Right. OK.

NW: Well, I moved out a while ago because I got a job near my Grandparents in Bullhead, Arizona.

CC: So your grandparents on your Mum’s side?

NW: No my Dad’s. That’s why it’s been hard for me to do this interview because I went out there.

Vince with Neil and his Karate trophiesCC: Yeh sure. So just before the Crüe went out on tour in ’87, Vince sold his house in Porter Ranch. Do you remember that house much?

NW: No I don’t really remember it. I remember the Chatsworth house. I remember the Malibu house, and his new one. Other than that, I really don’t know to be honest with you. He’s had all kinds of houses.

CC: Vince got divorced from Beth and met up with Sharise before getting married to her in ’88.

NW: Yeh.

CC: Had he split with Beth long before he met Sharise and that relationship began?

NW: I really don’t know the story behind that one. No one’s ever told me that. I think it was a little while after they split, but I’m not really that sure.

CC: Sure. So how did you get on with Sharise. How did you find her as a person?

NW: Oh I like Sharise a lot. She’s great too. I thought she was really sweet and kind. She’s really pretty. I liked her. She cooks really good too.

CC: Yeh? What’s your Dad like at cooking?

NW: When he tries, he’s pretty good. He cooks really good.

CC: What’s his best dish, do you reckon?

NW: My Dad’s best dish? Oh, ummm, I ‘d say fajitas, tacos, or something Mexican of sorts.

CC: Moving on to Dr. Feelgood days, your Dad was in the movie The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. You would have been about eleven or so when that came out. Do you remember going to see it at the movies?

NW: Oh yeh!

CC: Did you go to a premiere?

NW: No I didn’t go to the premiere. Something happened. I was going to go, but then I didn’t go. A whole bunch of my friends took me. It was pretty cool. It was kind of strange looking up there and seeing your Dad on the big screen. It’s different when it’s a concert because you’re so used to that, but seeing him on a movie screen is like Woah! Knowing that a whole bunch of people, that may not like Mötley Crüe, are watching it anyway thinking it’s pretty cool. I kind of dug that.

CC: Excellent. What was the first concert you remember seeing of the Crüe’s?

Neil with Vince at an early gigNW: I used to go to their first concerts, like the Starwood. I used to go to the Whisky, Gazzarri’s. Everywhere they played in Hollywood, I used to go. I was like three. I was the youngest person in the club.

CC: As they got bigger and obviously you got older, did you really understand what was happening with the band, and how big they actually were getting?

NW: Yeh I kind of knew. I had an idea. I knew pretty much what was going on. Girls used to try and cut my hair ‘cause I was his son and stuff. That was pretty horrible. Bad traumatising experiences. But it was pretty cool though. I’m happy for my Dad. I’m glad everything turned out for him.

CC: Excellent. After the huge success of Dr. Feelgood there was the Decade Of Decadence days. Then, it was early in 1992 that he turned up for rehearsals for the new album and was fired. What do you recall about that time?

NW: I remember right before Christmas, there was lots of stuff going on then. Magic Johnson retired that year, and all that sort of stuff. My Dad was Magic’s friend. Then I remember we were just sitting back talking about it all. It was a bad time. It was like Woah! We all got through it.

CC: Yeh, sure. It seems like he was pretty determined to keep rocking, as such.

NW: Oh yeh!

CC: That’s when he put together the Vince Neil Band with the other guys. Steve Stevens and Vikki Foxx, etc. Exposed was recorded and then came out. Then there was the Sister Of Pain film clip that featured Janine Lindemulder, the porn queen. So Vince wasn’t with Sharise at that stage. When did they split?

NW: Gosh, ummm. I don’t know that one. They were still together after he got fired and my little sister was born, Skylar. She was born just before that. I’d have to say probably ’93, somewhere around there. It was before the Vince Neil Band really did their thing.

CC: Did Vince getting fired from Mötley have anything to do with that do you think?

NW: What getting divorced?

CC: Yeh.

NW: I really don’t know what the reasons behind that were. I really have no idea. I stay out of that. I’m like, "Oh, whatever."

CC: Sure. So once the Exposed album came out, there was a video for Can’t Have Your Cake that featured YOU in it, along with Pamela Anderson, who I believe Vince was with at the time.

NW: Yeh he was dating.

CC: Tell us a bit about being in the video, and how that all came to be, and what it was all like.

NW: Actually I was at my Gran's house and I got a call from somebody that works for them. She was really nice and she was like, "We’re doing the video and we want to know if you want to be in it." I was like, OK. Summer time was coming up and it was my freshman year in High School. They didn’t really know what I was going to do or what I was meant to be doing, or anything like that. They just knew that I was supposed to be portraying my Dad in the video. I didn’t know if I was going to have to learn the song and I was to sing it or something, until the day that I got there.

CC: So were you practising beforehand just in case?

NW: I already knew all the verses anyway. I was ready. I was just so stoked. I dyed my hair blonde and crossed my fingers. We drove out to Hollywood to a little house that they rented out from some lady. That’s when they introduced me to Pamela Anderson. I was like, "All right! Bonus!" Pamela Anderson is one the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met in my whole entire life.

CC: Wow.

NW: They can say mean things about her all they want to, but she’s the nicest person I’ve ever met. She was great to work with. She helped me out a lot because I didn’t really know what I was doing. Everything pretty much only took a couple of takes. The Producers were pleased. Usually when you get somebody who doesn’t really know what they’re doing, it takes a long time. It probably took only a couple of takes to do every shot, so it went along pretty smoothly. I brought this girl that I had a crush on. She’s in the video, at the end there’s two people walking along as we [Pam & Neil] pull up in the car right in front of the tattoo place.

CC: Yeh, Sunset Strip Tattoo.

NW: Well, there’s two people, two extras walking across. It’s the girl on the right hand side walking. That’s the girl I had a crush on. I brought her along. They put her in the video.

CC: Cool. What was her name?

NW: Her name was Joelle. It was a good experience. I had a great time. It was fun. I got to go to the tattoo place and they drew this cool tattoo on my arm.

CC: Who actually drew that on you?

NW: It was one of the tattoo artists.

CC: That’s actually the first tattoo that Vince got. [Snake wrapped around a musical note]

NW: Yeh.

CC: So it was copying that. In the video, does Pam play Vince’s sister, Valerie?

NW: Yeh.

CC: It starts off with you reading a Playboy, shaving in the mirror.

NW: Yeh, I want to put to rest the rumour that everybody thinks is true but it’s not. That is, the person portraying my Grandma in the video. The little old lady; that is not my Grandma. I’ll let everybody know now. I got so much flak for that. "That lady in the video is your Grandma?" No she’s not!

CC: Just like Pam is not really Vince’s sister, although you may wish she was! I must say though, you play some pretty good air guitar.

NW: [laughing] Thank you very much. Do you know how many takes that took? That took so long to do because they had to make the floor all slippery and everything. We tried it a couple of times without the pillow and all that stuff, but I kind of stuck to the floor in my Levis. Don’t try it at home kids. It doesn’t work!

CC: So what were the other guys in the Vince Neil Band like toward you?

NW: You know, I never really met any of them. I met Vikki Foxx and Brent Woods. I like Brent. Me and Brent still hang out now to this day because my Dad’s still really good friends with him.

CC: Excellent.

NW: Other than that, I never met Steve Stevens or the others.

CC: Your Dad fell out I believe, with guys like Robbie Crane and some of the others from his old band, which seems a bit of a shame. But that’s good that he still sees Brent. What other guys does he see a fair bit of these days, from old bands?

NW: Gee, I really don’t know.

CC: He was good mates with Fred Coury from Cinderella there for a while.

NW: He’s friends with the Nelson twins.

CC: Oh yeh. It must be the blonde hair!

Neil and Vince - Thanksgiving Day 27/11/97

NW: [laughing] Yeh they probably use the same dye or something. I remember at Christmas time Duff MacKagan from Guns N’ Roses came over to my Dad’s Christmas party. He’s really cool. He was also friends with Frank Sinatra.

CC: Really? Wow. Did he go to his funeral recently?

NW: I didn’t ask him when I saw him the other night. I didn’t want to touch on that subject.

CC: Sure.

NW: He played all the golf tournaments and that.

CC: Does he see Alice Cooper much because Alice plays a fair bit of golf as well?

NW: I don’t know that they’re the best of friends or not, but I know they know each other. I don’t know if my Dad still hangs out and talks to Ozzy or anything like that. I really don’t know.

CC: So after the Can’t Have You Cake video, Vince had a tour of Japan and there was even talk that they were going to make it down to Australia here but that unfortunately never happened. We’re still waiting down here. But it wasn’t that long after that he met Heidi. How did they come to meet each other?

NW: If I remember right, I’m not sure if this was the exact way but I think it was when she was in that movie Thunder in Paradise. I guess she was on the set or something, and she was there. I think they taped it in Florida or the Caribbean. I don’t know the exact place but I think that’s pretty much how they met. [Note: Heidi has since advised Chronological Crue that her and Vince met as a blind date 4.5, maybe 5 years ago.]

Neil with baby sister - SkylarCC: So Skylar was living with Sharise at this time and it was a little bit later towards August ’93 that little Sky ran into some trouble with her health, which deteriorated and she finally passed away. Obviously, that’s a really tough situation on all of the family.

NW: Yeh.

CC: What was Vince like at that time?

NW: He was really shook up. He kept his composure really good. It’s really gets to you. It’s heartbreaking. He did the best. He did everything he could do. He stayed there as much as he could.

CC: Sure. Did you spend a fair bit of time yourself in the hospital.

NW: Yeh. Oh yeh. I was there. I was there as much as I possibly could.

CC: You were still reasonably young when that happened, so I guess that’s a sort of eye opener for yourself as well. I guess that’s going to have a bit impact on your life, just experiencing that.

NW: Yeh I think about it all the time. It something that, you try to let go, you try to think it’s for the best or whatever, but you can’t let it go.

CC: Vince wrote the song Skylar's Song which was then included on the Carved In Stone album. It’s a perfect tribute for her. It’s excellent.

NW: I love that song.

CC: Not long after that, Vince moved to Las Vegas to get away from things. Did you go out to Vegas much and see him when he was living out there?

NW: Yeh I only visited his house once when he lived out there because he didn’t live there that long. I only visited once. His backyard was right on the golf course so when the PGA played out there in Vegas, he had everyone around.

CC: Do you play golf yourself?

NW: Yeh. We played golf together actually, a little while ago.

CC: Do you whip his ass at that, as well as the video games?

NW: [laughing] No. I can hit the ball further than him, but he’s pretty good. He’s got a little bit more experience than I do, but I’m catching up.

CC: He hit the road touring after the Carved In Stone album with Warrant and Slaughter. It seemed like things started to fall apart a bit with relations with the other members. At the same time Vince stated on a Canadian TV show that he’d been talking with Nikki about an album, getting back together again and touring, yet everything was very hush hush. When did you know that was likely to happen?

NW: I knew for a while. You kind of hear from people what was going on. I was happy. I love the guys because I grew up with the band. They’re like family to me. I was hoping. I was like, "Yeh sign it. Let’s go!"

CC: Touching on the other guys in the band. How do you see them? Like Mick, give me a summary of Mick.

NW: Mick? Ummm, quiet. He’d scare you if you didn’t know who he was. I love Mick. Mick’s great. He’s one of the funniest people that I’ve ever talked to. He’s hilarious. You’ve got to sit down and talk to him. He’s a really nice guy. I like him a lot. Mick is one of my favourites, but my favourite out of all of them is Tommy.

Tommy Lee and NeilCC: Why is that?

NW: Our birthdays are the same day. He’s like a big brother to me. Every time we talk, he’s like enthusiastically, "Hey Neil. How’s it going?" Gives me hugs and stuff. He’s great. I try to help him. I went on tour with them for a week.

CC: On this last tour?

NW: Yeh. They were writing songs and I was trying to find a drum beat and stuff. It was cool.

CC: Excellent. And how about Nikki?

NW: I like Nikki. He’s really logical at everything he does. I love Nikki. He’s pretty cool. He’s very quiet. He doesn’t talk that much. I like them all. They’re just like a big family.

CC: How did you go with John Corabi? Did you meet John when he was in the band?

NW: I’ve never met John. I have that album. I love that album. I’m not going to dog it. I love the guy’s voice. He’s got a great voice.

CC: Yeh. It’s a brilliant album isn’t it.

NW: I love it. It’s a really good album.

CC: How about your Dad? Has he listened to that album much?

NW: I really don’t know. I’m sure he’s listened to it but I’m not sure what his feelings are. He probably likes it. I like it ‘cause it’s totally different. It’s not really like Crüe. It’s kind of harsher.

CC: You get into that stuff more do you? What other bands are you into Neil?

NW: I’m more into like punk and ska bands. I like, kind of happy stuff. You know when you hear a beat and you’re like, "Oh Yeh!"

CC: Yep.

NW: I’m not really into rap. I like a little bit of it but I don’t listen to it a lot. I like Pantera. You know, hard bands like that. But pretty much bits of everything. I’m not a picky person.

Neil holding a 'Shout At The Devil' platinum awardCC: What would be your favourite Mötley album?

NW: Let’s see. I like Shout At The Devil and Too Fast For Love the best. They’re my favourites albums. My favourite songs would have to be Red Hot, Ten Seconds To Love, Public Enemy #1. I actually like that whole first album. It’s one of my favourites.

CC: Cool. Mick’s got a son, Les. Have you hung out a fair bit with Les in the past, or you don’t see him much?

NW: With the other kids, I really don’t talk to them much. I’ve met Brandon and I haven’t met any of Nikki’s kids.

CC: And you’ve met Donna, Nikki’s wife?

NW: Yeh.

CC: She seems like a really nice person as well.

NW: Oh Yeh. She’s nice. I’ve only met her a couple of times. [sniffing]

CC: Have you got a cold?

NW: No. I’ve been pretty sick lately. Like, I was fainting and had dizzy spells.

CC: Hey, that’s no good. Bummer.

NW: Yeh. So I had a cat scan and blood test, stuff like that.

CC: Sure. They’re always good fun. Well, on the 27th January last year, that was the day that Chronological Crue was launched on the Internet, and that coincided with Crüe Day when Vince once again fronted Mötley at the American Music Awards. Were you there at the Shrine Auditorium that night?

NW: No. I wanted to go but I couldn’t go. I watched it with my girlfriend in front of the TV. I was impressed. It was a good show. It was good. I didn’t like how they made it all black and white and everything, but I liked it. It was cool.

CC: Did you get goose bumps?

NW: Yeh I did actually.

CC: I thought you might have.

NW: It’s kind of a chilly thing. You go, "Wow!"

CC: And what was your Dad like leading up to that event?

NW: He was nervous but it’s what he does. He does it like nobody else. He’s professional. He’s like, "OK got a show to do, let’s go do it."

CC: Awesome. So then the Generation Swine album came out and the tour followed. Where abouts did you go with them on the tour? You mentioned you spent two and a half weeks with them or something, was it?

NW: I flew into Indianapolis and went to the show at Market Square. Then we went to Peoria, Des Moines and from there it was the Californian shows. There was Vegas, San Diego and then San Francisco.

CC: So the San Diego show, that was when KrunK supported right?

NW: Yeh.

CC: What did you think of KrunK? Had you seen them before?

NW: No I hadn’t. They really weren’t my personal favourite. They’re pretty good. Athena is a great drummer. I really didn’t like them all that much, to be perfectly honest.

CC: I thought you would, since you mentioned that you like the sort of punk style.

NW: I like the band that Pamela’s brother is in. He’s the guitar player.

CC: Feeb. Yeh Gerry.

NW: They were good. I liked them a lot.

CC: Are they still playing now, do you know?

NW: I believe so, but I really don’t know. I haven’t really heard. I really dug them. They were great.

CC: So what do you do? What do you do all day? You were saying when we were trying to set this interview up last year that you had Graduation and stuff happening.

NW: Yeh I just graduated. Last year I graduated from College in Hotel Management. I went to Nevada and I worked in Laughlin, at Harrah's at the front desk... at Harrah's Casinos. It’s pretty cool. That’s how I managed to buy a new truck. I used to skateboard and party, and all that good stuff. I don’t get up to all that stuff anymore. I’ve got bills to pay now.

CC: So your Dad doesn’t really help you out with bills? You’re on your own two feet?

NW: I’ve never really asked him to help. I’d rather do it by myself, so that way, people aren’t like, "You’re spoiled ‘cause your Dad’s a rock star." I’ll do it myself.

CC: That’s excellent!

NW: I’m sure if I need help, he’d help me though.

CC: What characteristics or traits do you think you’ve got very strong in you from Vince?

NW: [pause] Probably... a ladies man. I think I have an artistic ability in me. I like to write poetry and songs, and stuff like that.

Neil taking lessons from DadCC: So do you play any instruments?

NW: Yeh, I try to play them. I have a guitar and a bass.

CC: Have you inherited Vince’s voice?

NW: Probably. I’ve never really tried it. I’ve had offers to sing in bands but no, I want to do my own thing. If I was ever in a band, I wouldn’t want anybody to know ‘cause I‘d want us to make it on our own.

CC: Finally, can you tell the fans something about Vince that no-one would know?

NW: Oh man! Gee. You guys know so much about him. It’s crazy. When I get online, people tell me and I’m like, really? Actually, no matter what anybody thinks of him… everybody thinks that he kind of stays away from the fans because he doesn’t get online or answer his emails. Well, he loves everybody and he appreciates all the mail and everything he has. It’s just sometimes you just don’t have time to tell everybody.

CC: Yeh sure.

NW: And you have to answer the same questions all the time. You know, I don’t want anybody to think that he doesn’t like anybody, or he doesn’t appreciate anything. He does. It’s just he’ll get around to it. I’ll see what I can do.

CC: Excellent. Yeh, that’d be good. A lot of fans would certainly like him to be online a lot more.

NW: I know, but when Nikki and Tommy get online, it’s a madhouse. They’ve got to kind of take it as it comes.

CC: How’s Vince handling Tommy being inside [jail] at the moment?

NW: You know, they wrote a lot of songs already. They kind of pushed it before he went in. He goes and visits him. Everybody is behind him 100%.

CC: Awesome. Do you know much of the story of exactly what happened?

NW: You know, I’ve heard so many different stories. Until I hear the real one, I’m not going to say anything. I’ve heard sides of the story but until I really know the whole thing, I don’t want to start anything.

CC: No worries. Your Dad is recording the vocals for the new album this weekend. Have you heard any of the tracks for the new album?

NW: Not yet. Before Generation Swine came out, I heard most of it that Christmas before. They’ll get a master ‘cause they don’t have that yet. So hopefully when that comes out, I’ll be able to listen to it.

CC: Cool. You have to tell them to come to Australia again.

NW: I will. I promise.

CC: We’ve been waiting so long.

NW: I’ll make sure I put that in. They need to go to Australia.

CC: Vince actually came here after the split and he raced in a lead up race for the Indy Car Grand Prix. Listening to him in a couple of interviews at that time, I got the impression that he really likes Australia.

NW: Oh yeh. He loves it. Anywhere but California. He likes to travel. I’ll ask them. I’m sure they’ll make a tour date for out there. I’m sure they will.

CC: OK Neil. That pretty much winds things up. It’s been great talking to you finally.

NW: Nice talking to you too. Very cool.

CC: Well, thanks again Neil.

NW: Thank you Paul.

A big kiss for his Dad Neil with his Dad & Mum

Neil with his Mum - Tami


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