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The parting of the heavens... the blue moon rising... the second coming... call it what you will. Mötley Crüe touring the homeland of Chronological Crue - I'd like to see that! Well, dreams DO come true... and good things DO come to those who wait and now my time has come. For years, I've enjoyed reading about all your Crüe experiences and reviews. Now it's my turn... and I want to share it all with you. I'll give it to you straight... from the heart, so you can feel a part of Mötley Crüe's 'New Tattoo Tour'  Australia 2000 as well. Come take a ride on the Mileside!

Chapter 8 - Street Team Action - 18 September 2000.

Well Monday is here again. Another opportunity to achieve things this week. The weekend was a busy one for me, so here's a bit of an update from where we were at last time, to round things out to now.

Thursday came around and I felt it time to get the street teams happening some more. Just a day or two prior, Nikki posted, "One thing i would like to ask for from the japanese/austailian fans is to contact us about being our *americoma* street teamers in your country. please if your willing, contact us at we have over 1000 streat teamers in america, but we would like to spread the word of some of our acts while in japan and if you want to join the us,,,,, thank you"

We initially threw the street team idea to the tour promoters, but had not heard any more about it. So I contacted Americoma Records, the label of Nikki Sixx, and the Americoma Label Manager was dead keen for me to help set up the Americoma teams in Oz. I phoned the Australian tour promoter and talked about getting troops on the ground to spread the word. It seems the promoters were initially thinking about flyer distribution and then decided against for some reason. I urged them to re-consider it as this is a cost-effective form of promotion for them. They supply the flyers and post them in bulk to the fans, and leave the rest to the Crüeheads, who will work their butts off spreading the Mötley word with a passion... because they care. I also throw some other ideas of what could go on the flyer, including a $5 discount off merchandise if the flyer is presented on show day, or an entry slip for fans to send in and enter a competition. They agree it sounds great and set up a phone conference with me and their art department for early the next week to make it happen.

I email every Australian Crüehead on my list and pitch it as an exciting opportunity for them to show what Mötley Crüe really means to them... and as a way of saying thanks, for all those times we've laughed, cried, screamed and partied to their music over the years! With 65 days to go before they land on our shores, I ask for assistance. By the end of the weekend, 34% of the list has pledged their willingness to fight for the Crüe. The positive responses continue to come in.

Merchandise Booth at Maximum Rock show in US 2000.The Americoma label manager is copied into the email and responds with a "WOW, you ROCK dude! thanks." I smile to myself. She also says to let you all know that Nikki's '58' CD will be on sale at the merchandise booth at every Australian concert. Before the shows arrive upon us, I'll try and get a full list of available merchandise and pricing, so you know how much to budget for.

When speaking with the tour promoters on Friday, I asked them about the support bands again, since a snippet in Melbourne's street press just released says that Rose Tattoo will be the tour support. I query this with the promoters to see what's going on. It was going to be that the Screaming Jets would support, but that was not announced in the official press release. As it turns out, negotiations with them have not been finalised and other options are being worked on. It seems they have been talking to Rose Tattoo's Pete Wells and the Tatts are keen to do it.

The tour promoters ask my thoughts on Rose Tattoo as the support, to which I give the thumbs up and explain my reasons. I also point out a quote from Randy Castillo when I interviewed him a few months ago. Randy said, "To me, my favourite 2 bands to cover is AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. I would love to do a whole Rose Tattoo tribute record because they’re one of my favourite bands of all time man." The promoters feel this is great and say they will use the quote to further negotiations. So at this stage, it seems the Crüe could be supported by either band, but not both. Time will tell. Oh, and you know that I put in another word for my band :-)

I ask about ticket sales, as many of you have been keen to find out. Are they moving as expected? The response was that it's going OK. Melbourne seems to be the strongest concert at the moment, which is good, since it's also the largest venue. This tour has always been seen as a challenge for the promoters, and it seems the regional shows are providing the biggest challenge as expected. I can't stress the importance of the fans continuing to spread the word as much as possible to help make this a success.

The Melbourne promoter says she'll be speaking with the people at the Hard Rock Café later this week, about the promotion ideas. She knows the Hard Rock's Promotions Manager well, and is just waiting for the initial Olympic fever to subside to maximise the opportunity. My next question is cut short as her mobile phone loses signal.

So I figure that is a sign for me. A sign to sit back now and soak up the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Wow. What a spectacle! It made me proud to be an Aussie and gave me some huge emotion charged feelings inside, represented by goose bumps of the outside. I love it when I get that feeling... when emotion is so strong inside that it pokes through your skin. I think to myself, 'If this is what happens when I sit on my couch watching this, what am I going to be like in just over 65 days when Mötley turn it on in front of my very eyes.'

I watch the athletes faces, knowing how much they must have put in to just be there, and how proud they are that their moment has arrived... knowing that they are amongst the absolute best in the world at what they choose to do with their lives. That's what causes those goose bumps on me. I look under the surface and find that inspiration. I may not be able to run a marathon, or swim butterfly, or ride a horse, but I know I'm always trying to break my personal best in every event, and that's all anyone can ask of you too.

Rock on
Paul Miles*

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