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The parting of the heavens... the blue moon rising... the second coming... call it what you will. Mötley Crüe touring the homeland of Chronological Crue - I'd like to see that! Well, dreams DO come true... and good things DO come to those who wait and now my time has come. For years, I've enjoyed reading about all your Crüe experiences and reviews. Now it's my turn... and I want to share it all with you. I'll give it to you straight... from the heart, so you can feel a part of Mötley Crüe's 'New Tattoo Tour'  Australia 2000 as well. Come take a ride on the Mileside!

Chapter 7 - Got Your Tickets? - 12 September 2000.

It only seems like yesterday that I felt like I had so many things to update you on... and now I have that feeling again - so here we go!

How many of you now have your Mötley Crüe Australian Tour tickets in your hand? Lots! Can you believe it? Pretty amazing huh! I have received many emails and phone calls over the last few days from friends and fans telling their stories of camping out for tickets all night, through to which rows they are in for each concert. My friend Adam camped out all night in Newcastle for tickets too, and was one to call in his results. I was also faxed copies of articles that ran in the local Newcastle press, as well as full page ads in street press on the Eastern seaboard. It seems the word is getting out there, let's keep making sure.

Many have asked 'how well have the tickets been selling?' Unfortunately, I don't really have access to that kind of information. I don't know sorry, but rest assured I will tell all I can here, so keep checking back for future updates in forthcoming chapters. A fan, Alen from Melbourne, told me that two thirds of the floor area was gone when getting tickets 2 hours after going on sale there in Victoria. Well, that seems a good thing to me.

I understand why you have been asking me though. The last thing you'd want to see is for the shows to be cancelled due to poor ticket sales... and have to take up those dreaded words "refunds are available." Make no mistake - the promoters know that Mötley will be a tough task for them, just as we know. Their lack of presence on radio and in person in this country over the last decade is probably the biggest reason.

But have faith in the Mötley camp and Jacobsen Entertainment Group. They can both be seen as the respective leaders in their industries, and I'm sure in their professionalism, they would not have taken this tour on only to have it cancel. Look at the glass through the half full eyes, and use your time positively, by telling other people about how excited you are about the Australian tour, by spreading the word as a super salesperson would. Don't under-estimate the power of positive thinking... and the contribution that you, as just 1 person, can make!

Australia's longest running hard music club, the Cat Club in Melbourne, posted this to their web site, in the lead up to last Saturday night's event: "US Rockers Mötley Crüe are about to announce an Australian Tour which sees them here in Oz this November. An Announcement party has been set for the Cat Club this coming Saturday. With the official Mötley Crüe after show party happening on the night of the concert. Look out for mega Mötley Crüe cd and concert tickets over the coming weeks at CAT CLUB." So it seems those ideas are being implemented, and my input has been valued. :-)

My band SkinInc had a good weekend. We were played on Australia's only national metal radio show '3 Hours of Power' about 5 songs after Mötley's 'Hell On High Heels' on Friday night. Then on Sunday we played a gig in Fremantle as part of the Western Australian Music Industry awards, and two people came up to me in the crowd saying that they got their Crüe tickets the day before and their flights are booked to travel to the shows in a couple of months. Cool.

Hopefully we can play for those people again over East, in support of Mötley Crüe. People have been emailing me about that too. Well, this morning I was told that our CD and press kit was received OK by the promoters, and it has been forwarded to the appropriate powers that be and they are "awaiting approval." Again, sounds great to me! Yeh, OK... that could be 'awaiting decline,' but that depends on how you look at the glass, right? And besides, you know me by now!

The morning after the gig, a decent sized package landed in my post box. It's my 'Decade Of Decadence' video being safely returned, with a note of thanks from the Newcastle promoter. Also enclosed is a separate video tape, with Mötley Crüe typed on the spine. I of course feed it into my VCR and... voila - there's 4 versions of the TV ad playing for me! The ad used footage from the 'Home Sweet Home,' 'Girls, Girls, Girls,' 'Wild Side' and 'Dr. Feelgood' video clips. They used mainly the live footage in these clips of explosions and pyro, as well as some of Tommy Lee's drum solo theatrics. Pity they had no Randy footage to use. The ad finished with a huge Mötley Crüe logo, a-la 'Decade Of Decadence' style. I felt immensely proud... of me being just 1 person, and making a difference.

I've also had a lot of people asking about backstage passes and meet & greet information. Can I help them meet their idols? Can I make their dreams come true? Well, I always say 'where there's a will there's a way.' We know that Mötley are generally quite accessible to their fans. We know that the guys don't mind having pictures taken with fans, and signing things for fans. Life is about finding the windows of opportunities, and you can only see them through those positive half full eyes.

I'm trying my hardest to throw ideas to the promoters to get the band as close to the fans as possible, as many times as possible. They have said they'd like to follow through with my ideas of a function at the Hard Rock Café in Melbourne and an after show party with the band. So I can't see why opportunities will not present themselves if you're on the ball too.

And I guess pretty soon you'll be starting to think about what to wear when Mötley comes to town. Ever tried to walk around your city looking for some Crüe clothes to buy? Yeh, it's tough isn't it! Impossible? That's why I have been working on something for you. Yep something Bad is coming!

I'm just in the final stages of developing Chronological Crue's own BadBones clothing store online. That's right - you'll soon be able to get some cool clothes for your bones from Vince Neil's very own clothing label. What's more, payments will be in Australian Dollars and your order will be posted to you direct from Melbourne.

So stay tuned for more... but in the meantime, make sure your Crüe loving friends in Australia have entered the current Competition on this site. As soon as a new Chapter goes up here, I'm emailing a notice to all those that have entered this competition. Get spreading the word about the tour, so others can get their tickets too!

Rock on
Paul Miles*

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