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The parting of the heavens... the blue moon rising... the second coming... call it what you will. Mötley Crüe touring the homeland of Chronological Crue - I'd like to see that! Well, dreams DO come true... and good things DO come to those who wait and now my time has come. For years, I've enjoyed reading about all your Crüe experiences and reviews. Now it's my turn... and I want to share it all with you. I'll give it to you straight... from the heart, so you can feel a part of Mötley Crüe's 'New Tattoo Tour'  Australia 2000 as well. Come take a ride on the Mileside!

Chapter 6 - Cause Le Crüe - 7 September 2000.

Here I sit again... with more little Mötley things happening and more tales to tell... and it seems some sort of inspiration has come over me to write another chapter. Is it that I'm just looking for a break from all these other tasks? A switching of the sides of the brain I've been using just now, to do something a little more creative? Perhaps I'm just balancing again... as I'm always juggling.

I look to and am inspired by Nikki Sixx in regard this aspect. Can you see that he is good at juggling so many things? Projects here and there, family, tours, business, studios, fun... and to be a good juggler you have to be good at balancing. Too much of one will hurt another, while neglecting one will affect an other. Balance... Harmony. Notice Randy had the ying-yang symbol on his kick drum? I tell you... this band just connects with me at every level, in so many ways - there's really not another like them, to me... and I hope to you too.

But enough of that Mötley-drug induced dribble. Tickets for the Australian shows go on sale in less than 2 days... and so many are freaking out down here... some getting ready to camp out to give themselves maximum rock. People are asking me what shows I'll be going to. I don't know exactly yet. I'd say Melbourne for sure and hopefully Newcastle and Sydney too, if it's really a full blue moon. I really hope to go to Newcastle to share the Mötley experience with my mate Adam.

See, I'd been trying to contact him from across the other side of the country for a week. Oblivious to my efforts, he rang me last night all apologetic, for not sending me some Crüe items he saved and said he would send some months ago. He said he bought New Tattoo and loved it, and was thinking 'oh well, this is great... I wonder what they'll do next?' not thinking he'd ever get to see them play on this tour... so he was looking forward to the next new Mötley thing for him.

That was until he opened his local paper earlier yesterday in Newcastle and saw an ad for the Crüe show there. He was nervous at calling me, as he thought I'd think he was only calling 'cause they were actually coming to his town and that he didn't care to send what he promised. Well I told Adam to feel free to call me every time Mötley comes to his town!!! and that his excited voice on the other end of the phone is all I wanted to hear.

Adam missed the 1990 concert in Sydney, as he joined the army two months prior, and since then has thought his dream of seeing the Crüe play live would never become a reality. So if you see Adam around the Newcastle way on his 150km 2 day trek in a couple of weeks with his army clothes and pack on his back, to raise money for his wife's medication as she recovers from leukaemia - please give generously. He has managed to scrape together enough to buy his Mötley ticket this special Saturday... and he's over the (blue) moon.

Feeling happy for Adam, I then emailed Randy Castillo last night, and said I was just so glad that they were finally returning to Oz. I got his reply today, "Oi Paul, yes it`s all finally coming together, can you believe it? We are coming on down to you upside down whackos at last! I am looking so forward to that I`m counting the days! Keep in touch,& thank you for your incredible vigilance in the never ending "Cause Le Crüe"! You rock & I'm looking forward to meeting you in person. Take care & fight the good fight... RRRRRRRRRRRRRndy"

Well, No Randy, I can't believe that this is happening... and I'm certainly looking forward to meeting you too. (You'll have to give me an Ozzy impersonation when we meet!) You've made so many of us whackos feel just as excited as kids waiting for Christmas. Yeh, you remember that feeling too, don't you!

For example - Dave. Dave told me today, "You are gonna love this...I photo copied the tour advert from the Melbourne paper today 40 times and stuck it around Mitsubishi Motors with a link to your site. Everybody was talking Mötley Crüe to me today it was amazing!!!! This will reach about 3000 people very easily and will help get bums on seats!!" Way to go Dave!! I'd bet Dave didn't do that when the album came out, but he's doing it now Mötley are touring. See the effect that these road shows have on people? Very powerful indeed.

The tour promoter also emailed today and said they "checked out your site the other day and thought it was very cool." In thanks, I replied how proud I was of what I have created with it, before flicking on a copy of Dave's message, hoping that it will inspire her and the rest of the team to really go that extra mile for Mötley this trip... hoping they feel jelly-legs after their race is over, so they know they really gave it their all.

I bet Adam's legs will feel like jelly on his trek... and now he can embark upon his journey, knowing that watching the Crüe play live is soon to become a reality for him, adding some spark to his life. I'd really like to get to the Newcastle show to also watch Adam's face experiencing his first Mötley show... like brothers opening our Christmas presents together. Hey Adam, you're the toast of the town!

Rock on
Paul Miles*

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