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The parting of the heavens... the blue moon rising... the second coming... call it what you will. Mötley Crüe touring the homeland of Chronological Crue - I'd like to see that! Well, dreams DO come true... and good things DO come to those who wait and now my time has come. For years, I've enjoyed reading about all your Crüe experiences and reviews. Now it's my turn... and I want to share it all with you. I'll give it to you straight... from the heart, so you can feel a part of Mötley Crüe's 'New Tattoo Tour'  Australia 2000 as well. Come take a ride on the Mileside!

Chapter 2 - It's Definitely Happening - 31 August 2000.

I've been overwhelmed. The emails I've been receiving from fans have been more than encouraging... it's been truly inspiring. Thank you. It's hard to keep responding to everyone on a one on one basis these days with so much happening in life. I'll try and use this section of the site to keep everyone informed of all the latest developments with the blue moon tour of Oz.

Crikey... where do I start this? I have so much to tell. Again… it’s going to be long. You will stick with me won't you?

Well, let me wind back a bit to catch you up. The day after my last entry, I had a call from my mate in Queensland, Brenden Thomson, aka 'Dr. Shinbone Starr - the Rock'n'Roll Patroller.' Now Thommo is a good mate... someone that flew across this great country to live with my family for a week when Kiss came to town on their Reunion Tour in Feb 1997, and has since been able to catch Mötley in Toronto and Japan. But this time I got pissed at him! He woke me at 6.20am to tell me that he had got the Australian Tour dates November 23-29! No venues and cities confirmed yet though… just when they’ll grace our shores. Great Thommo, but you could have emailed that, since this is the only day for a sleep in... And I love my bed.

The tension mounts... the excitement mounts, but a voice in my head says, 'Don't build yourself up too far in case it crashes and there's no tour.' I want to believe it all, but I want to make certain of it all too... so I know what’s going down! I keep digging. Enquiries here… enquiries there.

The weekend flies by with my head spinning at a hundred miles an hour, and before I know it on Monday 28th, I get an email from a promoter friend in Melbourne that I was making enquiries with. He says that somewhere along the grape vine he's heard that Rose Tattoo may be the support band for Mötley. Rose Tattoo? Rose Tattoo! Wow! That would be super cool. I caught the Tatts a year or so ago and they were in fine form. They signed my Rose Tattoo self titled gatefold vinyl debut album and I keep the set list from the night, nicely tucked inside it.

Rose Tattoo - New Tattoo... it fits. When I interviewed Randy Castillo recently, he said he is a huge fan of Rose Tattoo and would love to drum on a whole tribute album for them! The pieces are fitting together perhaps. I must find out more, so I email the webmaster of the hands down best Rose Tattoo web site - Remedy. So Pete Gormley, the man behind the monster, replies the next day and says he'll see what he can find out. Pete says, "It's sorta ironic that you're from Oz and have the best Crüe site while I'm from the States and have the best Tatts site. I guess geography is irrelevant online." Pete sounds like a wise man.

Tuesday comes around and I wake up to an email from the Mötley management camp. After clicking to open it, it feels like forever while I'm waiting for it to display on the screen in front of me. Will I be screaming for joy in a moment... or will I head butt the screen if it's a 'Sorry, there's no tour!'

So what did it say you wonder? Let me paste some exact words, "We are definitely doing some Australian dates." What? It's true! This isn't just a rumour... or a wish... or a hook for a promoter to pick up on, so the ball can start rolling. They must have worked through all the initial negotiations already and it's locked away. You bloody ripper! But wait there's more...

Shinbone Starr, Randy Castillo and 'friends' having fun in Japan '99"Would you and Brenden be willing to aide us in putting together and implementing an awareness campaign?" Serious? Me? and that Thommo guy that woke me up? Holy shit! I may just get to meet the band yet!!! Shit! Where do I start? How should I respond? I talk about it with Sara over lunch... she smiles at me. I know what to do…. Go with my heart.

I made a few phone calls to industry friends to run some ideas by them, and then took a deep breath before phoning Hollywood, ready to lay it on the line. Ring ring... ring ring. I could feel my hand all sweaty with nervous anticipation of the reaction to my thoughts and ideas. Then an answer - a voicemail message. So the long task of documenting all my initial ideas began. The candle burnt long into the night as I typed page after page ready to email on to the Crüe’s management. The creative juices flowed through my fingers and I tried to structure my ideas as they buzzed around in my head, waiting their turn to be released.

What Mötley needs in Australia right now I believe, is a raise in profile. Many Australians think Mötley disappeared off the face of the Earth with the countless other bands, since they haven't really had a profile here since that Dr. Feelgood Tour, now just over a decade ago. I figure some prime time national TV stories presented with an inspiring 'feelgood' spin will provide a profile remedy... so I put forward my TV plan to pitch.

After Show Parties, special presentations involving fans and media, press releases, street teams on missions, tattoo studio tie-ins, I threw it all in... What did I have to lose? I said that Shinbone and I were ready to make a difference... ready to achieve great things for everyone! Was I getting carried away? Should I check my head? Nope – I’ll follow my heart.

I also saw another opportunity that means a huge amount to me on a personal level. My own band's flamboyant style of hard rock would suit a Crüe show to a tee. I've tried to learn from the masters over the years and I think it comes out in our music and stage show. So I pitched that as well! Think of the publicity angle now... Mötley's Crüe's New Tattoo tour with Rose Tattoo and SkinInc. It fits… and it works for me... gee, I hope it works for them! Both Nikki and Randy have my CD... but I hope they didn't drag it to their Recycle Bin!

So, I hit send on this email to Mötley management and kiss my screen goodnight. I lay in bed with Sara sleeping next to me... head spinning with more and more ideas. 'Damn, I forget to mention that radio angle too,' I think to myself. Next thing I wake up to the alarm clock... the plastic creature with red eyes that counts while I recharge.

A special day arrives this Thursday 31st August. Ten years ago, Sara and I married. A Decade of Romance has gone by, as we now enter our next. Gifts and love are exchanged as the kids head off to school. Then time to check the email... then it happens again! Another email from Mötley management. A reply. So soon? Woah! My left fingers cross as I click the mouse button with my right. I don’t believe it - What a day this is! You want to know what the email said?

"Wonderful! All very good ideas, and we will work with you to make them all happen. I will more than likely want to set a call with you guys, us and the promoter to make all of this and more happen... thanks guys!" Hang on... it's not April 1st is it? ALL the ideas... not just some... or not, we'll see which ones we can do... but ALL!!! Holy shit! Last entry I was telling you how I was hoping I could meet Mötley... and now it seems there's A CHANCE that my band may open for Mötley in Australia. Who needs drugs?

People have mocked over the years that I haven't grown out of the rock'n'roll dream and lifestyle. They fail to see the full picture. They don’t have vision. When I started my band last year, they were like, "You? But you can't sing... or can you?" When I would tell people the time and effort I was putting into my Mötley site over the years, they'd say, "But what a waste of time. Why don't you do something constructive, instead of promoting that disgusting group of washed up, tattooed, drug addicts?"

Well to all those people... thank you! Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for highlighting real life examples to me of how and when to adopt the Mötley Crüe attitude. Thank you for fuelling my desire to succeed. For I believe... THERE'S NO GREATER REVENGE IN THE WORLD THAN MASSIVE SUCCESS. More power to Mötley, and more power to you! Are your dreams getting closer? You have the power to catch them. Listen to the words of ‘Enslaved’ today.

Rock on
Paul Miles*

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