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The parting of the heavens... the blue moon rising... the second coming... call it what you will. Mötley Crüe touring the homeland of Chronological Crue - I'd like to see that! Well, dreams DO come true... and good things DO come to those who wait and now my time has come. For years, I've enjoyed reading about all your Crüe experiences and reviews. Now it's my turn... and I want to share it all with you. I'll give it to you straight... from the heart, so you can feel a part of Mötley Crüe's 'New Tattoo Tour'  Australia 2000 as well. Come take a ride on the Mileside!

Chapter 13 - Hollywood Ending - 27 October 2000.

Woah! My bubble has burst. Talk about deflation. Cloud nine now seems like 40 million miles away, as the wind has really been knocked from my sails... with such a thud... and after such a high that was building too. Let me explain the sequence of events surrounding the last week or so, since the last chapter.

Last Friday night was a late one. The Australian premiere of the Hell On High Heels video clip was scheduled to air at 3am. I partied hard to kick on into the night, but the rigors of another high speed week, with the still of the night, saw me crash just half an hour before screen time. At least I hit record on my VCR before I clocked off. We gathered the kids up next morning and watched it. A fun family moment.

With the Australian shows drawing closer and closer, I thought it time to see about a pass for Sara (my wife) & I for the shows. We had finally managed to organise the kids to stay with other people, allowing us to travel to the Melbourne and Sydney shows for our huge Mötley weekend. So I got in touch with management in Hollywood, and also asked about front row tickets. The response came back in a flash, "Yes, that's no problem Paul. I'll put 4 tix and passes at will call for each show. You will need to pick them up at Will Call day of show. They will not be AAA, but they will get you backstage and able to meet the band etc. (just wont get you in the dressing room and on the stage itself)"Motley Crue 2000

Now do you think I was buzzing or what? Unbelievable! My fantasy was panning out into reality perfectly. I guess that's an ultimate reward for the thousands of hours I've put into this site over the years... let alone all the other things. It spurred me on even more of course.

I got in touch with the record label and followed up on the list of radio stations that the Hell On High Heels single has been serviced to... something I've been trying to get my hands on for over a month now, so we can all hit the request lines most effectively. I'm told to expect it soon, and sorry, but they've been busy. Busy? Now there's a word I'm familiar with.

Another message came in from my buddy James, drummer extraordinaire and of course, brother-in-law of Tommy Lee. He says, "Greetings Paul from Malaysia! I'm not so far from you! The Germany tour went great! I'm here playing w/Scorps. We keep talking about coming to Australia, but it doesn't happen. Maybe Krunk can someday!! Got your cd. Sounds cool..very rocky!!!!! Krunk goes to Japan oct. 26th-Nov.3rd. Talk soon!!!!!!! james" Well it's true to say that at this point James & I are the closest we've ever been together in our lives... well, in a geographical sense anyway, if not more. I lobbied some Australian tour promoters recently for him and his band KrunK, but no bites. Tough industry this one... but hey, he likes my band's CD, which is cool.

So I catch up with Thommo, (aka Dr. Shinbone Starr the Rock'n'roll Patroller) and we chat about lots of things. I tell him about the word from management with my tickets and passes and we plan to meet up at the Sydney show. It's his idea to approach management or the band about a Meet & Greet opportunity for fans... particularly those Aussie regulars on the Mö Shout board that he frequents much more than myself. We recall Nikki doing a similar thing for fans in the US recently, so I suggest he emails Sixx about it. He then sends the email to Nikki and myself. I turn in for another day.

Tuesday morning comes around, and as usual, I jump out of bed and kick the computer into gear while I wipe the sleep from my eyes. Cool... an email from Nikki! I double click it, hoping that more Aussie Crüeheads, will now have an opportunity to meet the band. It reads, "bad friend....weve had to cancel the aussie leg of the tour....keep it between us until we do a press release...thanks..and sorry..i really wanted to see you..nikki"

No bloody way! I wipe my eyes again to make sure that all the sleep is gone and it's not some dream. I glance at the open page of my diary and it's certainly not April 1st... and surely he wouldn't joke like that anyway. I sit there... staring at Nikki's words... and then realise that yes, I was dreaming... and that dream of seeing Mötley play live for the first time has now come to an end. "The trouble with you, the trouble with me, we ain't meant to be"

I go tell Sara the news... and we try to find some positives. There's always at least a positive... and in this case, one is the fact that we hadn't forked out for our airfares yet (sorry if you had), and now we have a spare couple of thousand dollars to allocate elsewhere. I stare down the toaster in a daze until I smell smoke.

I check the time, and realise that Mötley's management would still be in office for the day. Clearing the vegemite from my mouth, I call them... on a glimmer of hope that Nikki is suffering some kind of pregnant father psychosis, and is imagining things. I get put through... "Hey.. Paul! How are you?" I stop myself from responding with my usual 'very well thanks, and you?' How do I describe what I'm feeling right now? So I reply with, "Well I've been better. I've just read an email from Nikki about the cancellation. So it's true?" The glimmer just got drastically slimmer.

I hold things together pretty well, as I try to get an understanding of why. He asks me about 3 times during the call to please not tell anyone until the official word goes out. I respect that... as I understand that relationships are built on trust and respect... and I certainly value this relationship.

I know many of you have been feeling that this tour... and indeed Mötley itself, has not been very visible downunder. (Sorry if you think that I just understated that.) He said that he was just so thankful for my part played in things. "One phone call to you, and there was a lot of heat being generated and we're all very, very thankful for that." I feel a lump grow in my throat. "I know the band are thankful too and they were looking forward to thanking you in person." The lump takes over my head, and I wind up the call before I'm mute. I wipe the sleep from my eyes again, then dry my finger on my dressing gown... staring through Nikki's email on my screen. "Well we don't have to pretend, that it's a Hollywood Ending"

The next few hours disappeared somewhere, until I sat down to eat some lunch. I turned the TV on and the news was on, showing some of the war torn fighting going on in lands even further away than Hollywood. Another positive, right there... look at these people... what the hell have I got to be so depressed about? It's only a band, right? "Another Hollywood Ending, it's not as bad as it seems"

I look at the picture of my family on the wall... and focus. This was to be the experience of a life time... but perhaps I already have everything I REALLY need in my life. My Mötley passion can sometimes be a vice, draining time from things that perhaps should be a higher priority for me. But it IS just that... a passion! (a rock'n'roll disease?) I realise it just wasn't meant to be - this time.

I tell myself to just focus on my family's relocation across the country to Melbourne in just 2 months now, and take heart knowing that Mötley's home will then be just across the Pacific from mine... soon only 7,000 Miles Away! You never know what lies ahead... just maybe I'll be able to say in a few years that the first time I saw Mötley play live was at the 1st annual Crüe Convention in Hollywood that I put together???

Sam Maloney and Vince NeilI wanted to say something to Nikki... but what? Nothing can change things now it seems... the decision has been made. So I sent him a message saying just, "[shattered] 'it's hard to give up your dreams' " His response came right back, "ME TOO"

Over the next few days, I phone and email the promoter many times (you'd hate to see my phone bill from all this)  to see how far away this press release... and my freedom of speech is, as I want to let everyone know as quick as possible. Whilst I appreciate there are processes involved, it didn't feel comforting when I was told yesterday that there won't be TOO many refunds since ticket sales were low. I quickly pointed out that there are fans all over the country constantly laying down money on non-refundable air tickets, and therefore word HAS TO get out urgently for their sakes. "Ooh yeh, you're right." It frustrated me even more when I phoned Tiketek after that and they were quite happily going to sell me some tickets to the show. "There's nothing here to defend, it's not a Hollywood Ending"

Here's the release that finally came through, just moments ago (yeh, I had all this prepared earlier):

OCTOBER 27 2000


Jacobsen Entertainment Group today advised that the Mötley Crüe Australian tour scheduled for November will be postponed. 

Circumstances had previously forced the cancellation of Wollongong, Newcastle and Canberra and now, unfortunately due to personal circumstances beyond the band’s control, their time is further impacted in Australia.   Reluctantly there is no other option at this point than to cancel the three remaining dates in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Mötley Crüe are extremely disappointed that they cannot perform this year for their Australian fans, but hope to reschedule at a later date. 

Tickets holders for the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Melbourne Park and Sydney Entertainment Centre should return to their ticketing outlet to obtain a full refund. 

Mötley Crüe’s essential albums, Too Fast For Love, Shout At The Devil, Theatre of Pain and Dr. Feelgood sold over 40 million copies and produced over four Top Ten Singles.  In 1999, Mötley Crüe re-released their multi-platinum catalogue on Mötley Records simply titled "Crucial Crüe." In addition the band has played to over 30 million fans and is credited by some as having helped define rock music and lifestyle to the ‘MTV generation’.  The band's current album, "New Tattoo" has enjoyed worldwide acclaim.

So there's the "official" word for you. I guess it also means that these chapters will be winding up too now... with this unlucky last Chapter 13 of the saga. It's been somewhat of a release for me, and I've enjoyed sharing this unforgettable roller coaster ride with you. I'm sure you'll agree that I did what I set out to do, and that was to bring you all the latest on the Australian Tour... from my heart!

Thanks to everyone that showed support in any way for the Crüe in Australia, especially those on the Australian Street Team. Gee, we came so close! It's no consolation, but on November 4 you can catch Mötley Crüe's 'Hard Rock Live' concert on Foxtel's TCM (channel 20 for cable, channel 17 for satellite) at 1am.

I assume some of you will be raising a middle finger toward Mötley right now, but I hope that can turn to a fist again soon, punching the air as you rock out to your favourite Crüe CD. Thanks for waving the flag - don't keep it at half mast for too long. Life's too short to mope. I do know that Nikki, Vince, Mick, Randy and Sam were really looking forward to playing for you - it's not their fault.

To me, they are still the greatest. I hope you feel that too. Some of the best parties can be wakes. Get together with friends on the day that would have been, and party anyway. I'll drink a toast to you, and I hope you drink a Jacks to me. And if you're in Melbourne, head to Hell's Kitchen (formerly the Cat Club) at 195 King St on Sat 25th Nov, where the after show party was to be held. I'll make sure they play some Mötley for you.

I assume Rose Tattoo fans are pretty annoyed by this too... and I guess this is also how European fans felt towards the end of 1987. How unpredictable are they?... how bloody Mötley? haha "All that glitters will fade, just like the promise you made"

oh... and I guess my band didn't get that opening slot... but our guitarist has a baby boy instead.

Rock on
Paul Miles*

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