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Here's all the latest updates and developments with this project. Please come forward with any suggestions, comments, or ways you can help. Simply contact Chronological Crue.


Former PRETTY BOY FLOYD member Vinnie Chas expresses his interest in participating in a Crüe tribute CD when I asked him during an interview for Chronological Crue.

Chronological Crue commences a feasibility campaign to gauge initial interest from artists. Response is over whelming. The project takes off.

LUNATIC CANDY KREEP front man Kid says Mötley Crüe was a big influence on him. The band just placed in Metal Edge's Best New Band category in the Readers Choice Awards for 1997. He says to top that off with participation in this project would be great!

Amir Derakh of ROUGH CUTT has expressed his interest and is discussing the project with the rest of the band.

HardRadio is The World's Largest Online Music Station, The First Online Station Licensed by both ASCAP and BMI, and ranked the #3 most popular audio destination on the Internet. When Chronological Crue asked their President Tracy Barnes if HardRadio would want to help promote the Kickstart My Heart CD project, he responded, "Of course we would Paul! Just post me and we'll assist in getting this together with you." Thanks heaps Tracy.

Ex NARCOTIC GYPSY member D.J. Pearlman has expressed an interest for his new band SUFFER FOOL in possibly contributing. SUFFER FOOL are 'A New Experience In Heavy Alternative Music'. NARCOTIC GYPSY were on the 1996 OzzFest line-up.

Former BLACK N BLUE member Jeff 'WOOP' Warner now owns a world class recording studio where he produces and engineers local acts in Portland, Oregon USA. He is willing to record his own "Industrial" version of a Mötley song for the CD. Way to go Woop!

FIREHOUSE guitarist Bill Leverty says the band is right in the middle of recording their upcoming CD, but if they get one early they'd love to help out. FIREHOUSE won the American Music Award for Best New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band of 1991 as well as picking up Metal Edge Magazine's Best New Band award the same year.

Awesome Swedish all female band DRAIN have now had introductory information passed to them for consideration by Jeff at the Green Team. Hopefully they will be keen as I believe they are fans of Mötley Crüe. They also played on the same bill with the Crüe at Livestock, almost a year ago now.

ALICE COOPER's guitarist Ryan Roxie says his band DAD'S PORNO MAG are interested in the Kickstart My Heart CD. He says the fact that some of the proceeds are going to a good cause is something they feel is important.

Former TRIXTER front man Steve Brown says he has some contribution ideas for his new New York / New Jersey based band SOAKED, who recently became winners of the K-Rock Battle of the Bands competition.

Joey Allen, former lead guitarist with WARRANT, is keen to find out more about the Kickstart My Heart Tribute CD. Thanks Joey.

Manager of BORN NAKED Patrick Dillmann says BORN NAKED are flattered at being offered to participate in the project. He also says they are interested in participating to the extent that the record will benefit the T.J. Martell Foundation. The band wants no proceeds, just to benefit the cause. You can catch BORN NAKED performing some shows in LA next week.

Former RATT bassist Juan Croucier says he is more than happy to help out recording the Kickstart My Heart CD at his Los Angeles studio Croucier Productions. He says, "If you want me to record some bands for you, just let me know and I'm ready when you are." He also said he and Mick Mars go back before the Mötley days and he was a very good friend of his. Thanks heaps Juan. You can be sure your awesome offer will be taken up!

Corey and Brian from PSYCO DRAMA say they're very interested in their band contributing a song for the Kickstart My Heart - A Tribute to Mötley Crüe CD project. They're very pleased to have been offered and request a spot on the CD be reserved for them. Their latest album Bent was Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Juan Croucier for Croucier Productions last year.

LUNATIC CANDY KREEP are heading into the studio to record their next CD. They will be recording a version of Shout At The Devil which should be done around April 10th or so.

PSYCO DRAMA say they have some cool ideas for a version of Too Young To Fall In Love. They have been pencilled in for this track.

Mike Sisti from BLACK ROSE GARDEN, a well established band in the underground glam scene, says the Crüe was the reason he got into rock. He also said, "This Crüe tribute CD seems like an amazing idea ESPECIALLY with the proceeds going to the T.J. Martell Foundation." BLACK ROSE GARDEN have expressed their early interest.

Founding PRETTY BOY FLOYD member Aeriel Stiles says he "would love to be involved in the project, as the Crüe were practically my religion at one time. When I was in DOLL, we had the same photographer and I bought a lot of pre-leather records photos from him. I've also got rare unreleased demos and might consider doing a cool track from one of those. I'm thinking of doing a song either with my new band STRATOSPHERE, or the idea that I'm favoring more is doing a RATTLIN' BONES line-up (Vinnie Chas' & my band after we left PRETTY BOY FLOYD), since that singer really can sound like Vince (he was in HOLY SOLDIER) and with myself on guitar and Vinnie Chas on bass." The unreleased demo cover sounds awesome Aeriel. A fan emailed me yesterday saying a cover of the unreleased I Will Survive would be cool.

Brent Fitz from UNION says, "The tribute idea sounds cool. The Ace Frehley tribute (Return of the Comet) that Bruce (Kulick) and I did at Juan's turned out good. If done right it could be a great thing." I hope UNION can contribute to this project.

PSYCO DRAMA are currently working on some Crüe tunes and booking studio time to get them recorded.

Jeff "WOOP" Warner is about to start production on the Crüe classic Piece Of Your Action. Others to participate on this song with him are Patrick Young (ex-BLACK N BLUE), Chris Hager (from ROUGH CUTT) and Adrian Yost (from the Crüe tribute band CrüeCAFIX). Jeff says, "I'm also working on getting a cameo voice by Gene Simmons of KISS." Sounds awesome Jeff.

Mark Voyles from EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE says his band are interested in contributing to the CD.

CINDERELLA drummer and long time friend of Vince Neil, Fred Coury, has said the Kickstart My Heart project 'sounds cool'. I look forward to CINDERELLA contributing a track to the CD.

D.J. Pearlman says his new band SUFFER FOOL with Phil Valeri on vocals are definitely into participating and are leaning towards the classic Live Wire for their contribution. If anyone is able to help out with studio time in the NY area, please let me know.

EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE have requested to contribute Wild Side or something similar from Girls, Girls, Girls album to accommodate Rick's vocals.

Interest has been shown from VICIOUS RUMORS who are working on a new release and preparing for their tour of Europe next month. We may see their cover coming from Mötley's 94 self titled album as their contribution to the project.

Just received an email from Nikki Sixx saying, "I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING SOME MUSIC FROM BANDS DOING US..WOW......HOW KOOL" You guys deserve it Nikki!

The intensely heavy band OPPRESSOR are contributing their studio version of Looks That Kills that appeared on their European Oppression Live CD, following their European tour with Malevolent Creation, Cradle Of Filth, Vader, and Ancient Rites. OPPRESSOR'S vocalist and bassist Tim King says, "We would be honoured to be a part of the compilation!!! We are still receiving letters all the time about that song. It is still getting lots of radio air play also!!! I was just talking to a friend of mine who lives in California and he said that he saw Nikki Sixx wearing an OPPRESSOR hat!!! I'm very excited about being part of this project." OPPRESSOR have shared the stage with bands like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and Slayer.

Tommy Lee's sister Athena and her band KrunK will also be contributing to the Kickstart My Heart CD. Athena's husband and Scorpions drummer James Kottak fronts the band under the moniker Jimmy Ratchitt. When asked if KrunK would like to participate Athena and James said, "ABSOLUTELY!! WE WOULD LOVE TO BE INVOLVED .......THE ONLY CATCH IS THAT YOU HAVE TO PICK THE SONG!!!!!!!!"

Since KrunK's favourite Crüe album is Girls, Girls, Girls, I suggested they contribute either Dancing On Glass or a sick punk version of You're All I Need. They feel "both songs are x-llent suggestions." I'm really looking forward to hearing either of these tracks on the CD.

EDEN are contributing their Pantera-Slayer style version of Bastard to the Kickstart My Heart CD. Recording is expected to be completed towards the end of July.

The guys from PSYCO DRAMA are currently in the studio finishing up their rendition of Too Young To Fall In Love.

LUNATIC CANDY KREEP have now finished recording their version of Shout At The Devil for the Kickstart My Heart Tribute CD.

VERBAL ASSASSINS are keen to contribute a rap version of Fight For Your Rights from the Theatre Of Pain album.

VICIOUS RUMOURS were interested in being involved in the Tribute CD if the recording would be paid for. Since this is not the case, it seems they now won't be participating.

Meanwhile VERBAL ASSASSINS have started their cover of Fight For Your Rights and anticipate it will be complete in 2-4 weeks.

LUNATIC CANDY KREEP have now delivered their cover of Shout At The Devil. This version is just so killer! The guitar solo has been replaced with In The Beginning which fits in very nicely.

Mötley Crüe tribute band LIVEWIRE are contributing their cover of the first Generation Swine single Afraid to the Kickstart CD.

Bart from PSYCO DRAMA says they have finished everything, except for a bass guitar part on their version of Too Young To Fall In Love. He says, "The version we came up with is kind of a blend of the heavy side of Psyco Drama with everything we like about the Crüe and we hope you will enjoy." Can't wait to hear it!

Swedish band PLAN 9 are very interested in participating on the Mötley tribute. Thomas says they "are all great Mötley fans and it would be an honour to be on it." Their music is in a Glam-Punk-Rock'n'Roll vein. They recently contributed to the Faster Pussycat tribute on Terminator Records.

US recording artists ANTROPHOBIA are about to commence rehearsals for their contribution to the Kickstart My Heart - A Tribute To Mötley Crüe CD. They plan on recording either C'mon And Dance or Too Fast For Love from the Crüe's much loved debut album.

Keff from PRETTY BOY FLOYD says he is "totally interested" in the band contributing a track to the CD. Keep an eye out for them on their US Tour from July 18 through until the end of September.

Former DANGEROUS TOYS wailer Jason McMaster is pencilled in for Stick To Your Guns from Mötley Crüe's first single back in 1981. I'm particularly fond of Jason's contributions to the Spacewalk Ace Frehley Tribute CD. Check this one out if you haven't already!

ANTROPHOBIA are very excited about their version of Too Fast For Love and are now working on pre-production for this track.

PLAN 9 are contributing their rendition of the Mötley classic Kickstart My Heart to the CD.

Former Crüe front man John Corabi is keen to find out more about this Tribute. How about a solo acoustic version of Droppin' Like Flies from John, or perhaps he may be able to contribute a version of an unreleased Personality #9 song. Maybe his band UNION could do Power To The Music, or how about hearing John sing Let Us Prey??? We look forward to your participation Crab!

The VAMPIRE LOVE DOLLS are now pencilled in to contribute their version of Ten Seconds To Love from Mötley's Shout At The Devil album. Bassist Kelly says the band are keen to record a song from either of the first two albums for the project.

Former DANGEROUS TOYS front man Jason McMaster says he's ready to start on his version of Stick To Your Guns. He says his new project GODZILLA MOTOR COMPANY will be recording in his studio soon.

Todd Wiltse from the zany Los Angeles Punk/Glam band THE MISTAKES says they're all "HUGE Crüe fans". Their music "combines early punk (Ramones, Gen X) with early 80's glam (Mötley, Twisted Sister)" Formerly of LA band THE ZEROS, Todd says they "have an idea of how we could make an INCREDIBLE Glam/Punk/Pop version of Home Sweet Home!!! (A Punk song with piano? It would be GREAT!!) I don't think that many bands could pull off a cover of Home Sweet Home but I know that we could make it sound KILLER!!" The drummer for THE MISTAKES was formerly in TUFF. Keep an eye out for THE MISTAKES second album on Reject Records soon! Can't wait to hear your version of Home Sweet Home guys!

PLAN 9 will start recording their version of Kickstart My Heart this weekend. They say, "The song has been 'Plan 9ified' but is still true to the original."

New York City's #1 glam/bam/rock'n roll band DETOX DARLINGS are keen to contribute to the CD. They say, "She Goes Down would be the song we'd love to do and I know our front woman extraordinaire JetSet Jenna Darling would just sing the hell out of it!" Look forward to hearing a female voice on the album.

LA's MOTHER MERCY are keen to participate on this CD. They say, "We worship at the altar of the old Crüe and would love to be a part of this!!" MOTHER MERCY have been pencilled in for the track Public Enemy #1.

I've just been advised that the band covering Fight For Your Rights are now called THE FIFTH ELEMENT and not VERBAL ASSASINS anymore. Their rap version of this song from the Theatre Of Pain album is almost complete.

PolyGram Mexico recording artists ZURDOK MOVIMENTO are very interested in participating on the CD. Their first album was produced by one of the members of Cypress Hill.

KRUNK advise they have a cool studio set up currently and are ready to record Dancing On Glass now.

LA's CyberShockRockers REBEL REBEL want to contribute Red Hot to the Crüe CD. They say, "Seeing the Crüe live in LA in 84 at UNM in ALB. was a defining factor in our pursuit for the Rock'n'Roll dream. You need a representative of the LA scene that carries the tradition of the Crüe!!!".

Former SKID ROW front man SEBASTIAN BACH is keen to participate on the Kickstart My Heart CD. Bas says, "sure id do A TUNE 4 the Crüe tribute they rock". Pick a song Bas!

Hollywood band SPIDERS & SNAKES has recorded a version of Public Enemy #1 that will be included on the Kickstart My Heart Tribute. Their guitarist and vocalist is none other than Lizzie Grey, who was in LONDON with Nikki Sixx before Mötley Crüe and co-wrote this particular song. It's an honour to have you involved Lizzie!

EIDOLON, a band featuring the new King Diamond guitarist, have just recorded a version of Red Hot that will be included on the Tribute CD.

Bart from PSYCO DRAMA say they have now completed recording their version of Too Young To Fall In Love. Looking forward to hearing it!!!

Mike Gallagher from Crüe Tribute Band LIVEWIRE says they are now almost complete with their version of Afraid.

The Kickstart My Heart CD will be released by Chicago's PULSE RECORDS. I'm not surprised many respected Hard Rock and Heavy Metal musicians have signed to this new label. The team at Pulse Records are really excited about releasing this Tribute. They share my thoughts and are keen to help the Skylar Neil Foundation. They have recently finalised very good distribution for a lot of chain stores across the USA and Chronological Crue is working with them to ensure that any Crüeheads - both online or offline - can get a copy of this release!

PLAN 9 are pleased with the way their version of Kickstart My Heart turned out which is now recorded.

ANTROPHOBIA are now mixing Too Fast For Love for their contribution to the CD.

Things are really hotting up with the Tribute CD. Pulse Records are very keen to make this a roaring success. We want to raise as much money as possible for the Skylar Neil Foundation and help as many sick children as possible! Pulse have spoken with a number of artists and say the following artists are keen to contribute: BABYLON A.D., HEAVENS EDGE, VELOCITY, DANGER DANGER and former KEEL member Marc Ferrari.

TWISTED SISTER’s very own Dee Snider is keen to contribute his vocal talents to the Tribute CD project, once he found out proceeds are to benefit the Skylar Neil Foundation. Many thanks Dee.

MOTHER MERCY hit the studio mid November to begin recording Girls, Girls, Girls as their contribution to the CD.

Former ROUGH CUTT vocalist Paul Shortino is contributing his own version of Hooligan’s Holiday to the CD. I feel Paul’s vocals will suit the John Corabi sung track just perfectly.

Swedish band PLAN 9 have now mixed their version of Kickstart My Heart for the Tribute CD.

Former MSG member Mitch Perry will be recording a song with his fellow former HEAVEN band mate Alan Fryer under the HEAVEN name. The former Australian band previously supported Mötley Crüe on the Shout At The Devil tour many moons ago.

Pulse Records say that STEELHEART want to contribute a song to the Kickstart My Heart Tribute CD.

BABYLON A.D. are keen to contribute their version of the Take Me To The Top. Can't wait to hear that!

Mitch Perry will no longer be contributing to the HEAVEN song. Alan Fryer is going to have the guitarist from NAZARETH help him instead. They are now working on their version of Home Sweet Home.

It seems the schedule of TWISTED SISTER's Dee Snider won't permit him to contribute now. Thanks anyway Dee.

HEAVY PETTIN' are keen to contribute a track to the Kickstart My Heart CD.

New band THE CUTT is currently recording a killer version of Red Hot. The band features former JET BLACK guitarist Dan Fastuca and ROUGH CUTT's Paul Shortino. The band's logo is going to be very similar to the ROUGH CUTT logo. They recently played the song over the phone to Pulse Records, who say "Wow!!! We have not heard Paul Shortino belt like this in a long time!!" EIDOLON had previously recorded a version of Bastard which seems a likely inclusion, when they recorded Red Hot.

HEAVEN'S EDGE is recording Come On And Dance from Mötley's debut album, while MILLENNIUM is working on Starry Eyes. MILLENNIUM used to be called EYEWITNESS.

GARY SCHUTT formerly of TAKARA is recording a version of Live Wire.

Back in 1992 when Vince Neil was no longer in Mötley Crüe, the two main men rumoured for the position were John Corabi and KIK TRACEE's Stephen Shareaux. Crüe fans will now get to hear Stephen sing a Mötley song on the Tribute CD. Wow!

Former TAKARA member Gary Schutt has now finished his version of the classic Live Wire.

BABYLON A.D. are currently putting the vocals to their version of Take Me To The Top' also from Mötley's debut album.

The song former KIK TRACEE front man Stephen Shareaux has chosen is Dr. Feelgood.

It seems that HEAVY PETTIN' will be doing Primal Scream while STEELHEART are deciding between 2 tracks for their final contribution.

Former DANGEROUS TOYS front man Jason McMaster says, "it seems as though time is not on my side, and we will not be able to get a song to you by the end of the year, too busy...and that's a good thing, but, I have no excuse other than for being excited about us being on the tribute, but its that time of year, and had been such a busy summer, that we just couldn't get it happening..." Not to worry Jason. Thanks for your support.

San Francisco's AMERICAN HEARTBREAK have recorded their version of Don't Go Away Mad for the Tribute. The band includes past members of JETBOY, EXODUS and BLACK CHERRY.

A killer version of Too Young To Fall In Love by PSYCO DRAMA has now arrived. Sounds awesome guys!!!

KRUNK have now completed their version of Dancing On Glass for the Tribute CD. They say "YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED . IT DEFINITELY DOESN'T SUCK!!!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY, PHIL SOUSSAN IS THE PRODUCER. HE'S DONE AN EXCELLENT JOB AS WELL!!!!!!!" Phil was the bass player in the original line-up of the VINCE NEIL BAND from late '92 and was also OZZY OSBOURNE's bassist in 86/87.

Don't Go Away Mad by AMERICAN HEARTBREAK has just arrived along with THE FIFTH ELEMENT's Fight For Your Rights. PLAN 9 have now delivered their version of Kickstart My Heart from Sweden. Oh boy!!!

MOTHER MERCY are delivering their completed their version of Girls, Girls, Girls and they say "It sounds Amazing!!!"

Congratulations to Crüehead Patrick Simmons of Chicago for winning the CD Cover Art Competition. What a knockout design!! Many thanks to all those that took the time to design a cover and send it in. It was a pity that there could only be one winner.

SPIDERS & SNAKES have now delivered their excellent version of Public Enemy #1.

Girls, Girls, Girls has now been received from MOTHER MERCY. They were right - it does sound amazing!!!

HEAVEN's version of Home Sweet Home has also been received and it is way cool. It's very true to the original and also features former NAZARETH guitarist, Manny.

BABYLON A.D. have delivered their kickin' version of Take Me To The Top.

Another song delivered is a version of You're All I Need from Australian band ATMOSFEAR. What a cool sound they have. This is a great version that'll hopefully make it on the final listing.

The release date has unfortunately been pushed back to 26th March now, as it's taking more time than anticipated to co-ordinate all the final pieces of the project. I didn't want to have to push back the release date because I know how frustrating it is when you want to get your hands on a CD. Trust me - we're not far away now from blowing your mind!!!

KRUNK's version of Dancing On Glass has made it's way through the postal system to us. You'll love this track with Tommy Lee's sister hitting the skins!!!

HEAVEN'S EDGE have delivered a version of Don't Go Away Mad rather than Come On And Dance. AMERICAN HEARTBREAK have also delivered a version of this song.

HEAVY PETTIN's version of Primal Scream is expected to land later this week.

Former KIK TRACEE front man Stephen Shareaux now unfortunately won't be contributing a song to the CD.

Cleveland based band SPAWN have delivered an awesome version of Louder Than Hell. The track was produced by current Judas Priest front man Tim 'Ripper' Owens.

HEAVEN's bass player Scott Cothran says, "The guitar work on Home Sweet Home was not done by Manny Charlton from Nazareth. It was done by Nye Jones who has been playing with HEAVEN for the past few years. Manny was going to produce it but was unavailable at the time. We all look forward to the release of the CD and really dig your site. Hope you like our version of Home Sweet Home. We also have plans for a Bon Scott tribute in the future as well as a new HEAVEN CD." Thanks Scott. I'm sure Mötley fans will enjoy your version of this classic Crüe track.

The final track listing is now available. You'll notice the 18 songs will be presented to record companies in chronological order on the CD (of course!) It also seems we'll have some Bonus Web Tracks for you all to enjoy. Tracks are currently being mastered prior to pressing. We have over 70mins worth of classic Crüe Tunes. The CD booklet is shaping up very nicely also, weighing in at a whopping 24 pages of attitude.

This Tribute CD Project has also recently been nominated in the 1998-99 Western Australia Information Technology & Telecommunications Awards in the Arts/Media/Entertainment category. (Phew – what a mouth full !)

The release date of the CD has been delayed as there’s just not enough time to finish everything prior to March 26. We have hit a few snags in the mastering process with some of the bands’ contributions having poorer quality production. Mastering of the tracks is therefore taking longer than expected but we feel it’s worth it, to give YOU the best sounding CD possible. Negotiations are also underway with record labels in Europe, Japan and Australia to license the CD into those markets and we are keen to have it released on the same date worldwide. It therefore looks likely that the CD will now rear it’s head in May 1999.

While it appears that not much has been happening lately....believe me - it has!!! We've been wading through many issues to bring the best possible CD to life for all you Crüeheads. These aren't really that thrilling to read about, just lots of legal issues, licensing, publishing and copyright details, as well as more negotiating around the world. Yes, I'm quickly learning about the business side of music :-)

While it previously seemed that we would be able to release the disc this month, due to a lot of circumstances beyond my control, I just can't see that happening now. At this point, we're waiting on a couple of issues to be finalised before we can go to press. Best indications say these will be tied over in the next couple of weeks. I'm told the press and print process will take 3-4 weeks from there, then another week to kick the launch into place. All that said - we're looking good for release late June, as the first Crüe tour without Tommy Lee kicks off!!!
Without a crystal ball, I can't see anything that should hold things up from here. It's just as much a pain in the ass for me, having to keep pushing the release date back... but if it's not ready yet, both you and I can't wind it up to 11. Please be patient, it'll be worth the wait!!!

This Tribute CD Project was announced winner of the 1999 Asia Pacific Western Australia Information Technology & Telecommunications Awards in the Arts/Media/Entertainment category. Check out the Award page for more info and pics. Woo-hoo!

Former Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach finally responded to my email from 10 months ago to see what track he'd like to contribute. He says, "of course this came out along time ago right ? bummer i woulda loved to do it ! all the best & check out my new CD ! " His email then provide all the details on how to order his new CD direct from him - that's right, just send your order direct to Bas for fulfilment. I just hope he doesn't take 10 months to send your CD's. ;-)

A Kickstart My Heart project interview segment with Chronological Crue's Paul Miles on Australian national radio station - Triple J. Aired on The Morning Show between 9am-12noon Australian time and via a worldwide audience online.

Kickstart My Heart project live interview with Chronological Crue's Paul Miles on Perth radio station - RTR FM. Aired on Morning Magazine at 10am Perth time and again via a worldwide audience online.

The final mastered CD of all tracks is now in the hands of Pulse Records, ready for delivery to Mötley's management for sign off of some legalities before pressing and printing. I can see the light at the end of this tunnel !!

Jeff Varner from Mötley's management emailed to say, "
Yes, I've received it [mastered CD's and paperwork] and sent it to the band prior to them leaving [on tour]. Will have feedback very soon, it looks quite good." Hopefully final green lights for pressing aren't much further away now.

Mötley's management say that Nikki Sixx has now given the green light to the legal and licensing issues that required finalisation prior to our pressing and distribution. Signed documents need to be returned. Full steam ahead now!

Now that the CD is off to be pressed, pre-orders are being taken. Being a charity project, huge amounts of the disc will not be pressed, making its availability more limited. Those of you that want to secure a copy of the CD should pre-order it now (your payment will not be cashed or debited until the product is shipped to you!).

Before the presses can roll in Canada for the disc manufacture, final legal paperwork still needs to come through from the Mötley camp. Nikki Sixx has told his management that he personally wants to sign off on this, so it shouldn't be much longer since he's back in Los Angeles after the Maximum Rock Tour. Pre-orders are coming in thick and fast, with 10% of the CD's already accounted for.

Pulse Records say final legal paperwork has now been signed and faxed to them by Nikki Sixx, which means the CDs can now be pressed. Yes!

Pulse Records say the CD is currently being pressed in Canada and it should hopefully be completed by the end of the month.

We're now firming up the date for HardRadio's Global Broadcast Premiere of the Tribute CD. Stay tuned for details of this event, where you can also enter to win some cool Crüe merchandise.

Pulse Records have advised that there is still unfortunately some legal paperwork outstanding which has held up pressing. The pressing company has been waiting on some licensing paperwork to arrive from the Harry Fox Agency before they in fact roll the presses. Sorry for this unforeseen delay. I know you've all been patient.

I'm pleased to announce that Pulse Records have received the final product back from the plant, and Kickstart My Heart - A Tribute to Mötley Crüe is now on sale!! It was almost 2 years to the day that I asked the first musician if he would be interested in such a project and 22 months since the Tribute CD project was actually kickstarted.

You can read all the Thanks as part of the CD's awesome 20 page booklet, but I'd just like to here particularly thank Pulse Records and Patrick Simmons for supporting my concept and following it through to fulfilment. I am so pleased that you - the fan - can now hear these fantastic versions of Crüe classics for yourself. Enjoy!

Those that have the CD will see the notice in the booklet about the Web Bonus Tracks. These 5 MP3 covers that aren't on the final version of the CD are now live in the Track Listing section.

The Global Broadcast Premiere is now on at HardRadio. One track from the CD is being played at the top of every hour, for the entire week until the 5th March.

The HardRadio Global Broadcast Premiere was a roaring success. President of the world's largest online station Tracy Barnes says, "The week of the premiere was our highest traffic week ever, which had been building from prior weeks as our traffic has been going up and up. I don't have a user number but we did deliver 1.1 million ad banners when we usually do 700,000 or so in an average week." Many thanks to the HardRadio team for their promotions of the CD.

With Mötley Crüe recently announcing a tour of Australia in November, I am trying to organise a function at the Hard Rock Café in Melbourne, So I can personally present Vince with a cheque for the charity proceeds from Tribute CDs sold to date.



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