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Motley Crue The End
Motley Crue The End - Live in Los Angeles

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Tattoos & Tequila by Vince Neil

Motley Crue Greatest Hits
Motley Crue's Greatest Hits CD


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Motley Crue's Carnival of Sins
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Motley Crue - The Dirt

Track Song Artist
1. Live Wire Gary Schutt
2. Public Enemy #1 Spiders & Snakes
3. Take Me To The Top Babylon A.D.
4. Shout At The Devil Lunatic Candy Kreep
5. Looks That Kill Pink Cream 69
6. Bastard Eidolon
7. Red Hot Shortino/Fastuca
8. Too Young To Fall In Love Psyco Drama
9. Louder Than Hell Spawn
10. Home Sweet Home Heaven
11. Girls, Girls, Girls Mother Mercy
12. Dancin' On Glass KrunK
13. Kickstart My Heart Jester
14. Don't Go Away Mad Heavens Edge


Watch the Spiders & Snakes video for Public Enemy #1


Web Bonus Tracks - MP3

The Tribute CD booklet says that Web Bonus Tracks are available at this site. The five songs below were downloadable for a couple of years but have since been removed due to bandwidth limitations. Many of them can now be found in MP3 format using file sharing programs.

Track Song Artist
1. Looks That Kill Oppressor
2. Fight For Your Rights The Fifth Element
3. You're All I Need Atmosfear
4. Kickstart My Heart Plan Nine
5. Don't Go Away Mad American Heartbreak

Kickstart My Heart - A Tribute to Motley Crue

Which Web Bonus Track do you like best?

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Fight For Your Rights saw Mötley Crüe send an anti-racism message to the masses, in days before it was seen as politically correct. Of all the Crüe’s songs this one lends itself to being re-done as a rap version the most, which is exactly what THE FIFTH ELEMENT has done so effectively. Here are the lyrics to their version which includes their additional rap lyrics:

Titanium chains just can’t break
Man’s fate lies on pain we can’t solve
Contemplate to evolve
Remain inmates to walls of hate
which relate to past dates
The Earth quakes in unstable mind states
Batez debates which god to believe in
Who’d create a world to rhyme problem with reason
Communicate together and begin the building
Just askin why the pain eats the children

Who wrote the bible who set the laws
Are we left to history’s flaws
and if you’re out there, let me hear
and take a look in the mirror

Fight (fight!) For Your Rights
Fight (fight!) For Your Rights
Fight (fight!) For Your Rights
Fight (fight!) For Your Rights

Can’t name no names of who’s to blame
With our rope around the throat or the flesh in the flame
For cries in the skies recognized with poisoned eyes
The red, white, and blue, traumatized with lawful lies
We’re all slaves to time with our brainwashed minds
Our history’s rotten like a dead man’s spine
Dismiss skin color, and add it to the pyre
and build the desire to throw our hatred to the fire

Martin Luther brought the truth
The color of our bloods the same
So break the chains and solve the pain
And we all become one race

People People is the scar too deep
They move discrete, cut throats of those who lay asleep
The government creeps and the media speaks
Subliminal messages as the negativity peaks
Elite criminals, a.k.a. U.S. officials
Keep unification of our nation at a minimal
Concrete information beneath the foundation
Our history’s mistaken sleepy mysteries awaken
Totally overcome by the lack of freedom
Outgunned by the fear that burns like the sun

Tony Danos from The Fifth Element has a new band happening Gaiah - check them out.



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