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On the 25th February 1998, Chronological Crue caught up with Gordon Gebert, author of the rock shock book KISS & Tell, to gain an insight into the time he played onstage with Mötley Crüe. Let's take it from the top.

Chronological Crue: KISS & Tell is the book you wrote with Bob McAdams, your predecessor as 'best friend' of Ace Frehley, guitarist of rock legends Kiss. In the book you really blow the lid on the power, fame, money, sex and madness associated with these living legends, right?

Click to view full sizeGG: (Laughing) Oh yeah! It does expose the real life Ace Frehley and it ain't pretty. A lot of fans were really shocked and I am amazed that some fans can not believe some of what is written in the book. C'mon people (laughs) - we are talking about Ace and KISS here!

CC: KISS & Tell is certainly an eye opening and entertaining read. I can't remember laughing so much reading a book before. Have you been pleased with reactions to it and its sales after its release six months ago?

GG: The reactions have been incredible and so extreme. Either people love the book or hate it. Whatever it may be, it does evoke strong emotions, which I'm glad it does. If I wrote something that pertained to my life and people yawned, I'd really pack it in (laughs again). The sales have been beyond my expectations. I am very pleased.

CC: Over eight years ago, you seized an opportunity to jam on the song Jailhouse Rock with Mötley Crüe on their Dr. Feelgood tour at Meadowlands Arena in New York, and now you dedicate a chapter in KISS & Tell to it. How did that opportunity arise and who else jammed?

GG: Ace called me last minute to go see Mötley at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. We just went to watch the band and towards the end of the concert one of the roadies said to Ace that the band wanted him to come out and jam during the encore. Ace agreed and I nudged Ace and pointed to the pianos onstage. He then asked the tech guy if I could play piano too. The guy came back and said we were both on. It was really cool. Dimebag Darrell from Pantera and Sebastian Bach from Skid Row joined in on the jam too. I'll leave the rest of the story for those who want to read the book.

CC: Mötley are fans of Kiss. Kiss Alive! ranks amongst their early influences and they supported Kiss on the 1983 Creatures Of The Night tour. However, Tommy Lee had some concerns about Ace playing on stage that night. Why was that?

GG: Well, Mötley was going through their sober stage. There was no alcohol in certain areas backstage. Tommy did not want Ace coming out drunk onstage. Ace's reputation precedes him for miles.

CC: Your adrenalin would have been pumping. How did the band react to you being on stage with them?

GG: Mick Mars was the most helpful, before I went on. He gave me the key I was going to be playing in and gave me a clue (laughs again) about what speed we were going to play the song at - like a runaway train! Tommy was the best at eye contact while playing. The sign of a pro-drummer.

CC: Tell me about the particular piano that you played.

GG: Actually, it was a Kurzweil electronic piano placed in the case of a shelled out grand piano. The reason bands did that is because you've got the aesthetics of a grand piano and the dependability of sound from the electronics. You didn't have to tune the damn thing every night and try miking it. It's a real pain in the ass.

CC: You didn't just sit in front of the piano playing, you climbed on top of it. What did the road crew think of that?

GG: The crew was going crazy. I was jumping all over the piano case. The legs were really wobbly and I almost broke the legs. One roadie was yelling at me while I was playing to get off the piano. I ignored him. I knew what I was doing.

CC: What happened after you came off stage?

GG: Everybody was backslapping each other for a real cool last minute jam pulled off for a receptive crowd. The roadies saw I didn't break their precious piano case.

CC: There are some bootleg videos of this particular show. My copy, like everyone else's it seems, cuts before you hit the stage. I believe you are trying to track down an uncut video or photos of you on stage with the Crüe, right?

GG: Oh yeah! A lot of people took photos of that encore. If anybody has one, I'd love to get a copy. Please contact me. I've got the video and the encore got clipped to the last power chords. I could see me getting blown up (laughs).

CC: Have you remembered other stories since the book's publication that could be included in a sequel?

GG: After KISS & Tell came out so many of my friends said why didn't you include such and such story... what about the story, etc... etc... Plus, stories were edited and cut from the first book that we thought wouldn't interest the fans. But the reaction has been incredible that the sequel KISS & Tell MORE! will be out in May '98. And I promise it will be just as interesting as the first book.

CC: Awesome. I look forward to that. Thanks for your time Gordon. It was great to catch up and gain your insight. All the best with KISS & Tell MORE!

Chronological Crue urges you to check out this amazing book for yourself. Click here to order direct from


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