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"Tattoo crawlin' down her leg, so sexy"
Mötley Crüe - Slice Of Your Pie - 1989

Tattoos have long been a part of Mötley Crüe culture. Crüeheads are also renowned for their fanaticism. Some fans have taken inspiration from the world of Mötley Crüe and adorned their bodies with a life long dedication. Check out these snaps of tattoos sent in by fans from all over the world. Covering everything from album covers, logos, band mascots and other icons, these fans are proud to be Crüeheads!

Got a Crüe tatt yourself, or have a friend with one? Contact Chronological Crue to have your Mötley ink shown to the world, here at the first web site to ever display Mötley fan ink. Don't forget to send your name and location, as well as a little bit about your body art, when you send your picture.

Check out Brent's Crüe tattoos

Name Location Description
Jan Jutila Norway
At the end of June 2015, Jan said, "I've been a Cruehead since '82. Always will be; love them!" view ink  >>


Brian from Antioch, CA says, "I got the Motley Crue logo from Dr. Feelgood album tattooed on the top of my back on 9 November 2012 by Brian from Jerry's Tattoo in Pittsburg, CA."  view ink  >>

Steve O.

Steve from Denver sent in his first picture at the end of July 2012, saying, "It's a crappy cell phone pic so the red and black don't show well, but this is my first tattoo!" He then sent the next one in during December 2013, after just getting this pentagram with MC in its middle.  view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>

Angela Matherlee

In April 2012, Angela from Miami Beach in Florida sent in this great portrait of Nikki Sixx.  view ink  >>
Phill Threlfall VIC, Australia
Phill says, "I'm from Bendigo in Victoria Australia. I've been a hardcore Crue fan since 1980 and wanted to show my dedication to the best rock band on the planet. The artist is a great friend of mine: Leigh Andrea from King of Rings Tattoo and Body Piercing in Bendigo, Australia." view ink  >>

Ed Kenney

In Sept 2011, Ed said, "I've been a Cruehead since around '82 and I actually got to meet Vince at his after party in Youngstown, OH back in July. I asked him to autograph my arm so I could get a Motley-themed tattoo around it. He did and the next day I went to Skinethics Tattoo in Girard, OH and Joe Thomas tatted it on. We then came up with this idea and Joe did an awesome job on this !!! You can see Vince's autograph in the middle of the pentagram. Some day maybe I can get the rest of the band's autographs on there somewhere!"  view ink  >>
Sebastian Zunda Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sebastian says, "I had the chance to meet Nikki Sixx at the hotel front door when Motley came to Argentina in 2011. He signed my arm and I did a tattoo of that too, but this is what I want to show you guys: it's my new tattoo of Mr. Nikki Sixx. I hope you like it."  view ink   >>

Hans-Olof Dahlbom Frit

Hans-Olof says he has been a Crüehead since 1984, when he sent in this picture of his new Mötley Crüe logo tattoo in May 2011. view ink  >>
Michael Mead TX ,USA
In March 2011, Michael sent in these pictures of his Crüe tattoos and said, "I have Crüe Head tattooed on my knuckles, Tommy and Nikki's autographs tattooed, Dr. Feelgood tattooed in 1990, a Shout at the devil portrait of Nikki and Tommy, Vince's autograph tattooed, plus a Sixx:A.M. tattoo - I just need Mick Mars' autograph so I can tattoo it!" In January 2012, Michael sent in some more pics saying he got the 1313 tattoo like Mick Mars since he has the same initials. He got the Nikki Sixx portrait from Shout at the Devil in 2009 and you can also see his Vince Neil autograph tattoo that he got in Houston when he opened up Roc Bar. He got Nikki's signature following his book signing in Houston, and tommy's when he met him at Meridan in Houston while he Dj'd. view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4 / view ink 5  >>

Rick Hamilton

In March 2011, Rick said, "This is my completed tattoo from the Saints of Los Angeles album cover. It's all been done by the great Mel D." This is a very cool tattoo.  view ink  >>
Yvonne Germany
Yvonne is a 28-year-old female from Frankenthal who got her first Mötley tattoo in 2010, inked by Nadine at the town's Hot Ink Tattoo Studio. After seeing the Crüe perform live three times over the last two years in Germany, she decided to get her first band ink after their performance at the Wacken Open Air festival. Yvonne says, "I wanted to have a unique Mötley Logo and the names of the guys inside of outlined stars. I was inked on my left leg; I'm very satisfied with the result and really love my tatt." view ink  >>

Lucas Sisovsky

Czech Republic
Lucas says, "I am 16 years old and Mötley Crüe is my beloved band since I was 6. Yesterday (30/9/10) it was time to immortalize Mötley logo on my body. I send my photo with a big greeting from Czech Republic." view ink  >>
Alan Williams England
In July 2010, Alan sent in a photo of his fresh ink saying, "Enclosed is my Mötley Crüe fiend tattoo. I've been a fan for over 25 years, and hope to make it to Sonisphere to see them this year!" view ink  >>

Nikki Seven

Nineteen-year-old Nikki from Marlboro says, "I've been obsessed with hair metal since I was 17 (2008). The more I immersed myself into the Sunset Strip Glam scene the more I fell in love with Mötley Crüe. Now, they basically run my world. I bow down the the baddest boys of rock! Nikki Sixx is my God. Everything I own has Mötley Crüe on it in some form or fashion. My Mötley Crüe tattoo was 'brought to life' by a good friend of my Mom's who once owned his own tattoo shop. It was my 4th tattoo in September of 2009." view ink  >>
Grétar Örn Axelsson Iceland

In March 2010, sixteen-year-old Gretar says, "Mötley Crüe has been my favourite band for a long-ass time and I've always thought Vince Neil was the coolest, so I got his snake wrapped around a musical note tattoo to show my dedication. I'm planning on getting many more Crüe tattoos. I'm seeing them for the first time at Sonisphere Festival in England next summer and can't wait!" Almost a year later, Gretar sent through the second photo of his Nikki Sixx hand tattoos, plus a further update in Sept 2011 shown in the third picture. view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4  >>

Angela Cox

Angela from York says this about her design done by Ryan at Vivid Skin Tattoo, "I'm a 36-yr-old who has been a Crüe fan since about age 11. I have been wanting to get this tat for years. It took some convincing to get the hubby's approval; he wasn't thrilled of the idea of me having some other dudes faces on me for life, but you know how us woman can be. My niece and I won tickets to a Meet & Greet at the first CrueFest 2 show. This was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME deal for me! I had waited sooooo many years to meet them I wanted something to remember that moment forever! There's more to the tat than me just being a diehard fan - my elderly Dad has some health problems and he used to take me to see Mötley back in the '80s and early-'90s when I was growing up. That was a special bond we had and always will have, so this tat in some weird kind of way is to memorialize those special moments between Father and Daughter. The pic of Nikki that I had used for my tat was actually from a photo I took at CrueFest 1; I was front-row in the pit and he smiled right into the camera for me. The pic I used of Tommy was from his PETA campaign; I am a huge animal lover and have rescued quite a few animals so I thought that was kind of cool to use a photo from that." view ink  >>
Tracey Nelson Alberta, Canada

In September 2009, Tracey said, "I have two tattoos inspired by Mötley: I have Wild Side in a Dr. Feelgood inspired font on my side. It really sums up a lot about me as I love to live a little on the wild side and it happens to be one of my favourite songs. The other is a Sixx:A.M. tattoo - I have Tomorrow, in the Sixx:A.M. font on my forearm. My uncle passed away and the last thing I said to him was "I'll see you tomorrow." The song captured the essence of what I wanted to say. I love the song, and I loved my uncle. And I live Nikki." view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>

Alan Parker England

Author and film director Alan G. Parker sent in photos of his Motley tattoos during 2009 saying, "Saints of Los Angeles - Full back piece, because I love the album so much. I'm getting a big red Dr. Feelgood logo below it next month, Which means it will look even better! Vince Neil - The VN bit was done by Dano at VNI in Vegas, and paid for by Vince, while the portrait was added by my tattooist and the guy responsible for most of what I sent you, which is Gino at Diamond Jacks in Soho, London. Generation Swine - Is on my chest, just loved the logo from the minute I got the promo CD (Vince loved that one!) Sixx A.M. - I always wanted a picture of Nikki, and my tattooist knew how much I loved the Sixx A.M. album, so it was blended in, so to speak. Crüe - Which is on the fingers of my left hand, and was done by Dano at VNI in March this year, while I was in Vegas working. I spent that much money on merchandise, they gave me the tattoo for free! Girls, Girls, Girls - Was another from Diamond Jacks, don't know if you spotted it but the girl with the smoking gun is a comic book version of Barb Wire, but with black hair not blond, thus keeping the Lee family connection! I'm getting a picture of Tommy once my back is complete. The last picture is a top hat and two eyes on the third finger of my right hand in tribute to Mick!" view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4 / view ink 5 / view ink 6 / view ink 7  >>

Jerome France

In May 2009, Jerome said, "I've been a Crüe fan since 1993. Here are some pics of my tattoos inspired by Crüe members: The first was the Vince's barb wire in 1996, before I made the prolongation with my daughter's name like Vince in 2004. I then added the Theatre of Pain masks in 2006. Tommy's peacock was also inked in 2006, taking about 6 hours to do it. In 2008, I decided to do a full-sleeve with Tommy's top hat skull, Nikki's haired skull, the Dr. Feelgood-era logo and Nikki's playing cards. After the right arm was done, I started my left with a koi fish, flowers in Japanese style (not exactly like Tommy but this spirit was the idea). I also preferred a tiger instead of Tommy's leopard." In October 2013, Jerome sent in a shot of his Bad Boys shield that was tattooed by Paul Timman at Sunset Strip Tattoo.  view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4 / view ink 5 / view ink 6 / view ink 7  >>

Cliff Ponish

Cliff says, "I'm a total Crüehead for life and got inked to show my appreciation for the band. I first got the Mötley Crüe logo in 1997. A few years later I added the Theatre of Pain masks. In 2005 I went all-out with the Dr. Feelgood cover, shading, and banner: 1-17-81 for the day Mötley was formed. Hopefully their autographs and portraits will cover the rest of my leg sometime soon. Thanks to Joel at Goodfella's ink for bringing his artistic touch to my ideas." view ink  >>
Marco Knoell Germany
In June 2009, Marco said, "I'm a 37-year-old male from Odenwald (near Frankfurt). I'm a Crüehead since the late-'80s (I guess '89) and I first saw the Crüe perform live in 1991 here in Mainz. My Crüe tatt was done by Morbus Gravis Tattoo Studio in Darmstadt by a guy named MÖNCH, and he has inked me several times. I wanted to have a Crüe collage from different periods, so I painted a mix between Dr. Feelgood (red logo at the top), Theater of Pain (the masks) and Girls (the logo on the playing cards)." view ink 1  / view ink 2    >>
Stuart Diamond OH, USA
Stuart from Cincinnati says, "I'm a long-time Crüehead and extreme fanatic. My back is an ongoing piece that started with the Theater of Pain masks in the summer of '08 and has lead to many more since. Eventually, I'll have all the Mötley album covers tattooed and probably more Crüe-related tatts. This is a fully-dedicated back-piece for the Crüe. My one wish is to meet the band members in person, just so I can show them my dedication and loyalty to the band and its music. Mario Johnston at Lambadi City Tattoo in Fairfield, Ohio has been doing the work, which has taken more than 20 hours so far." view ink 1  / view ink 2  / view ink 3  >>
Rick Hamilton OK, USA
Rick sent in this picture of his new Mick Mars portrait tattoo from the Saints of Los Angeles era. It was inked by Mel D at Inkjunkys Tattoo in Owasso, Oklahoma. view ink  >>

Robin Källgren

Robin says, "This was my first tattoo that I got about 3 years ago and it gets a lot of attention, which I like and now I have plans for one more." Some months later in September 2009, Robert sent in the second picture - this time a Theatre of Pain tatt. view ink 1  / view ink 2   >>
Denyze Brasil
Dee says she is a BIG Tommy fan. "I've got the Mayhem belly tatt and Tommy's name on my finger as a ring. I'll ink down the band's logo next week!" view ink 1  / view ink 2   >>
Allan Lee Sao Paulo, Brasil
Allan plays drums for a Crüe tribute band located in Sao Paulo and is known as Allan Lee. He got Tommy's back tatt for now and he's about to finish it properly pretty soon." view ink 1  / view ink 2   >>
Kirsten Brown MT, USA
In November 2008, Kirsten from Libby said, "Here's my best tattoo yet - not the best picture of it, but you get the general idea. I think I had my hands on my sides, which makes the tattoo look a little crooked; it is not. My husband took me to see the band in Las Vegas this summer. After we came home I tracked down this town's only tattoo artist (Doug Johns), who did a great job." view ink  >>
Michael Mead TX, USA
Michael from Deer Park says, "The Dr. Feelgood I got tatted in 1990. Theatre of Pain was done in Florida 1995 when I was in the navy. Vince Neil autograph was at Rocbar opening in Houston 20 Nov 2006. Nikki Sixx autograph was 9 Dec 2007 (I was first in line and waiting 18 hours for his book signing at Borders in Houston.) Tommy Lee autograph I got at Meridan when he was DJing March 2007. Hours before that I got Crue Head on my knuckles. The Nikki Sixx Shout at the Devil portrait I got in June 2008 and my Tommy Lee Shout at the Devil portrait also was done. Fixing to get my other two of Vince and Mick. All I need is Mick's autograph tatted; I've tried relentlessly." view ink  >>
Carlos Ruiz Bogota, Colombia
Carlos says, "This tattoo was made by a friend called Miguel in a beer and music afternoon. I chose this tattoo just because I love Mötley Crüe. I've grown up with their music and style of living. Actually, I own all the stuff I can get of them. I have another tattoo made 4 years ago (Dr. Feelgood cover) and I'm ready to get another one. The Crüe is my obsession and I'm sure they're the best band who ever walk the Earth. Long live to Mötley!" view ink  >>
Shelley Marian IL, USA
Shelley says, "I've been honored by Mötley Crüe's music since I first heard the song Starry Eyes off Too Fast for Love. I was all of 9 when it came out, and have been diehard ever since. I love all of the Crüe's music, but old school still rocks! My tat was done by Sacred Art Tattoo in Rockford, IL. It's my version of the Theatre of Pain cover masks with a banner tribute to the song that will always be my favorite: Starry Eyes. Truly one of a kind art for a one of a kind band! Rock out with your Crüe out!" view ink  >>
Damian Crozier VIC, Australia
Damian says, "This is my very first tattoo - done in June 2008 and something I had been thinking about for a number of years. It is a slight variation on the Dr Feelgood snake and dagger cover." view ink  >>
Cheryl Gregg OH, USA
"I just had this done on 14 Aug 2008; it was something I have wanted to do for over 20 years and I finally did it. It was a hard decision on what to get. My tattoo artist Mason at Permanent Productions in Cincinnati decided on the Theatre of Pain logo and incorporated the pentagram that I wanted, as well. I love it. I haven't seen anything like it on your web site, yet, so at the moment, I feel quite unique. I went to Crüe Fest and was able to show it off." In June 2010, Cheryl send in a second picture saying, "I had the Dr. Feelgood skulls blended into my Mötley Crüe logo. I went to Underground Ink, Cincinnati OH and Doobie was amazing; he went nuts and made it better than I expected. It looks like I had it all done in one tattoo and blends in nicely." view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>
Kasea Bauscher PA, USA
In June 2008, Kasea said, "I am 24-year-old diehard Crüehead. I got the Feelgood tatt about 3 years ago as a Xmas gift; I definitely get a lot of comments from it. The Girls tatt was done about 2 years ago. This one gets all the ladies' attention believe it or not; it starts a lot of conversations. I have plans to get 18 more Mötley tatts." view ink  >>
Daniel Webb Paris, France
In April 2008, Daniel said, "Got this on a whim about 4 years ago. It's my tribute to the greatest band on the planet. I'm hoping to get it extended at some point; still undecided as to how but will definitely have some more work done. It was designed along the veins of Theatre Of Pain, although being Crueheads, I probably didn't need to tell you that." view ink  >>

Vicky Pfeiffer

Ontario, Canada

Vicky says, "When I was 13 years old, I used to listen to a rock radio station in Toronto called Q107. It was on this station that I heard Mötley Crüe for the first time. (Live Wire to be exact.) When I heard it, I lost my mind! Skip forward to 28 September 2007, which was honestly one of the best days of my life: Meeting Nikki and having about 60 seconds of his time was worth the 25 year wait. So a couple months after that, I grew a set of balls and finally got my Mötley tat. I got Hollywood underneath it because I lived there for a few years and I really miss it." view ink  >>

Ruari Burgham England
Ruari says, "This is my first EVER tattoo of anything and I decided the best thing for me to spend my hard earned student loan on would be a lifelong dedication to the greatest rock n roll band ever, bar none. First got into the Crüe about four years ago when I was 15 and have loved them ever since." view ink  >>
Liz Barton-Rossall England
Liz says, "I first got into Crüe and rock music in general around 22 years ago when I met my now ex-husband. I saw the Crüe last year in Manchester, UK for the very first time. I took my son with me and we were both blown away; we didn’t want the show to end! Following the concert, I went on a Crüe fest and decided to pay homage to my love for them by adding to my every expanding tatt collection. I used your site for research and decided that I wanted the Dr. Feelgood skull & crossbones. I went ahead and had it inked on my butt cheek. I’ve not once had a moment of regret and I love the look of shock on peoples faces when I tell them I have a skull & crossbones tat on my butt, seeing as though I’m what would probably be considered a rather “normal” 30-something Mum." view ink  >>

Lisa Axelsson

In October 2007, Lisa said, "I've been a Crüehead since 1985, and yes it was Home Sweet Home that caught me. But I loved the rest of the album and even got my best friend to listen to it (she also been hooked ever since). I come from a small place in Sweden called Anderstorp and my dream when I grew up was to go to L.A. The reason for that, of course I wanted to be in the same city as the Crüe. Now I've been there four times and during those trips I've done two tattoos at the Sunset Strip Tattoo and partied several times at Rainbow Bar & Grill. It was probably the best times in my life. But life goes on and to remember the good times a got my first Mötley tattoo a few weeks ago and I just love it. Thanks again and I hope you keep going forever." view ink  >>

Liz Morellato

Ontario, Canada

Liz from Toronto says, "The first one was done 14 Dec 2006 at Yonge Street Tattoos by Steve. It was my first tattoo, and this one came to me kind of by accident. I have an attitude a bit like Nikki to the effect that everybody can 'fuck off'. I knew I couldn't get that inked on me permanently (although I do write it on my body somewhere visable for every Mötley show I go to), so I improvised. Feelgood is my favourite album as I am also a big fan of Bob Rock's work, so I decided to use that logo and have it say s'Crue You. The second one was done 28 Sept 2007 also at Yonge Street Tattoos by Ben. I had just met Nikki at his book signing for The Heroin Diaries, and got to show him s'Crue You. He liked it, so I asked him to sign it. He picked the spot, told me to hold still and voila - custom designed, custom-placed, hand-drawn tattoo by Nikki Sixx. An hour later it was permanent." view ink 1  / view ink 2  >>

Tommy Seilheimer IL, USA
Tommy from Chicago says, "Here are some Mötley tatts: Tommyland The Ride on left arm, Mötley Crüe logo on right arm, Vince Neil racing on right arm and Sixx: A.M. logo on left." view ink  >>
Turo Oulu, Finland
"This is my friend Mötley tattoo. We live in Finland city name Oulu and
Mikko Hiltunen artist of Tramps Tattoo made this tattoo."
view ink  >>
Roger Heymans NSW, Australia
"I live on the central coast in NSW, Australia. I meet Tommy Lee in Sydney when he signed my arm. I then had it tattooed." view ink  >>
Mark H. TN, USA
"I got this one tattoo today - 7 Aug '07. It is my first one and couldn't think of anything better to take the plunge with. I am 39 years old from Goodlettsville, TN and have been a Crueaholic since junior high and plan to get the Dr. Feelgood snakes and skull on my leg. The tattoo was done at Forever Yours Tattoo in Old Hickory, TN by Kyle." view ink  >>
Krystal Labreque Alberta, Canada

"I have been a Motley Crue fan since before I was born. Mom says I've been listening to them for over 20 years. For my sweet 16, I asked to get a tattoo. Knowing I wanted something original and relating to Nikki Sixx, the tattoo artist created this one of a kind cartoon creation! I absolutely love my ink and hope to be able to get Nikki to sign it one day."  view ink  >>

Stefan Gunnarsson Sweden
"I have been a Cruehead since the age of 4. My brother had the Shout At The Devil record and when I opened the cover it blew my mind! I grabbed my mom's make up and dressed up just like them and Nikki Sixx became my biggest idol in the whole world and that still hasn`t changed! I have tried to see them in the US; got a flight ticket but missed the plane and the show. And then they came to Sweden Rock festival a few years ago and i was hospitalized, signed myself out of the hospital aganist medical advice and then took my car heading for a 8 hour drive. I passed out in the car after 2 hours of driving because of my earlier stomach operation so i missed that show too. Now they are coming to Sweden again on 5 June 2007 and this time nothing is going to stop me! The artwork has been done by Hans Schroder at Schroder's Bulls Eye Tattoo in Bollnas, Sweden. Future plan is to get all band members in ink on both my legs in a big scale!" view ink  >>
Bianca King VIC, Australia
I met Bianca in the bar where I DJ. She pulled her pants down to show me her Mötley and says, "The tattoos were done by Craig Deuce @ Eternal Instinct on St Georges Road, Northcote. I had them done the month after the Crüe tour finished here (January 2006) and they took about 7 hours in total, in one sitting (It was a disgusting 43 degree C day too!) I chose the Feelgood designs because they aren't instantly recognisable as being related to a band - I wanted something that looked good on skin, I wanted something that I could be proud of and I wanted something that wasn't screaming Mötley Crüe to the whole world - Just fans who know what they're talking about! (Most people think they're just skulls or cats!)" view ink  >>

Jonas Källström

This tattoo on Jonas's right bicep is dedicated to Vince Neil, as he also has a similar design on his arm. view ink  >>
Katt V MN, USA
Katt says, "This one was my first Mötleytatt; in fact my first tatt. I grew up with Mötley, so now it just feels like they're officially part of me. I got it in Conway, NH where I used to live." view ink  >>

Paul Edman

Here a couple of Mötley tatt pics that Paul Edman sent in. Having been a fan since 1985, Paul had both these tattoos inked in 1990. view ink 1  / view ink 2  >>
Chuck Hope PA, USA
Chuck sent in this picture of his Mötley Crüe leg tattoo inked by Gil Damis of Tattoo Odyssey in Philadelphia. view ink  >>

Daniel Kajava

Daniel says, "I have been a Crüehead since the age of 5 (born 1976), so when I bought my Platinum package last year, I knew I had to get my biggest idol's autograph tattooed on me. Nikki signed my arm before the show in Helsinki last year. The day after, I got it tattooed by a guy at 'The Fat Mexican' in Helsinki. The logo and dragon were done by Daniel Ekdahl at 'Daniel Tattoo' in Strängnäs Sweden. Crüe Rules!" view ink  >>
Wesley Lowe AL, USA
Wes says, "I finally got my first tattoo and of course it had to be Mötley. I had the Greatest Hits caricature inked on my right arm from shoulder to elbow. It was done between May and July of 2006 in Mobile, Alabama by 'Fingers' at Gulf Coast Tattoo. I'm going to eventually add the Dr. Feelgood logo underneath and hopefully a few autographs. Here's all three stages - outline, shading and colour." view ink  >>
Patty P. CA, USA
Patty thinks that many close to her will be surprised at her recent choice for ink: “I grew up with '70s rock, so not only was '80s music a perfect transition from that period, the music, and many of those who created it, has been able to withstand the test of time. Mötley Crüe was right there in the early '80s... ready and in your face with an incomparable decade of decadence... and there was no turning back! I always knew that Crue would be tried and true. To this day, the music is “still kickin’ ass!” I’ve always had an obsession with Nikki Sixx, from his name, bad boy image, song writing, make up, evolution, and, of course, that gorgeous HAIR! Calligraphy is one of my hobbies, so I designed this tattoo myself with an Old English aura in mind, precisely positioned so that a sock doesn’t diminish the Sixx ink while I’m chasing that little white ball around on the golf course! Golf is one of my passions, so I hope to be able to continue to support and play in the annual Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament. I could only entrust one person to execute my final Sixx tattoo plan. So, I cruised to the beautiful California coast to Jimi’s Tattoo in Port Hueneme. I think he did a fabulous job and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Jimi!" view ink  >>
Jaime Rodgers PA, USA
"I have been a Crüe fan since I was 10 years old back in 1988. Through the years, my love for the Crüe has grown and now that I’m older I wanted to express that love through a tattoo. I thought long and hard as to the perfect tat and finally decided on Nikki Sixx’s Blackbird bass guitar. I’m very proud to show this piece of artwork off and hope that one day I’ll get the chance to show Nikki himself!" view ink  >>
Stephanie Lowman NY, USA
Steph says, "I saw Mötley twice on their COS Tour. I was very fortunate in Feb to see them SIXXTH row in Kalamazoo, MI. I have always liked the Crüe but seeing Nikki that close, I knew I was gonna be even more into them than I had been. I went out not even two weeks later and tattooed his name on my feet. I love this tattoo and I have a lot of other ink - I did get a lot of hard time about it being a name and all but it came down to my body. Thanks to Chris at Stylin' TAT2 in Cheektowaga, NY. My ultimate dream would be to meet Nikki and have him sign my neck and have that tattooed." view ink  >>
Miranda Aas Norway
"I'm 16 and called Vicious Sixx. I've loved and adored Mötley Crüe for about four years now. About a year ago, I got my second tattoo: this time a logo of Mötley. I'm saving up for a new tattoo; I'm getting all of their portraits with their autographs underneath. It's gonna be awesome!" view ink  >>
Carly QLD, Australia
The first picture shows Carly's Theatre of Pain drama masks tattoo. "I got it done on 11 June 05 by Graham Moore at D&D Custom Tattoos in Toowoomba. It took just over an hour to do. Although I hate the album, I've always loved the album art. I've also worked in theatre on and off over the years, so it's kind of a double meaning for me." The second pic shows Carly's Sixx tatt, inked by Graham Moore on 7 Dec 05 at D&D Custom Tattoos in about half an hour. I was still on a mad Mötley rush from their Brisbane concert and decided on a whim to get inked with Nikki's name. Fittingly, although I didn't realise it at the time, it was my sixth tattoo! The pic also shows my Lee tatt that was inked 11 days later, but this one isn't being kept (blasphemous as it may seem, I've changed the design of my right foot into something a little more eccentric and obscure)." The third photo shows Carly's 'Sick Soul Sucker' tatt on her right foot. "That was done in June 06 by Ryan at what used to be D&D Tattoos here in Toowoomba. It took about an hour all up and hurt like a bitch, but was completely worth it. I chose it because I love the song Angela and that line really grabbed me and sums up my darker side." view ink 1  / view ink 2  / view ink 3  >>
Chris Diaz TX, USA
"I am sending you pics of my son's Mötley Crüe tattoos. They are somewhat difficult to see because they wrap around his arm, however I think they show very good work. The first one is of course Allister Fiend, which was his first Mötley Crüe tattoo, then the second tattoo is the one that says "enslaved" from the song Enslaved. All of these tattoos were done by Justin the owner of Platinum Tattoos in San Antonio, TX." view ink 1  / view ink 2  >>

Tiffany Sanders

Tiffany says, "I got this tat in Huntsville, AL after my eleventh and final show of the Carnival of Sins tour. We had front row to all but one of the shows, and this was the most awesome, unforgettable way to end the tour! My best friend and I went to all eleven shows together. We were two of Yesterday's Trash Queens feeling 14 again!" view ink  >>
Fran Nelson ND, USA
"Paul, Here's my new tat. My inspiration was Dr. Feelgood with a twist of Without You. Thanks and kisses, Fran" view ink  >>

Doug Tatum

Doug sent this in during May 2006 saying, "I am a DJ for 98.9 The Rock in Kansas City, Missouri. Mötley Crüe is the reason I got into radio; I owe everything to those guys. I got this as my 22nd birthday gift from my girlfriend. The work was done by Spike Palmer at Done-Rite Tattoo in Kansas City. I know I am young compared to other Crüe fans, but that band means everything to me. Hopefully if they tour again this year with Aerosmith, I can meet the guys and show it to them! I want all four signatures on my arms, then after the show, get them inked! Thank you so much! I always check out your site for news that I can use on the air!" view ink  >>
Toni Shearer NY, USA
Toni says, "I thought I'd send my Crüe tattoo in. It's the song Enslaved - some of it anyway. Actually my story about my tattoo goes along with the story that was included in the book What Motley Crue Means To Me. I was stuck in a bad marriage, got out of it, and for my new-found freedom decided to announce to the world (via my tattoo) that I will never be a slave to anyone! The last line is done in French. It says 'live life to the fullest'." view ink 1  / view ink 2  >>
Belinda Treadwell NSW, Australia
Here's a John Corabi tribute tattoo. "The idea was to do an unconventional tribute to Crab so it's a cartoon crab with distinctive Crab features like his lip-ring plus Anti and peace symbol tatts. It was inked by Dan at a studio called Mark of the Gypsy in Fairfield."  view ink  >>
Marla Jo Diaz TX, USA
I am 47 years old and went with my son who was 18 at the time of his first tattoo and who has 10 tattoos now at 21 yrs old, but he persuaded me into my first tattoo when I was 44 years old. I now have three of my own Mötley Crüe tattoos, but have been a diehard fan since the '80s. The first tattoo is the one of the Playboy bunny and the Girls, Girls, Girls, logo which I figured worked well together since we all know that the guys (especially Vince) has a thing for Playboy bunnies. The second tattoo is the one of the Harley Davidson logo, which my son persuaded me to change it to the Mötley Crüe sign from the Hollywood days. The third tattoo I had done just two days before they came in concert here to San Antonio and I had a shirt printed up that matched the tattoo and I proudly wore both to the concert, which happened to be the most exciting day in my entire life! The artist on all three of these tattoos was Justin (the owner) from Platinum Piercing and Tattoos here in San Antonio." view ink 1  / view ink 2  / view ink 3  >>

Marty “Motley Twin” Rubalcaba

Marty says, "I was 14-years-old when I first heard and seen of Mötley Crüe. I recently turned 39-years old and still love them as much! I was into the Crüe but all my so-called friends hated them. I bought the first Leathur record (black and white logo) for $2.99 at Music Plus, a record store chain which Nikki worked for at one time. I hitch-hiked to my first Mötley show back in early 1982! My parents didn’t care and my friends hated the Crüe. Seeing the Crüe changed my life forever, and would fill the void in my life that a dysfunctional family couldn’t. I was hooked and have followed the Crüe since. I still have all my early Mötley ticket stubs, flyers, picks, drum sticks and a ton of other cool stuff. In a nutshell, Mötley Crüe is everything for me. I love the band, but feel a special bond with Nikki. My twin brother Mike and I have the exact MOTLEY CRUE tattoo that all four members have on their left arm. Nikki seen the tattoo and was blown away, he stated that through all the years he had never seen any Mötley fan with the same Mötley tattoo as the band members. Here are photos are of my Mötley tattoos. The first is my leg right after Nikki signed it on 01/21/06 at NAMM, while the second is my leg with Nikki's signature tattooed. view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>

Rhonda Basch


Rhonda contributed this photo of her right thigh and said, "Nikki has always been an inspiration to me and so I figured this would be my tribute to him. I had the tattoo done in Jacksonville, Florida while there was a tattoo convention going on. I won Tattoo of the Day! The artist was Mark Longenecker."  view ink >>

Jade Devey QLD, Australia
Jade says, "I got the logo tattoo from the cover of Greatest Hits in 2002 just before I was 18. The best part about it was showing Nikki at the Sofitel hotel in Brisbane this December 2005. Eventually the cartoons will be added when I can find an artist that will do them to size." Here's a photo of Nikki with Jade's tatt. view ink  >>

Judi Seiber


On the last day of July 2005, Judi sent in her first contribution. "Just wanted to send in a pic of my Crüe tat I just got today. The work was done by Devo at Glenn Scott Tattoo in Dayton, Ohio. I have been a Crüe fan since 1982 and have wanted a tat that had something to do with them for a long time, but couldn't really decide what to get. I didn't want something that was common or that a lot of other people have. Finally after looking at all of Nikki's tats I just loved the roman numeral VI he has on his right upper arm, so I had Devo design mine to look like his and had the GGGMötley Crüe logo added above it." Now that's a fresh piece of work!  view ink >>

Justin Morgan

Alaska, USA

In July 2005 Justin wrote in, "Mötley Crüe puts on the most kick-ass shows I've ever seen! Here's my Mötley tattoo: it's the Dr. Feelgood snake and dagger. Next, I'm getting the Theatre of Pain masks tattooed on the back of the same arm and also the Nikki Sixx caricature from the Greatest Hits DVD cover. Hopefully, as soon as I get stationed out of Alaska, I'll be able to get Nikki to sign my arm so that I can have his signature inked as well! My Mötley tattoo was inked by Ben Wallenborn at Slave to the Needle Tattoos in Seattle, WA. He's also a big Crüe fan and is planning to do the rest of my Mötley work."  view ink >>

Michelle Gosling Shropshire, England
Late in June 2005, Michelle said, "Just thought I'd add my Mötley tattoo to your growing collection. I've loved Mötley since I heard Shout at the Devil at the tender age of 3. My Dad was a huge rock fan and I was bought up head banging to the Crüe, so I thought why not get a tattoo. I decided to get the New Tattoo album cover inked onto my leg. I'm going to add the Dr. Feelgood dagger and snake just behind it when I get some more money together. Thanks for reading my mail and hopefully my picture will make it onto your fantastic website." Welcome to the club Michelle. view ink  >>

Jeff Schnaufer


Jeff sent in these pics of his Crüe tatts in May 2005 saying, "I had them done at Bonehead tattoos in Fort Worth TX. My right arm has the Decade logo - my favorite one - and my left arm the Theatre masks. I plan on getting more - hopefully have the band sign my arms and have them inked over!" Four months later, Jeff sent in the third picture saying, "I met Tommy Lee at Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis at the meet and greet for the release of his solo album Tommyland the Ride. He signed my arm and I immediately went down the street and had it tattooed!" view ink 1 / view ink 2  / view ink 3  >>

Les Nunes Ontario, Canada

Les sent in this photo of him with the Crüe in London, Ontario on April 26th 2005 as he shows off his Sixx tattoo.  view ink  >>

Juan Pablo Rendo Bogota, Colombia

Juan says he has been a Crüe fan since 12-years-old and he's now 27. "My tattoos are the faces from the Theatre of Pain cover on my right and left shoulder, the fish that Tommy Lee has in his arm, and the symbol from the Greatest Hits album."  view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>

Debi Tichbourne St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

In April 2005, Deb sent in her picture and said, “I recently had a Nikki Sixx portrait done. My tattoo artist was Bob Paulin, owner of Studio 123 Tattoo & Piercing in St. Catharines. I’m a big Crüe fan - love them all! You have a kick ass site. Thanks for all the work you have put into it. I love looking at everyone's ink.” Three months later, Debi sent in a pic of her next tatt inked by Bob: this time a portrait of former Crüe front-man John Corabi.  view ink1  / view ink 2  >>

Keith Wiedenkeller CA, USA

Keith has sent in this pic of his great Dr. Feelgood band name logo saying, “I was lucky enough to have been born and raised in Southern California. At 14 years old a friend took me to a club in Hollywood to see some no-name band. Twenty four years and almost seventy shows later, I'm still going to see that band every chance I get! So I thought I'd put a small tribute to them on my back.” The second photo of Keith's tatt was taken at the Crue's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.  view ink 1  / view ink 2  >>

Mike Mourning WI, USA
Mike says, "I am a body piercer at Black Pearl Tattoo and I go by the name Mikely Crüe. This is a picture of my Mötley Crüe back-piece from the Dr. Feelgood poster of Allister Fiend. It was done by Greg Larsen at Black Pearl Tattoo in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I have some other Mötley Crüe tattoos that I will also send pictures of, including Tommy and Nikki's autographs tattooed on me." That's a great piece Mike!  view ink  >>
Sally Curzi NSW, Australia
Sally had Nikki Sixx sign her tail at a hotel when the Brides Of Destruction toured Australia in August 2004. She then had it tattooed as her first tattoo. Read more about Sally here view ink  >>
Eric Dillard NE, USA
Eric says, "My obsession with the Crüe didn't develop until I was about 17-years-old, and since then my life has been everything Mötley Crüe. My favorite song is Afraid, but my favorite Crüe album would definitely have to be Shout at The Devil, and Tommy and Nikki are my two most favorite members. It would be an honor to be added to your site in the fan ink section." My pleasure view ink  >>
Cole Lockwood MT, USA

Five-year-old Cole from Great Falls is the youngest Crüehead with a back-job! (No - it's paint silly, but I thought you'd like to check it out for a smile anyway... no copycats please)  view ink  >>

Leonardo (LeoCrüe) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Leo has sent in a couple of pictures taken on his webcam. The Dr. Feelgood dagger is on his right shoulder and the Theatre Of Pain masks are on his left. He hopes Mötley will play in South America for the first time in 2005.  view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>
Alexa IN, USA

Clean and simple. She says, "I wanted to get a Mötley Crüe tattoo and this fit perfect for where I wanted to get it." Looks what she's got in her pants!  view ink  >>

Mick VIC, Australia
Mick says, “I have been meaning to do this for years: I have attached a pic of my Crüe tattoo on my lower right leg. The dagger was done at Body Langue Tattoo in Lilydale, Melbourne back in '98 I think. It's held up real well and Vince's signature was done in Salt Lake City back in 2000 when we met with boys back stage and saw them perform live!  view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>
Tony Nardella PA, USA

Tony airmailed these pics saying, “I’ve been a fan since I was 6-years-old. They changed and shaped my life, and for that I’ve decided to set tattoos of their album covers as a life-long dedication to the four rock’n’roll Gods who have been the soundtrack to my life.” You can see Tony has a banner of Girls, Girls, Girls, down his chest with another banner of song title All In The Name Of. A strap of barb wire like Vince Neil’s borders the base of his short-sleeve, with the Theatre of Pain album masks as the center-piece. A flaming pentagram from Shout At The Devil sits above. You’ll also be able to see: the skull and crossbones from Dr. Feelgood, a Nikki Sixx replica moon and bat, the Generation Swine pig on his shoulder blade, the demon head from the New Tattoo art packaging, a snake wrapped around a music note a-la Vince Neil’s (and done at Sunset Strip Tattoo), as well as the Gibson Blackbird bass logo. The sleeve is filled with the green tiles from Dr. Feelgood. Tony hoped for many years to have the band autograph his arm so he can ink their signatures, and this finally happened in 2005 as seen in the fifth images linked. The final images shows Tony's recent Saints of Los Angeles tatt on his left forearm and the Theatre of Pain style logo on the back of his neck.  view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4 / view ink 5 / view ink 6  >>

Abby Ingleson VIC, Australia
Abby says, “I got my Nikki tattoo just before Brides of Destruction came to Oz and it was still healing when I got to meet Nikki. His signature is now tattooed on but I only have photos of when it was first signed. My tattooist, Craig Riley from the Vic Market Tatts in Melbourne, and I decided it would be a fantastic idea to do a portrait of Nikki but we both agreed that it must be something from around the Shout era. After getting my Brides tatt done about 2 weeks previously, we decided just to go ahead and do a giant Nikki on my leg above an existing bass clef tattoo I had. I knew I HAD to meet Nikki when he was out with Brides and get him to sign it. So I waited for what seemed like forever, out the back of The Prince of Wales and when I finally did get to meet Nikki I was over the moon that he loved the tatt. It was still a bit fresh at that time but it’s all healed nicely now and even been re-inked a bit. After 6 hours of ink work all up, I couldn’t be happier with a constant reminder of my inspiration on my leg! view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>
Johnny G CA, USA
Johnny says, "I got this tattoo on June 13, 2004 which happens to be the 17th anniversary date of the release of Girls Girls Girls. I began being a Crüe fan at 17 - now the tattoo is a flaming pentagram in honour of Mötley Crüe. The date signifies a major turning point in my life, so to me the tattoo sums up the 80's in one single statement." In May 2005 Johnny sent in a pic of his new tatt "with the 'self-inflicted look' the true Crüe symbol with a motto for life. I think it says it all." As April 2006 came around, Johnny sent in his newest addition of "the Dr. Feelgood Skulls on my rib cage. The idea actually came from a dream, and it hurt like hell." In October 2006, Johnny sent in a photo of his Carnival Of Sins merchandise design, inked after he won a trip to see the band play at the Hard Rock in New York. At Christmas 2007, Johnny sent in the next addition saying, "I was in Las Vegas and figured since I was there I might as well get tattooed at Vince Neil's Tattoo shop. So I got tattooed by Jeremy who does work on Vince. It was a great experience to say the least."While in Las Vegas for CrueFest, Johnny had Jeromy at Vince Neil Ink draw up something that was different and raw as opposed to an existing logo, so he had image 6 inked on his leg. When the Saints of Los Angeles album was released in 2008, Johnny wanted to get the cover art tattooed on him. He says, "Two options were a 20" full back real detailed (7hrs under the needle) version or the modified for size version, which is the size I wanted and got done." Johnny's eighth image below was inked at Vince Neil Ink when he went to Las Vegas for the Crüe SOLA show. "It's on my right upper leg. No other inspiration other than I loved the photo when it came out and I knew I would get that tattooed one day." In June 2009 Johnny sent through his tattoo by Jeremy, this time a Mick Mars top hat tribute. The tenth image shows two new additions Johnny got inked in Vegas when seeing Crüe Fest 2 - a version of the Dr. Feelgood logo and Vince's signature after he signed his leg. Johnny says he has wanted to get a Tommy Lee tribute tattoo over the years, so in 2009 he got a miniature modified version of his famous tribal back piece, as shown in the eleventh image. The next image shows an evil interpretation of the Theatre of Pain masks by Jeremy at VNI. In Aug 2010, Johnny sent in the thirteenth pic of his fiancée Samantha and her first Crüe tatt on her lower middle back. He says, "She has been a fan forever, as well as the fact we were together rockin' out to Mötley back then and are together now, so the time finally came." In May 2011, Johnny said, "I cannot believe I got to meet my rock idol Nikki Sixx: I went to his book signing for This is Gonna Hurt. I told him how he has inspired me throughout my life. I showed him my Sixx portrait tattoo, which he said he loved and I asked him if he would sign me. He said yes and he did - was the best day ever!" view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4 / view ink 5 / view ink 6 / view ink 7 / view ink 8 / view ink 9 / view ink 10 / view ink 11 / view ink 12 / view ink 13  / view ink 14  >>
Annika Sweden
Annika sent in this picture of her. You can see SIXX tattooed on her left forearm. She then sent in pictures of her other Crüetattoos including the Theatre Of Pain masks, the New Tattoo dragon, the same angel as Nikki has, and her Girls tatt on her forearm. Picture 6 was sent in on Halloween 2008 and shows a Generation Swine pig design. view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4  / view ink 5  / view ink 6  >>
Gareth Ratahi New Zealand
Gareth shows us his Theatre Of Pain tattoo, dedicated to his favourite band of all time - MötleyCrüe. This tattoo was scribed on his upper right arm at the Stoned Crow tattoo shop in Dubbo, Australia back in 1992. Gareth says, "Still the best tattooist I've been to yet and his line work is awesome. The other tats were all composed by the boys from Illustrated Man in Sydney." view ink  >>
Danni Reeves VIC, Australia
When the Brides Of Destruction toured Australia in August 2004, Danni didn't miss her chance to meet Nikki Sixx. She had this to say about her new ink, "I was hoping to get Nikki to sign just above my ankle to get just his autograph tattooed and I was lucky enough to meet him upon his arrival in Australia and managed to get that done, but then I decided that I wanted to pay more of a tribute to the man that I have looked up to since the age of 13. It only took me 20 years to meet the man! I decided on the caricature from the Greatest Hits CD/DVD cover because I just think it's a great portrait of Nikki. I had the tattoo done at Splash of Colour, in Ascot Vale by Rick Almond (who was FANTASTIC) and it took nearly 3 hours in one sitting (didn't hurt a bit!). I was lucky enough to show it to Nikki the night I got the tattoo done and he loved it, so I was doubly-stoked! I'm glad I'll have a reminder of that long awaited day for the rest of my life." view ink >>
Eddie Brockman NC, USA
Eddie posted in a photograph of his back job in progress during August 2004. He says, "It's not finished yet, should be before the new tour starts. I'm going to have Shout At The Devil put below the pentagram and have it flamed out. Still a long way to go and a lot of pain left." You can also see Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx inked on his left arm. view ink  >>
Dave Leckie London, England
'Mötley Dave' sent in these shots saying, "I have been into the Crüe right from the start since I bought the first album Too Fast For Love. This tattoo is my latest one and I recently met Nikki Sixx at the Brides concert in London and got my back tattoo signed (but not before this picture was taken). I also have a Taz tattoo signed by Tommy Lee." view ink 1 / view ink 2   >>
Kent Inge Storengen Norway
Kent says he has been into tattoos ever since he saw Nikki being interviewed in the band’s Uncensored video whilst getting a tatt. He now thanks them for the influence as he lives his life as a tattoo and piercing artist. The first picture shows his New Tattoo album cover inked on his forearm by his mentor and teacher, of which the tatt gun symbolises his job, the dragon represents his interest in fantasy books and magic - and not to forget, “my 19 years of being a Crüehead and my eternal love for this band and everything they stand for is of course represented by the fact that I picked one of their album covers to be tattooed.” Kent has also started a project on his left leg, consisting of a portrait of each of the original Crüe members pieced together as a collage. “My biggest wish is to one day get all of the portraits signed so I can get the autographs inked into my skin as well.” The second picture shows his portrait of Tommy Lee. Then in April 23006, Kent said, "These are my new additions to my collection. The portraits on the leg I have done myself and it is still 'under construction' as more is getting added later on. The Dr. Feelgood and the Sixx portrait are both done by Johnny at Romerike tattoo studio in Jessheim, Norway. The Feelgood tatt was done the day before I saw the Crüe for the first time in my life, and is thus an extremely good memory from an insane show!"  view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4 / view ink 5   >>
Fred Paris, France
"I am Fred, a 29 years old French Crüe fan. I live in Paris and have been listening and venerating Crüe (particularly Nikki) since I am a teenager. Thank you for your web site, it is the best resource about the Crüe I have ever seen on the web, great work! I have learned tons of tricks on them... thanks to you. If you think my tattoo could be put online on your site, I send you a picture of it. I choose this symbol because a Crüe fan can recognize it instantaneously among 1000 others. Long life to Chronological Crue." Right on Fred. view ink  >>
Steve-O FL, USA
MTV's own Jackass Steve-O hit my home town of Melbourne Australia on his Don't Try This At Home Tour during April 2004, giving us the chance to finally meet after he first contacted me two years earlier upon discovering this website. Steve-O is a Crüehead; he cranked a few Mötley songs to the 3000-odd in attendance during his stage show (and does so every gig), and you can check out the old pics of him with Nikki and Tommy on his own website. The first tattoo picture linked below shows his huge self-portrait back-job with a two dot umlaut tribute in his name. (I took this photo backstage, right after he came off stage - see the glass stuck in his back!) The second picture shows his Shout At The Devil pentagram tribute on his inside left wrist. Steve-O said the dots next to it were also part of the Mötley tribute and when I asked why there were three dots instead of two he said, "I'm extra evil." (I also asked what the scar right next to it was from and he said during a flight an air hostess told him to put his cigarette out.) The third shot is of us before his show. Right on dude!  view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3   >>
Sarahi Mexico City, Mexico
Sarahi from Mexico City sent in these pictures after her recent encounter with Vince Neil. The first shot shows her New Tattoo dragon on her shoulder blade. A closer look will reveal the word Sixx tattooed, as well as the band's name in the Dr. Feelgood logo style. Vince has signed the design in red ink to the top-left, and you can see his signature inked in the second picture. The last image shows Sarahi with Vince. view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3  >>
Mars Cofån Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mars sent this Dr. Feelgood tattoo in during April 2004 and said, "I wanna share my tattoo with Mötley fans from all the world. I'm a graphic and web designer, and musician. I used to be play guitar in a band called Alcoholica and Street from Buenos Aires Rock." view ink  >>
Tommy Foldrup Denmark
DJ Tommy Lee (no shit!) interviewed Chronological Crue’s Paul Miles back in 2002 for a Mötley special on his rock radio show in Denmark, Europe. There was no denying the dedication of this Crüehead and it shows again when he travelled to Los Angeles to be present at The Brides Of Destruction’s album launch and first gig on March 9th 2004. Tommy had the band’s logo inked on his forearm forever before getting them to sign their names around it ready for the next inking as you can see in the second picture. The third image shows his back tattoo in progress; a shot of the Terror Twins - Nikki and Tommy - arm in arm during the Dr. Feelgood days. Photo number 4 shows caricature head shot tatts of the Brides from their debut album, while 5&6 show Tommy's sleeve now starting to fill out. view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4 / view ink 5 / view ink 6 >>
John Filippelli AZ, USA
John has been a Mötley fan from the moment he saw them way back on the Shout at the Devil tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City, seeing them over a dozen times since. Early in 2004 he sent in this shot of his 'Crüe Arms' as they've come to be known. He says, "On my left forearm I have the Dr. Feelgood logo and on my right forearm I have the New Tattoo logo. I had Feelgood done in 1997 and New Tattoo in 2001. Both tattoos were done by Dan Thomas at the Enchanted Dragon Tattoo here in Sierra Vista, Arizona after I relocated from Brooklyn, New York about seven years ago." Dan completed a Greatest Hits caricature on John's leg in May 2004, as can be seen in the third image. In March 2010, John sent in his tattooed portrait of Nikki, freshly inked by Cameron at Brother's Ink in Sierra Vista, The signature underneath was taken from his copy of The Dirt that Sixx signed at the Crüe show in Tuscon back in 2005. view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4 >>
Brendon New Zealand
The first Mötley tatt from a Kiwi cam in March 2004. He says, "I got my first Crüe tatt about 7 weeks ago, my first tattoo overall actually. It's of Nikki Sixx's bat and moon with the MötleyCrüe wording below.  I got it because I've been a big fan since I was only 8 yrs old (I'm now 26) and will always stay a fan, no matter what. It's not the biggest size pic because I took it with my pxt phone but it will do for now. I'm going in this week to get the Theatre masks done, so when that's all healed up, I'll take one of that and send it in." view ink  >>
Dan Jannson Sweden
Dan has sent in his Mötley tribute tattoo, consisting of a Vince Neil replica snake and music note design, and the name of his favourite band in the same style and place as the band members have it inked. It was inked by Robert J (aka Rob Nasty of the band Loud 'N' Nasty) in about half an hour at his studio Mr Crue Tattoo. view ink >>
Junita Getchell NV, USA
Here's a Theatre Of Pain drama masks tattoo. "I finally got my first Crüe tattoo on Aug 2nd 2003. It came out excellent. I wanted it done perfect. I have met Vince and Tommy a few times and they loved it too. Nikki also saw it a couple of times in 2003 and thought it was great." view ink 1  / view ink 2 >>
Rick Davies VIC, Australia
The life of Melbourne fan Rick Davies has been heavily inspired by Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx in particular. Over many years now, he has collected various Crüe tattoos on his body, inked by a variety of artists. Rick is a also a tattoo artist and fronts his own rock band. Apart from the obvious 'Mötley' across his chest in Old English lettering like Tommy Lee's 'Mayhem' tattoo, see if you can spot these other Crüe-related tatts on him: a) Nikki replica moon and bat, b) Theatre Of Pain masks as skulls, c) Crüe bandana on a skull, d) Vince replica naked Girls, e) Nikki replica samurai, f) Vince replica snake wrapped around music note, g) Nikki replica cupid baby. view ink 1  / view ink 2  / view ink 3  >>
Mario Jonjic Olofström, Sweden
Mario sent in his new Dr. Feelgood tattoo, inked mid 2003 at Black Magic Tattoo studio in his home town of Karlshamn, Sweden. He says it was his way of becoming a hardcore Mötley fan and showing them his homage. He also has a set of aces tattooed on his arm, as a tribute to the poker card design on Nikki Sixx's arm. view ink 1  / view ink 2  >>
Rik Ferguson Bedford, England
This version of the cover art of the New Tattoo CD was inked in July of 2003 at Julie's Tattoos in Bedford, UK by Julie herself. The design is on Rik's lower back, is about five inches from top to bottom and incredibly detailed. It is Rik's third tattoo and whilst it is the first Mötley themed one, he says it is probably not the last. view ink >>
Donny Swanstrom WA, USA
Donny has a range of Crüe tatts inked by a freelance artist in his Seattle neighbourhood. He has a copy of the band’s Mötley Crüe tattoo at the top of his left arm, this one based on Tommy’s. A replica of Randy Castillo’s large lightning bolt sits underneath it, all the way down to the flaming skull from The Scream’s debut album Let It Scream, the album that brought John Corabi to Nikki’s attention. You’ll see in the second picture that Donny has a star inked that is very similar to the ones on Tommy Lee’s hands. Old English style Mayhem sits across the back of his neck and for his last Mötley tatt, Donny is planning on having the New Tattoo dragon inked on his lower right arm. view ink 1  / view ink 2  / view ink 3  >>
Manuel Velasco Monterrey, Mexico
Manuel says, "The logo of Decade of Decadence is my favourite one, and I got tattooed it in my arm at Ritual here in Monterrey, Mexico, and it lasted about two hours. I think Mötley was at their primetime in the DOD album, since Primal Scream and Angela are kick-ass songs. This is a little tribute to that album and of course to the coolest band that ever walked the earth." view ink >>
Jay Getchell NV, USA
Jay sports the devil head from the New Tattoo CD on his right arm, with the Theatre Of Pain masks below it. In Feb '03 he got Nikki and Vince to sign it, before having their signatures inked. Nikki Sixx's motorcycle at the Hard Rock Hotel in his home town Las Vegas has a series of skulls painted on the gas tank. Jay took a picture of them and had them tattooed all around his left arm, as shown in the fourth picture below. Nikki thought it was very cool when he showed him. Jay then had the Dr.Feelgood skull tattooed (#5) before showing Nikki in Las Vegas during Aug 03, as seen in the last image.  view ink 1  / view ink 2  / view ink 3  / view ink 4 / view ink 5  / view ink 6    >>
Adam Hodges NSW, Australia
Adam is a big Tommy Lee fan and one of his favourite tunes is Misunderstood, from the Crüe's self titled album from 1994. In fact, he likes it so much and it means so much to him that he had it tattooed around his waist in 2002. It took three hours in the chair for its thirteen letters. view ink >>
Angi Clark OH, USA
Angi is the founder and coordinator of the Northshore Crüefest and sports this Theatre Of Pain tattoo as a lifelong dedication to her event. Keep an eye on the DATES section for all the details on this event every August. view ink  >>
Michael Carder OH, USA
Michael says, "Late in September 2002, I had the rare chance to hang with the legendary Vince Neil at a strip club in Las Vegas called Jaguars. A friend with me asked if I would be willing to get Vince's autograph tattooed on my arm, and I of course said that I would. She said, I dare you to ask Vince to sign your arm and I will pay to have the work done. I spoke with Vince and he loved the idea. He took his time and signed my arm." Michael then got his ink at the Las Vegas tattoo parlor aptly called Wild Side Tats! The first picture below was taken about an hour after it was done. Michael also says, "I was then even more fortunate to meet with Vince again at a Las Vegas event called Martini's with the Mayor. I showed him the tat and he said, "That's f@ckin' awesome!" view ink 1 / view ink 2   >>
Rick Horvath NV, USA
In early Nov '02, Rick sent in this picture of his Theatre Of Pain-style Mötley Crüe logo. He said, "I got this done yesterday here in Las Vegas where I live, at a place called Diversity Tattoo. It took about 45 minutes to an hour." Look how bright his red is! Rick then managed to have Vince and Nikki sign his arm in Feb '03 before getting their signatures tattooed on him for life (see #3). You can also see a falling star tatt on his arm which is a replica of the one that John Corabi has on his neck. John got quite a kick out of seeing it when Ratt came to town and they compared similarities. Rick then managed to have Tommy Lee sign his arm (#5) before getting it inked. The last two shots show Rick in the tattoo studio chair and the finished, healed work. view ink 1  / view ink 2  / view ink 3  / view ink 4  / view ink 5  / view ink 6  / view ink 7   >>
Tina FL, USA
Tina from Orlando had this Dr. Feelgood logo tattooed across her lower back on June 30, 2001 by John at Unity in around 45 minutes. She originally tried to come up her own design but wasn't happy with it, so she decided this band logo was what she loved the most. view ink  >>
Mattias Karlsson Sweden
Mattias lives in the north of Sweden and has been addicted to the Crüe since 1984. He sent in this picture of his New Tattoo cover dragon in September 2002 and said, "It's one and a half years old. Made by a friend of me. Located on the inside of my left upper arm. And yeah, it hurt! It's my seventh tattoo, the first one was made twelve years ago." view ink  >>
Jesse NH, USA
The first of Jesse's Crüe tatts was inked in 1994 on his inside left forearm by Al in Seabrook, NH. It is the same dragon and music note (with minor color changes) that Nikki got on his forearm back in '83. The second is a tattoo of Allister Fiend from the Shout At The Devil-era which Jesse redrew and added hot rod flames around. This design was inked on his left upper arm by Michelle in Seabrook, NH back in 2000. view ink 1 / view ink 2   >>
Roger Habel Jr. St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Here's a tattoo of Tommy Lee's signature from May '02. Roger says, "We hung out in Toronto. He signed my arm and I got it inked! (Kiss and Crüe are my favorite bands. You can see Gene Simmons' name tattooed right under Tommy's!) Tommy's my favorite drummer. He's the reason that I started playing drums! Now it's for life!" In Dec '03 Roger attended a Sanctuary Records Christmas party where Nikki Sixx signed his arm for tattooing. Then in Oct '04, Roger sent in a third picture showing his Vince Neil signature tattoo that he got after meeting Vince in Buffalo on Aug 12. view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3  >>
Stormy Deal CA, USA
This tattoo is a tribute to her father, Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars. It was inked on her right forearm in 1999. Read more about the meaning behind this tattoo in this interview with Stormy, The Real Deal. view ink  >>
Brent Claudin Washington, IL
No prize for guessing who Brent's favourite Mötley Crüe band member is! Brent says, "I've been a monster fan since '82. He is my ultimate hero." Take a look to see who he refers to. Kris Swearingen has inked all 35 of his tats with this one taking about 9 hours to complete. The second pic shows Brent's leg tattoo of the Swine pig with Tommy Lee's autograph inked below. view ink 1 / view ink 2   >>
Matt Cortazar Scranton, PA
Matt sent in this tattoo picture of the cover of the Without You single which is a variation of the Dr. Feelgood album cover. It was inked in 8 hours, over two even sessions for both outline and colour, by Louis McHale at Mystical Tattoo in Dunmore, PA. view ink  >>
Lorrie Macha Pensacola, FL
Check out this Crüehead's tatt. Lorrie says, "I started listening to the Crüe when I was 14, and I'm now 33. I got my tattoo, after much begging, for my birthday in 2001. It's on my thigh and covers a good bit of my upper leg. I absolutely love the colours and am really happy with the whole tat! And I just love explaining to people where I got the picture from, the New Tattoo album cover rocks, and so do the tunes! I'll use any excuse I can to tell everyone about the Crüe!"  view ink  >>
Paul Miles VIC, Australia
Well it's been a long time coming but I've finally got myself a Mötley Crüe tattoo, to go with this website. To fit with the rest of the traditional Japanese work on my left sleeve, I had this scroll drawn up and inked on the inside of my arm pit - that's right, close to my heart but all dirty and sweaty! The first pic shows the stencil, while the second shows it outlined. The last two pictures show the finished work all coloured. It was inked by André Cleary at Highline Tattoo in St. Kilda, Melbourne. view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4  >>
Magnus Eidem Oslo, Norway
Here's an awesome tattoo around the right ankle of a young fan from Norway, submitted in Jan 2002. Magnus says, "I'm 22 years old and have been a Crüehead since I was 7; that would be 15 years now - wow. Last time they played up here, about 12 years ago, I was too young to go so they better show up soon; I need that. I need that very, very much. In February 2001 I became the proud owner of this Mötley tattoo. I love it, it's my pride." It was inked at Kunst Med Puls, or in English - Art With Pulse.  view ink  >>
Rob Thompson Kansas City MO, USA
Rob has submitted some captures of his two Mötley tattoos. The first is the Dr. Feelgood album cover he got inked on his left arm at Tiger Jimmy's Tattoo Parlor in San Diego during 1990, while in the Navy. The second is a tribute to Vince Neil. Rob says, "When we heard he had lost his precious daughter to cancer, my wife and I were heartbroken. Then in 1999 we found out we were having a baby girl, so we named her Skylar, after Vince's Daughter. We also named our first daughter Nikki for obvious reasons. We are both HUGE fans of the Crüe and can't wait till they come back to KC, (hopefully with all of the original members), for a concert." view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>
Ezra 'Loser' Stevens Cape Vincent, NY, USA
Ezra has been a Crüehead since age 16 and attended his first Mötley show in Canadagua, New York on the Maximum Rock Tour 2000. This Dr. Feelgood emblem was inked on his right arm in October 2001 by April 'Ink' at The Ultimate Addiction in Watertown, New York. Ezra then had April ink the Nikki Sixx face from the Greatest Hits album cover on 8th March 2002, as seen in the second picture. In September 2005, Ezra sent in some more pics, as shown in the third picture, saying, "I'm not nearly done, the star filler that is on my right arm (with all the Crüe ink) needs to be finished and so does my Jack Daniel's label. On the New Tattoo dragon you can't really notice it but some of the ink didn't stay even though i had the color done two different times! I got Allister Fiend done on my elbow and gotta say that's some painful shit! I also have all 4 band members in an armband style instead of the way it was printed on the Greatest Hits album. As for the Theater of Pain tatt, it's not the one from the album, and I didn't get the pentagram but it gets the point across!"  view ink 1 / view ink 2  / view ink 3  >>
Nik Katsaros WA, Australia
Here's a Theatre Of Pain drama mask tattoo on the right shoulder blade of Nik Katsaros. It was inked by Chook (Lords of Skins) at Tattoo Nation in Wanneroo in 1999. Nik says he wanted to do something just a little different with the faces, so instead of putting the pentagram on it he changed it to a skull. He also had a little more colour added to make it stand out, so everyone who sees it are attracted and notice Crüe written in it as well. Nik believes that's his way of advertising the best band out there. view ink  >>
Corey Gilkerson Omaha, NE, USA
This excellent Dr. Feelgood dagger was Corey's first tattoo and was inked on his right arm in four hours at American Tattoo in Omaha. He then went back later and had the Mötley Crüe logo tattooed above it. Corey says it measures 6" wide by 8" long. view ink  >>
Craig Bell QLD, Australia
Craig has sent in these pictures of his two Crüe tattoos. The first is a black solid Mötley Crüe logo off the Theatre Of Pain album, inked in mid '99. The second is the black outline of the dagger design from the Dr. Feelgood cover tattooed in Mar '01 and is soon to be shaded for completion. Both pieces were inked by Joe at Wild At Heart Tattoos in the city of Brisbane. Craig also says, "One good thing about being a DJ is I can play The Crüe at shows and spread the music around to people who haven't heard them or were never interested or whatever." view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>
Allister Fiend USA
Here's a contribution from someone calling themselves Allister Fiend and he says, "I got this Allister Fiend tattoo in '91. I got it autographed in '97 at one of their press conferences." Check out this Allister montage on his left shoulder blade. view ink  >>
Jeffrey Duer AZ, USA
Jeff (theatrekid) has been a Crüehead since the age of 7, back in about '83. In 1999 he decided to get his first tattoo, in the middle of his upper back, and he says, "Of course it was going to be the Theatre mask as that was the first show I saw as a Crüehead. The work was done by my great bud Rick Godsey at Club Tattoo in Tempe, Arizona. I haven't got it colored yet... just being lazy, but proud to have it!" view ink  >>
Nikki Derbyshire Denmark
Here's a couple of tattoos from a Danish Crüehead. The fan had this to say: I met the Crüe in '97 at The Rock Walk in L.A. where they handed out the pic of the cover to Gen. Swine + the Swine drawing when they put their hands in cement. Five days later before flying back to Denmark, I had Tom Tilder at >>Tattoo Mania<< on Sunset Strip tattoo it on my right upper arm. He asked me, "You don't want the band's name on there, right?" My reply, "Hell yeah I do... That's why I want it... It's all Rock N Roll". To this day it's still my favorite of my tattoos (well, it was my first)... Working on getting my left leg (from knee down) and left arm turned into some Crüe stuff."
Nikki also says the second image shows a tattoo on his back which "is a kinda 'rip-off' of the one T-Bone has on his left upper arm. I don't know what his tattoo says, so I changed my sign to Dragon, the year I was born. It was made here in Denmark in the spring of '98 by a guy named Kyck at his studio."
view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>
Here's a great tattoo of the oriental lion from Mötley's New Tattoo CD packaging. It was inked by Lara at Kryptonite Tattoo in Wharton, New Jersey. This picture was submitted to the official Mötley Crüe web site scrapbook. view ink  >>
The Reverend Virginia Beach, VA, USA
This Greatest Hits cover caricature of Nikki Sixx is inked on the right outside leg of Ordained lead vocalist The Reverend. It earned a 2nd Best Black & White Tattoo award at the 1999 Hampton Roads Harley Davidson Tattoo Competition. The Reverend says, "I met The Crüe after the New Tattoo tour here last year and Nikki signed underneath it, which has now been inked in as well. I had it done by my bud Jerry Thomas at Toucan Tattoo in Gloucester Point, VA right outside of Yorktown. He has the picture of Nikki signing my leg hanging up in his tattoo parlor."  view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>
William "Viggy" Vignola CA, USA
Tommy Lee's tech shows us his Methods Of Mayhem logo tattoo on his right forearm. Tommy posted this to his official M.O.M. web site. view ink  >>
Tim Meyer Faribault, MN, USA
Here's a cool series of pics of Tim's brand new tattoo adorning his right arm. It was inked on the 11th September 2000 at Cactus Tattoo in Mankato, Minnesota by Josh Jones. It shows Crüe mascot Allister Fiend behind the wheel of a menacing rod, as well as the Mötley Crüe logo written in the Theatre Of Pain style from 1985. The first pic shows the outline being inked over the stencil, while the second shows the completed outline. The finished work is seen is the third picture. Then in October 2006, Tim sent in pics 4 and 5 showing his new Allister tattoo and the band members' signatures on his arms. view ink 1 / view ink 2 / view ink 3 / view ink 4 / view ink 5  >>
Travis Delperdang Sioux City, Iowa, USA
This is a Dr. Feelgood emblem inked on the back of Travis Delperdang. The work took about five hours in two sittings by Britt Zajecka of Sioux City, Iowa. Travis plans on including the Dr. Feelgood logo skulls on either side on his shoulders in the future. view ink  >>
Marshall Cobb Seymour, Indiana, USA
Marshall Cobb sent in a pic of his New Tattoo logo inked by Mike Taylor in Seymour, Indiana. This shot was taken two days after Marshall got the album cover logo on his left lower leg. Marshall then had the Dr. Feelgood album cover added to his right leg for his 30th Birthday a short while after, also inked by Mike Taylor at Taylor Made Tattoos. When it comes to the Crüe, Marshall walks the walk.  view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>

Here's some more Mötley ink from Marshall, sent in after getting all the black work done on his new Crüe Girl. It's ready to be coloured in June '01.  view ink 3 >>

Marshall sent in some more photos in April 2003 of his new Nikki Sixx portrait. The first pic below shows the original JVC ad with the tatt alongside. The second shows the position of the tattoo on his upper left leg. (Which Mötley member has a similar scorpion tattoo on their hand?) view ink 4 / view ink 5  >>

Steve Fasone Ambridge, Pennsylvania, USA
This Dr. Feelgood emblem was Steve's first tattoo, which he got in December 1995, four days before his 18th Birthday. It was inked by Rich Ayres, who ran Personal Touch Tattoo in Ambridge, PA, USA. Steve also shows us a picture of his brand New Tattoo that he got on July 11th 2000. Although Steve felt his artist rushed the work in adding this logo to the outside of his right calf in one hour, he says he loves it and it's not the last! Steve wishes there was more detail as per the original logo, like the tongue, scales, nose ring, flames on the gun, and skulls on the gun, but his artist said some of the parts were too difficult and would fade out. view ink 1 / view ink 2  >>
Tracy McCartney West Plains, Missouri, USA
Here's a fresh New Tattoo for West Plains, Missouri based Editor of Kickers Magazine Tracy McCartney. She had this inked in the centre of her lower back, right above her tailbone, just days after the new album cover design was displayed online for the first time, and before the album's release. view ink  >>
Jason Yoder Japan
Jason sent in this picture of his Allister Fiend tattoo from his US Air Force station in Japan, so all his buddies back home in the States can see it. An Air Force ‘ammo’ mate, Les Craig at Unique Body Art, inked the tattoo. The finished piece took about 2 hours to complete and is very detailed. Jason says this picture doesn’t really do the detail justice, and has promised more pics in the future. view ink  >>
Ben Allendale, Michigan USA
Ben's unique Crüe tattoo features a lyrical quote from the song Primal Scream that was released in 1991. The tatt also has his year of birth behind it. view ink  >>
C.C. Brandywine, Maryland, USA
This Theatre Of Pain album cover tattoo inked in May '99 at the Eternal Buzz Tattoo Shop, by Buzzy himself. view ink  >>
Alex Berthod Lausanne, Switzerland
Inspired by Tommy Lee's koi tattoo, Alex had this piece inked by Eric Blair on a trip to Sunset Strip Tattoo in Los Angeles in 1997. The renowned artist Filip Leu then tattooed the words Mötley Crüe underneath it back home in Lausanne, Switzerland. Years later, Alex had it turned into a large back piece, with much of the work done by Crüe tattooist Greg James. Check out the final work in the second image. view ink 1 | view ink 2  >>
Bobby Torrens Toronto, Canada
Bobby got to meet Vince Neil backstage on the Live Swine Listening Party tour. Here he is showing his Theatre Of Pain inspired tatt to the camera, as he chats with the Crüe's Vince Neil. view ink  >>
Ray Lorang Luxembourg
Ray is a huge fan of John Corabi and the 1994 Crüe line up. The first picture shows his self-titled Mötley logo on his chest. In 2008 Ray submitted the second picture of the New Tattoo album cover design that he had inked six years ago. A year ago he got the Without You tattoo design on his back with a few changes: the angels are slightly bigger, the banner text is the name of his four-year-old boy Billy Ray, and he changed the R under the skull on the dagger to a T for his old English bulldog named T. He says, "The whole picture is the symbol
for my love." view ink 1  / view ink 2  
/ view ink 3  >>
Jeff Liesenfelder Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Jeff had the Generation Swine pig icon inked forever on his left upper arm. You will see he also has barbed wire similar to Vince Neil's underneath his pig. view ink  >>
Dave 'Crüefiend' USA
Dave certainly is a big Mötley fan. Here are some pictures he sent in to show us his Mötley tatts. They include two separate inkings of Crüe mascot - Allister Fiend, along with the Swine pig. view ink 1  / view ink 2  / view ink 3  >>
'Wildchild' Germany
Here's some art on the left arm of long time Nikki Sixx adorer Wildchild. It shows a moon with bat similar to that of Nikki's, with the words Mötley Crüe underneath in the same style as the original members had inked way back in the beginning. This 'Swine-Babe' is from Germany. view ink  >>

Thinking of inking? Consider getting some skin art from the artists that have inked the Crüe - Sunset Strip Tattoo.

...and who could forget Casey, the girl who showed Tommy Lee her Theatre Of Pain album cover tattoo in the band's Uncensored video. Let me know if you're out there Casey!

Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

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