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"Stumbled here to paint you on my arm"
Mötley Crüe - New Tattoo - 2000

Josh Coburn from Iowa, USA has adorned his body with an amazing tribute to his favourite band Mötley Crüe. Inked by Darren McKeag at Slingin' Ink Tattoo in Montezuma, Iowa USA the work incorporates many icons and images spanning Mötley's colourful history. Follow the page down to see progressive pictures of his New Tattoos of Mötley Crüe being pushed into his skin for life.


Josh made the decision to have a full sleeve of Mötley tattoos, no doubt inspired by the sleeve work of Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee. The new inkings follow on down his right arm under his previous Theatre Of Pain tattoo. Upon close inspection, you can see outlines of:
  • Generation Swine pig icon from 1997 on the inside of his bicep (centre pic top)
  • Greatest Hits album cover caricatures from 1998 (right pic top)
  • Shout At The Devil pentagram from the cover of the 1983 album on his elbow (left pic middle)
  • Skull and cross bones from the Dr. Feelgood logo in 1989 (right pic middle)
  • The face of band mascot Allister Fiend from the Dr. Feelgood tour book 1989/90 (right pic low)
This finished piece is on Josh's inside right forearm. It's a mind blowing 1997 Generation Swine-era portrait of Nikki Sixx with his bass guitar. Nikki would wear that long orange coat as he sang Find Myself to kick off concerts on the Mötley Crüe Vs. The Earth tour in support of that album. You can also see Nikki's kanji tattoo on his chest accurately replicated.
Now you can see the finished face of Allister Fiend with the green tiles from the 1989 Dr. Feelgood album cover used as fill for the sleeve. The skull and crossbones has also been shaded now. Be aware that grey ink often looks brown until it has healed.
The green tile fill now also rounds off Josh's shoulder and provides the background for the 1998 Greatest Hits album cover caricatures, which is next to be completed. Note that the tragedy mask now has the pentagram on its forehead, as per the Theatre Of Pain album cover.
More green tile ink completes the sleeve wallpaper now extending down behind the Nikki Sixx portrait on Josh's inside forearm.
Here's a good shot of the Generation Swine pig icon on the right inside bicep, which is still to be shaded for completion.
Now you can see a closer image of the Generation Swine pig icon from 1997 on the right inside bicep, which has just been shaded with colour. Remember that the brown will turn to grey once healed.
Here's a shot of Darren McKeag pushing the ink into Josh's New Tattoo album cover logo on his right chest. This session was filmed by VH1 for use in their TV show called Fanclub. You can see their camera set up in the top left corner.
Josh's sleeve is now complete. Here's a pic of his shaded Greatest Hits caricatures which was taken at the end of that inking session.
Josh was originally planning to have the cover of Generation Swine inked on his right chest but decided on 2000's New Tattoo cover instead, feeling it will better suit the traditional style Japanese bars forming the background. You can see how the bars are blended into the green tiles around his shoulder.


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