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"Stumbled here to paint you on my arm"
Mötley Crüe - New Tattoo - 2000

Brent Claudin from Washington, Illinois USA has inked his body with an amazing tribute to his favourite Mötley Crüe member - Tommy Lee. Early in November of 2004, Brent sent in this collection of images that show off his recent T-Bone tattoo work. This is what he said:

"Hey Paul, it's Brent here - I sent you some tattoo pics a while ago. I'm the lucky guy that won the VH1 Rock The House contest two years ago with Tommy Lee. Anyway, I check out your site about everyday. I have sent you some more pics for Chronological Crue that are are all either inspired by Tommy, like Tommy's own, or very similar to his ink. I definitely show who my favourite is! I'm just glad that he takes it as a compliment and not a crazy fan - he's seen most all of them. I guess I'm a true fanatic!

"I still talk to Tommy about once a week. We've turned out a good friendship. Me and the wife and kids even went to his house last year. We had an awesome time and even got to play with his boys and meet Mayté! He's definitely an awesome guy. I hope things are going great for you. Keep up the awesome work on the website!"

Well Brent, things are great here at Chronological Crue and I think it's about time you had your own page on this website to display your lifelong dedication.


Brent has Tommy's tribal back piece replicated on his own back.

The black and red stars that have adorned Tommy's hands over the last few years are inked on Brent's elbows.

Here you can see a skull in a top hat tattoo, replicating the one Tommy got on his arm in the late 80's.
Tommy has a large cheetah on his arm and here you can see Brett has a smaller one on his arm as well.

To its left, you can see a tattoo of the piercing jewelry that Tommy gave Brent out of his own nipple.

Brent has a print of his wife's lips tattooed on his wrist. Tommy has Mayté's lip print tattooed on the left side of his neck.
Look closely at this darker pic and you'll see the lotus and ohm symbol from Tommy's lower abdomen is inked here on Brent's arm.
Here's a replica of one of Tommy's first tattos, the dragon claw with crystal ball. Brent has his wife's name tattooed in Japanese on the ball.
The Mötley Crüe logo from the Dr. Feelgood is inked on the top of Brent's right arm. (You can also see a Metallica caricature.)
Brent even has replica rings tattooed on his fingers, including his wife's name as a wedding band as Tommy and Pamela did with each other.
Inside the booklet of Tommy Lee's Methods Of Mayhem CD you can see this cartoon caricature sketch of Tommy with a hand grenade.
Above the Theater of Pain faces is the name Mötley Crüe in the same style as the original band members got tattooed back in the day.

The dates you can see inked mark the day Tommy visited his house with VH1 and then the day he visited Tommy's Malibu home.

Tommy has a large koi fish tattooed on his sleeve and Brent has this one as a tip of the hat to it.
One of Tommy's most recognizable tattoos is the Mayhem on his stomach. Now it's also one of Brent's most recognizable as well.
Here you can see a replica of the Dr. Feelgood album cover flash art.
This Methods Of Mayhem design crowns Brent's left shoulder and covers up some older ink.
Tommy Lee's first tattoo was of this Mighty Mouse bursting through a snare drum. Now Brent has one too.
As the Crue appeared on the Billboard Awards in 2004, Brent sent in a pic of his latest work that he got the week before. "This should be it for a little while... starting to run out of room! Tommy's song Crash has been my all time favorite song since I heard it... and it's my favorite word (next to the "F" one!!) so I had it inked on my arm... only it's all backwards. If you look in a mirror you can read it correctly... just something different. Tommy likes it!"
Brent emailed another picture in January 2005, saying, "I've got another one for ya Paul - NADM on the inside of my lower lip. Man it was tender! I couldn't have Never A Dull Moment spelt out so I just abbreviated it! More to come, I just don't know when to stop!" Never A Dull Moment is the title of Tommy Lee's solo album from 2002.
More from Brent in May 2005, "Here's another for ya Paul, I don't think I'll ever stop with 'em. Tommy made sure I had some backstage passes for the show here in Peoria, Illinois so after the greatest show ever we hung out backstage and they all signed my back, then had them inked over that night. They are all such awesome guys. All I can say without ramblin' on for days is that it was a PERFECT night... more to come later!"


Got a Crüe tatt yourself, or have a friend with one?
Contact Chronological Crue to have your ink displayed to the world!!!!

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