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"Without you in my life I'd slowly wilt and die
But with you by my side you're the reason I'm alive"

Mötley Crüe - Without You - 1989

Mötley Crüe's video for Without You was filmed in the Galveston Opera House in Texas a decade ago and featured a beautiful jaguar - Czar - from a local animal shelter for exotic big cats named The Exotic Cat Refuge and Wildlife Orphanage.  The clip was later voted as 1989's #1 Most Requested Video. The star of the video Czar now needs YOUR help to save his life!

Monique, 'Nasty Habit' Emi & Tommy Lee with Czar in 1990Czar's master, lifelong friend, and constant companion Monique explains:

"Czar has a problem with his pancreatitis. Just like humans, he has to take enzymes to digest his food. He can't take beef it really tears him up and puts him in a lot pain. He has to have a high protein/low fat diet such as deer meat, etc. which is very expensive and hard to come by. 

Due to an old injury (3 yrs ago) he received in a fight with a 1000 pound lion, where the lion sunk his fangs into Czar's hip all the way to the bone leaving holes big enough to put your thumb in and with arthritis setting in, he's now having trouble walking. He is going down in his back legs and hip, so the vet has put him on steroids. I don't know for how long, it could be a lifetime thing and is very expensive, but it really helped him. By the second day on steroids, he could again hold up his body weight. There is nothing on the market for pain in big cats.

Tommy & Nikki, with Monique & Czar prior to their 10/11/97 concert in TexasThe Vet says he needs to have MRI, further testing, blood work, x-rays and scans which is also very expensive. There is a possibility of kidney problems or beginning of kidney failure that won't be known without more tests. This could be linked to the pancreatitis. With testing and medication, we are hoping to prolong his life another 15 to 20 years. 

I operate a non-profit Refuge for abused, tortured and starved exotic and endangered big cats and wildlife. Since Czar is a personal cat, it would be illegal for me to pull Refuge funds for him, even if the Refuge had the funds. What money comes to the Refuge is barely enough to feed and maintain the other 31 'big cats', bears and wildlife.

I am hoping that all the Crüeheads and fans will help us in raising funds needed to get the tests, medication and treatment to save Czar's life. If all the Crüeheads could send $5 or whatever they could, I could start the testing for Czar. I'm sure that if all the Crüeheads knew about Czar and banned together, we could get the help that he needs. On all appearances with Mötley Crüe, the Crüeheads were just crazy about Czar."

Czar sick on his waterbed June 2000. Any contributions for Czar's medical care can be sent to:

Exotic Cat Refuge and Wildlife Orphanage
HC 3 Box 96-A
Kirbyville, TX 75956

Please ensure you put on the bottom of the check: FOR CZAR THE JAGUAR.

All the best,
Monique and Czar the Jaguar
14th June 2000



I am going to make up flyers using the info and pics from this site... and I am going to hand them out at the Max Rock concert... there'll be so many people there, a lot of them Crüeheads... but I am certain a lot of them will also be animal lovers... I think it might help a bit. :-) Candi

I wanted to know if the boys themselves [Mötley] have made a donation. You would think that with all the money they have, they would help this poor animal. I have printed out the article from your site and given it to a woman I work with. She is going to send in a donation. Anyway, what about a donation collector at the concerts? If someone would stand at the entrances on the venues with a bucket with a picture of CZAR on it, I bet a lot of money could be collected. How would you go about arranging something like that though? Just a thought. I hope everyone sends a little something. Karen

On June 24th the members of the band that I am in & other musicians held a benefit concert for the Exotic Cat & Wildlife refuge. That is Czar's home.. We raised a small amount of money but not near the amount that is needed to feed the cats & help with Czar's medical needs........We need the help from anyone & everyone whether the donation is a dollar or one-hundred dollars. The heat here is ranging into the 100's & over this will not change until the winter months come & then our winter has been known to have temperatures in the 70's...There has to be a way that we can save these animals & show Monique that the term "Human Kindness" is a real thing .......Thanx for taking the time to read this & thanx for your site......Carolyn

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