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In June 1998, one time Mötley Crüe front man John Corabi took time out to provide Chronological Crue with an insight into his music career. Crab was kind enough to answer questions on his days with The Scream, Mötley Crüe, and his current band Union, and much more!

Chronological Crue traces the COMPLETE history of Mötley Crüe and its members, both past and present. Just as the site contains all the details on Vince Neil’s activities when he was out of the band, in the same vein, Chronological Crue continues to trace your activities John. Before we look at some of the exciting things happening with your new band UNION, let’s scroll back to the very beginning. You were born on the 26th April 1959 correct?

John Corabi: Yes.

CC: I believe you weren’t the first child born. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

JC: I was first, sister Anna 2nd, Janet 3rd, brothers Nicholas 4th and Todd 5th.

CC: In 1985 you moved to Los Angeles with your wife Val and after a few years you released an album on Hollywood Records called Let It Scream with your band The Scream. Do you have a favourite song on that album?

JC: Yes, Father Mother Son. I think its one of my best to date.

CC: Do you think the album will be re-issued one day? Many people are trying to track it down.

JC: Hollywood Records pulled it. I have no idea why. Just record company politics I guess.

[NOTE: This album was re-released on Spitfire Records on the 20th Anniversary of Mötley Crüe's first concert - 24/4/01. Get it here]

CC: We’ve all read and heard the story of how you came to become a member of Mötley Crüe. It took almost a year for the official press release announcing your position, while details were sorted out. Hollywood Records apparently settled on a solo album from you at some point, instead of the $1 million they were asking for your release. Where does that stand now? Are you still obliged to record a solo album for them?

JC: I don’t think so. They were disappointed in the Mötley Crüe sales so they haven’t asked for a solo album yet. But I’m sure if I started selling records... Record company politics again.

CC: Your Scream buds apparently changed their name to Stash and were looking to you to contribute backup vocals for their album in mid '93. Can you tell me what the outcome was there? Has that recording seen the light of day?

JC: They did record a great album for Hollywood. They shipped advance copies to press and radio, did a video for the first single, then were dropped about two weeks before the release date.

John in his Crue dazeCC: In March ’94 your debut vocal album with Mötley Crüe was released and hit #7 on the charts. How did you feel about that at the time?

JC: Incredible... Overwhelmed... Orgasmic!

CC: The original cover of that album showed Nikki Sixx in a Nazi uniform, which Elektra rejected and supposedly had the 500,000 copies already printed  burnt. Did you manage to save one for your collection or did all of them go up in smoke?

JC: Up in smoke.

CC: What was your Uncle Jack’s reaction to your song about him, and what is he up to these days?

JC: I don’t know. I hope he’s still being butt-f*cked in prison.

CC: Later in 1994, it seemed the Crüe were going to play Donington in England. With the demise of that festival, have you ever wished you had played Donington?

JC: Yes. I’ve heard so much about the European Festivals. I’m really disappointed that I haven’t had the opportunity to play any of them.

John CorabiCC: You did play in Japan with Mötley Crüe. Tell me a bit about that experience. How did the Japanese fans respond to you?

JC: The Japanese fans were amazing. I had one of the best times while there. All the shows were sold-out, including Budokan.

CC: On the 27th January 1997, Chronological Crue was launched online, and Vince was back on stage with Mötley Crüe at the American Music Awards. Can you recall what you were doing that day?

JC: Watching it on TV. I was asked to go but declined. I was happy for Mötley but I think they should have done a new song.

CC: Just as Vince Neil sued on his departure from the band, your business decision to sue the Crüe was obviously a decision that you thought long and hard about. I’m not going to enter into any debate here, but simply ask what many fans are wondering and hoping for. Do you think that maybe one day things will get sorted out, and you will work with them again?

JC: I wish Nikki, Tommy, Mick and Vince the best, but unfortunately I had to stand up for myself. I’m not upset they got Vince back. I’m upset at the way it was done.

CC: Congratulations on Union’s debut release! I believe it’s an awesome album and it’s great to see you bounce back from some trying times over the last couple of years. Are you happy with the sales of the album to date?

JC: Thank you. All I can do is wish for the best as far as sales go.

Robin, Ian & JohnCC: Has Robin given you any thoughts on ‘her’ song?

JC: I haven’t talked to her. I guess she’s too busy. I sent her a copy with some Christmas presents and I still haven’t heard from her. Oh well.

CC: The tour has been cut short for the moment. Do you think it may have been better to go out as a support act to expose your music to as many people as possible quickly?

JC: Absolutely. But it’s that political thing again unfortunately.

CC: Union played Power To The Music from the '94 self-titled Mötley album early in the tour, but quickly dropped it from the set list. What was the reason behind that?

JC: We didn’t drop it, we played it quite a few times. We just didn’t do the same set all the time. Also it was up to how everyone felt at the time.

CC: You seemed to get along best with Tommy Lee when you were in Mötley Crüe. How do you feel about Tommy now being in jail right now?

JC: I’m sorry for Tommy and family, but more for the children ‘cause they don’t get to see their Dad.

CC: For a while I’ve thought it would be great to see you contribute to a Tommy Lee solo album in some way in the future. Could you see that happening?

JC: No. Not unless they decide to start talking to me, after this suit is resolved.

CC: What discs are currently earning their place in your CD player?

JC: Some new stuff but mainly oldies. Beatles, Stones, [Led] Zep, Humble Pie, Free, AC/DC, Grand Funk, etc.

John live in Amsterdam 7th April 98 - Photo by Ray LorangCC: I was looking at some pictures of you playing acoustic in Amsterdam recently, and it looks like you’ve filled out your tattoo sleeves more. Addictive little bastards aren’t they?

JC: Absolutely addictive. But cool.

CC: Do you deliberate for ages on choosing or designing your tattoos, or do you pretty much just walk-in and let your trusted artist go for it?

JC: I have ideas, and a lot of faith.

CC: I interviewed rock photographer Neil Zlozower last year and he was telling me how you lived a few doors up the road. Do you think Zloz will be engaged for some Union sessions at some point?

JC: I hope so. Neil and his wife and child are awesome.

CC: Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to the online Crüeheads?

JC: Thanks for being so kind.

CC: Thanks for your time Crab. I’m really pleased that Union is doing so well and so many fans are supporting you. There’s many Aussies hoping to see Union play live downunder here in Australia. We hope that will become a reality very soon. All the best.

JC: I hope I get there someday to meet you all very soon. Peace.

John Corabi - signature

 Many thanks to Paula Hogan from Mayhem Records for bridging the gap.

Click here to buy Union CDs online.

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