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Tributes & Compilations



Nashville Outlaws - A Tribute to Mötley Crüe

Various Artists: Nashville Outlaws - A Tribute to Mötley Crüe
19/8/14: Released by Big Machine Records in conjunction with Mötley Records and Eleven Seven Music. The country music tribute includes fresh country versions of Mötley Crüe songs by some of today’s biggest country artists. Track-listing: 1. Rascal Flatts - Kickstart My Heart | 2. Florida Georgia Line - If I Die Tomorrow | 3. Leann Rimes - Smokin' In The Boys Room | 4. Justin Moore - Home Sweet Home | 5. Cassadde Pope with Robin Zander - The Animal In Me | 6. Aaron Lewis - Afraid | 7. Big & Rich - Same Ol' Situation | 8. Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen - Without You | 9. Eli Young Band - Don't Go Away Mad | 10. Lauren Jenkins - Looks That Kill | 11. The Cadillac Three - Live Wire | 12. The Mavericks - Dr. Feelgood | 13. Brantley Gilbert - Girls, Girls, Girls | 14. Gretchen Wilson - Wild Side | 15. Darius Rucker - Time For Change. more >>

Crüe Believers - A Tribute to Mötley Crüe

Various Artists: Crüe Believers - A Tribute to Mötley Crüe
14/10/08: This tribute CD from Cleopatra Records includes the songs Girls, Girls, Girls by Pretty Boy Floyd, Kick Start My Heart by Jack Russell, Red Hot by Tracii Guns & Tuff, Too Young to Fall in Love by Gilby Clarke, Piece of Your Action by L.A. Guns, Live Wire by Tracii Guns & Steve Summers, Shout at the Devil by London, Starry Eyes by Bang Tango, Dr. Feelgood by Bullet Boys, Home Sweet Home by Leif Garrett, Saints of Los Angeles by Jetboy, Public Enemy #1 by Spiders & Snakes, and Bastard by Peppermint Creeps. more >>

Bluegrass Tribute to Motley Crue

Various Artists: The Bluegrass Tribute to Mötley Crüe
31/7/07: "Should a crazed scientist ever try and personify real low-down debauchery, the end result would surely be Mötley Crüe. Fueled by base rock 'n’ roll excesses, the Crüe crafted some of the biggest anthems of the 1980s hair metal scene. The Bluegrass Tribute to Mötley Crüe embraces a contrast of musical styles as it focuses on the undeniable energy of songs such as Shout at the Devil and Dr. Feelgood. Vocals careen over a dirt road of galloping banjo, slick guitar, and maniacal mandolin. Whether you live under neon lights or starlight, this tribute will have you feeling Home Sweet Home." more >>

Too Fast For Love: A Millennium Tribute to Mötley Crüe

Various Artists: Too Fast For Love - A Millennium Tribute to Mötley Crüe
19/6/07: This 2-CD tribute from Versailles Records in New York includes liner notes by Paul Miles and legendary producer Bob Rock, plus music contributions from former Mötley Crüe singer John Corabi on Home Sweet Home, Vince Neil's son's group Rock N' Roll Junkies, Grammy-winning keyboardist Randy Cantor, current and former members of Lillian Axe, L.A. Guns, Quiet Riot, Brides of Destruction, Warrant, Ratt, Love/Hate, Cinderella, Dio, Union, Poison, Vince Neil Band, W.A.S.P., The Scream, Dad's Porno Mag, and Pretty Boy Floyd; as well as up-and-coming rock acts/musicians Pretty in Stereo, American Heartbreak, Crash Kelly, Richard Kendrick, One Bad Son, Robot Lords of Tokyo, Jessie Seely, Chris Catena, Chris Heaven, Reckless Fortune, Corey Craven, Fuel From Hell, 12 Years Coming, and Straight Jacket Smile. more >>

Butchering The Beatles

Various Artists: Butchering The Beatles
24/10/06: Restless Records releases the Butchering The Beatles tribute CD featuring 12 new, ass-kicking versions of The Beatles' chart-topping hits including I Saw Her Standing There sung by former Mötley Crüe front man John Corabi. more >>

Bittersuite Home

Limp Bizkit: Greatest Hits
8/11/05: Limp Bizkit’s Greatest Hits is released by Geffen records. The CD includes Bittersuite Home, a ‘mash-up’ track of Mötley Crüe's Home Sweet Home and the Verve's Bittersweet Symphony. more >>


Various Artists: Always - A Millenium Tribute to Bon Jovi
19/7/05: Versailles Records released this Bon Jovi tribute album that includes the track Born To Be My Baby sung by former Mötley front-man John Corabi. more >>

Guitar Tribute to Motley Crue

Various Artists: Guitar Tribute to Mötley Crüe
19/4/05: Tribute Music release a ten-track instrumental tribute CD. Songs include Dr. Feelgood, Looks That Kill, Smokin' in the Boys Room, Girls Girls Girls, Home Sweet Home, Anarchy in the UK, Same Ol' Situation, Kickstart My Heart, Don't Go Away Mad and Helter Skelter. more >>


Crickets and Their Buddies: Crickets and Their Buddies
27/7/04: The Crickets, the band that helped invent rock’n’roll with their singer Buddy Holly and cited as direct influences by numerous artists including the Beatles, the Hollies, and Bob Dylan, release their new album The Crickets & Their Buddies. It contains 15 new tracks of classic songs featuring Vince Neil singing I Fought The Law. Other friends and musical collaborators include Eric Clapton, Rodney Crowell, Waylon Jennings, Graham Nash, John Prine, Albert Lee, and Nanci Griffith. more >>


OPM: Forthemasses
1/6/04: Track ten titled Horny on OPM's second album Forthemasses features a sample of the famous Home Sweet Home piano intro throughout the song. The Californian trio is known for blending Latin hip-hop beats and conventional rock & roll riffs for an enjoyable pop sound.  more >>

We Salute You

Various Artists - AC/DC: We Salute You
8/6/04: Former Mötley front-man John Corabi sings Hells Bells on this AC/DC tribute CD from Rufftown Records that features an all-star rock line-up, also including Tracii Guns, Bruce Kulick, Mark Slaughter, Joe Lynn Turner, Phil Lewis, Jizzy Pearl, Stephen Pearcy, Tommy Shaw, Ritchie Kotzen, Reb Beech, Gilby Clarke and others. A bonus DVD is also included. more >>

American Hair Bands

Various Artists: American Hair Bands Vol. 1 - A Tribute to the Best of 1970s/1980s Hard Rock Anthems
5/11/02: A portion of the proceeds from sales of this album will go to support the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Versions of Mötley Crüe's Shout At The Devil and Live Wire are included among classics by Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Judas Priest, The Cult, Van Halen, Grand Funk Railroad and Thin Lizzy. Former Mötley producer Michael Wagener also assist the album's production. more >>

Vice City

Various Artists - Playstation: Grand Theft Auto Vice City O.S.T., Volume 1 V-Rock
29/10/02: This unique soundtrack to the video game Grand Theft Auto Vice City is also part of a box set which represent all the radio stations in the game itself. This volume includes Mötley Crüe's Too Young to Fall in Love as well as classics from Judas Priest, Megadeth, Autograph, Twisted Sister, Ozzy Osbourne, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Tesla and David Lee Roth. The CD also contains a special access code to the ConnecteD area of, enabling you to download unique cheat codes, as well as other exclusive Vice City content. more >>

One Way Street

Various Artists - One Way Street: A Tribute To Aerosmith
20/8/02: Former Mötley front man John Corabi sings a great version of Aerosmith's Living On The Edge with his former The Scream band mate John Alderete on guitar, along with Stevie Salas and Brian Tichy. A star-studded line-up on these eleven tracks. more >>


Various Artists: Wildside - Tribute to Mötley Crüe
11/6/02: Artillery Music, a division of World War III, has compiled new thuggish, aggressive versions of the Mötley classics to pay tribute to the sleazy bad boys of rock. Track listing: 1. Reactor - Knock ‘Em Dead Kid, 2. Hookers & 8 Balls - Kickstart My Heart (WASP members), 3. Gravity Check - Home Sweet Home, 4. Exiled - Wild Side, 5. Psychic Mafia - Looks That Kill, 6. Needulhed - Take Me To The Top, 7. Brazen - Red Hot, 8. Chain Link Faith - Live Wire, 9. Picture Perfect - On With The Show, 10. Eyeball - Bastard. more >>

GNR Tribute

Various Artists: A Rock Tribute To Guns N' Roses
30/4/02: A Guns N' Roses tribute album from Deadline Records is released featuring former Mötley Crüe front man John Corabi singing Used To Love Her and Patience. The late Randy Castillo performs the drum tracks on all songs, while Kyle Kyle plays bass. Tracii Guns and Gilby Clarke perform all guitar tracks. more >>

Journey Tribute

Various Artists: A Tribute To Journey
15/1/02: This Journey tribute album from Deadline Records features John Corabi on track six singing Girl Can't Help It. Eric Dover, Jizzy Pearl, Kelly Hansen, Alex Mitchell, Marq Torien, Stevie Rachelle and Ralph Saenz also contribute their vocal talents to other songs. more >>

NASCAR Full Throttle

Various Artists: Nascar Full Throttle
16/10/01: Racing fans will dig this compilation album of revhead songs that includes Mötley Crüe's Kickstart My Heart. Amongst the other artists included are Metallica, The Cult, Sammy Hagar, Creed, POD, Matchbox Twenty, Sugar Ray, Grateful Dead and Collective Soul. more >>

Rock Star Soundtrack

Various Artists: Rock Star Soundtrack
4/9/01: This movie soundtrack album features classics from Mötley Crüe (Wild Side), Bon Jovi and Kiss; a new song from the Verve Pipe; and new material written by Sammy Hagar, Steve Plunkett (Autograph), Desmond Child, Ritchie Blackmore, Jay and Jeremy Popoff (Lit), Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson) and Peter Beckett (Survivor/Little River Band). This last batch of six songs will be performed by the movie's fictional band Steel Dragon, which features Jeff Scott Soto & Mike Matijevic on vocals, Zakk Wylde on lead guitar, Nick Catonese on rhythm guitar, Jeff Pilson on bass, and Jason Bonham on drums. more >>


Mensen: Delusions Of Grandeur
20/3/01: A song titled Tommy Lee is featured on this punk rock album from Norway's Mensen, released on Gearhead Records. Crüeheads will find the lyrics to this catchy song quite interesting. more >>

Covered Dead or Alive

Various Artists: Covered Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi Tribute [LIVE]
6/3/01: John Corabi sings a cover version of Born To Be My Baby from Bon Jovi's New Jersey album. It is the eighth of the twelve songs on  the disk. Other vocalists include Alex Mitchell, Stevie Rachelle, Phil Lewis, Jani Lane, Jizzy Pearl, Kory Clarke and Marq Torien. more >>

Bulletproof Fever

Various Artists: Bulletproof Fever - Ted Nugent Tribute
20/2/01: Here's a Ted Nugent tribute CD from Cleopatra Records on which Randy Castillo drums on every track, including the opener Cat Scratch Fever sung by John Corabi. Taime Downe and Marq Torien are also featured. more >>

Frenzo Smooth

Various Artists: Frezno Smooth Soundtrack
6/2/01: The Frezno Smooth movie soundtrack is released on Spitfire Records and it begins with Mötley Crüe's Shout At The Devil. It also includes Union's song Who Do You Think You Are, as well as songs from Dio, Alice Cooper, Dee Snider and Testament. more >>


Fozzy: Fozzy
24/10/00: The long awaited self-titled official debut from Fozzy is released on Megaforce Records. Led by Mongoose McQueen, who looks suspiciously like WWF wrestling star Chris Jericho, and others who look suspiciously like members of the band Stuck Mojo, Fozzy are said to have been stranded in Japan twenty years ago, but have now returned to the USA. The album contains many recognisable hits such as Live Wire, thought to have been performed originally by Mötley Crüe. Fozzy's tongue in cheek humour is reminiscent of Spinal Tap. more >>

Bat Head Soup

Various Artists: Bat Head Soup - A Tribute To Ozzy
25/7/00: Vince Neil sings Paranoid on the new Ozzy tribute album called Bat Head Soup - A Tribute to Ozzy released this day on Cleopatra Records. George Lynch plays guitar on the track with Stu Hamm on bass and Greg Bissonette on drums. Others that contribute to the album include Ripper Owens, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tommy Aldridge, Mark Slaughter, Brad Gillis, Eric Singer, Lemmy, Ritchie Kotzen, Tony Franklin, Dee Snider, Jason Bonham, Dweezil Zappa, Joe Lynn Turner, Bruce Kulick, Jeff Martin, Paul Gilbert, Jack Blades, Reb Beach, Jeff Pilson and Bobby Blotzer. more >>

Naughty Platinum Rock

Various Artists: Naughty Platinum Rock
27/6/00: Portrait Records release a compilation called Naughty Platinum Rock featuring Mötley's Girls, Girls, Girls as well as songs by Aerosmith, Kiss, Skid Row, Warrant, Winger, Slaughter, Whitesnake, Cinderella, Judas Priest, Mr. Big, Ratt, Danger Danger, Ted Nugent, Great White, Quiet Riot and Lita Ford. more >>

The Return of the Rock

Various Artists: MTV - The Return Of The Rock
9/5/00: Methods Of Mayhem have the track Crash included on a new 19 track MTV compilation CD called Return of the Rock that also includes songs from the likes of Kid Rock, Slipknot, Korn, Machine Head, Coal Chamber, Sevendust and Powerman 5000. more >>


Various Artists: Leppardmania - A Tribute to Def Leppard
2/5/00: A Def Leppard tribute CD titled Leppardmania is released and features the drumming of Mötley Crüe's Randy Castillo on all twelve tracks, including the opener Wasted sung by former Mötley Crüe vocalist John Corabi. Erik Turner and Jerry Dixon from Warrant perform the rest of the tracks with Tracii Guns, while a host of rockers add their vocals. more >>

Ready to Rumble

Various Artists: Ready To Rumble Soundtrack
11/4/00: The Ready To Rumble movie soundtrack is released and includes Mötley Crüe's Girls, Girls, Girls. Other tracks on the soundtrack include The Offspring's previously unreleased cover of the Agent Orange track Bloodstains; a version of Queen's We Will Rock You by DJ Hurricane and special guest Scott Weiland; and a kicking version of the Twisted Sister classic We're Not Gonna Take It by Bif Naked which is to be the first single and video from the soundtrack. Kid Rock also makes an appearance on the collection via a Josh Abraham remix of his hit Bawitdaba. more >>


Various Artists: Jailbait! Soundtrack
11/4/00: The Jailbait! soundtrack includes the Methods Of Mayhem's song Who the Hell Cares. Other tracks on the soundtrack include Bush, Blink-182, Sugar Ray, Rob Zombie, Powerman 5000, Creed, Smash Mouth and Static X, among others. more >>

Let It Burn

The Ataris and Useless I.D.: Let It Burn
11/4/00: This split CD by two American pop punk bands includes a great cover of Mötley Crüe's song On With The Show by The Ataris. more >>

Shout At The Remix

Various Artists: Shout At The Remix
14/3/00: Cleopatra Records releases an album titled Mötley Crüe Tribute - Shout At The Devil that is full of industrial styled remixes of Crüe songs from their first two albums. It features guitars by Tracii Guns and Keri Kelli with vocalists including Steve Summers, Jizzy Pearl, Taime Downe, Rob Chaos, Stevie Rachelle, Marq Torien, Joe Leste, Gilby Clarke and Lizzie Grey, along with remixes by Brian Haught, Martin Atkins, Matt Green, Lee Fraser, Gunter Schulz and others. more >>

Kickstart My Heart Tribute CD

Various Artists: Kickstart My Heart - A Tribute To Mötley Crüe
18/1/00: The much anticipated Kickstart My Heart - A Tribute to Mötley Crüe CD goes on sale after two years in the making. Produced by Steve Friess from Pulse Records and Paul Miles from Chronological Crue, the CD includes Tommy Lee's sister pounding the skins on one track, and Lizzie Grey on lead vocals and guitar on the track he co-wrote with Nikki Sixx when they were band mates in London, shortly before the formation of Mötley Crüe. more >>

Metal Rules

Various Artists: Metal Rules - Tribute to the Bad Hair Days
28/12/99: A tribute to the hair metal days by swing, ska and reggae bands. Includes The Ataris covering Mötley Crüe's On With The Show. 14 tracks in all. more >>

I Love Metal

Various Artists: I Love Metal
26/11/99: A tribute to the classic metal bands of the late '70s & '80 s by top emo, ska & punk bands of the '90s. Includes The Get Up Kids doing Mötley Crüe's On With The Show, Less Than Jake covering Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It, Mephiskapheles taking on Celtic Frost's Necromantical Screams, Avail rendering a version of Motorhead's Iron Fist,  and more. 13 tracks in all. more >>

Indulgence Inc.

Various Artists: Indulgence Inc. - Tribute To Mötley Crüe
12/10/99: This Dwell Records CD features Mötley Crüe covers from underground bands in the USA, including Rewind, Doom Kounty Electric Chair, Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Revlon Red, The Bastards, Tuuli and more. more >>

Hot For Remixes

Various Artists: Hot For Remixes
12/8/99: This Van Halen tribute CD on Cleopatra Records features former Mötley front man John Corabi singing Hot For Teacher. Other artists to feature include Blues Saraceno, Jeff Scott Soto, Marq Torien, Stephen Pearcy, Gilby Clarke, Bruce Kulick, Kevin DuBrow and Dweezil Zappa. more >>

Tribute to Aerosmith

Various Artists: Not The Same Old Song & Dance
7/9/99: This Aerosmith tribute record, put together by Bob Kulick and released on Cleopatra Records, includes a version of Chip Away the Stone featuring the vocals of Mötley’s Vince Neil. Other players on the song are former Poison guitarist Blues Saraceno; former Babys, Ted Nugent and Bad English bass player Ricky Phillips; Mr. Big drummer Pat Torpey; Paul Taylor on keyboards; and former Guiffria front man David Glen Eisley on backing vocals. New Crüe drummer, Randy Castillo also features on the track Sweet Emotion. more >>

Get Skintight

The Donnas: Get Skintight
4/6/99: A cover version of Mötley Crüe's Too Fast for Love is released on Get Skintight, the latest album from all girl punk band The Donnas. Recorded at Toast Studios in San Francisco, the band's sound draws comparisons to The Ramones along with Joan Jett and Lita Ford's early band The Runaways. more >>

Musician's Choice

Various Artists: Musician's Choice
13/4/99: Beyond Records release Musicians Choice, a compilation CD of tracks from a dozen unsigned acts discovered in the Guitar Centre sponsored Kickstart Your Career contest. It also includes Mötley Crüe's Kickstart My Heart as well as an unreleased track from Sponge titled Today, Tomorrow. more >>

Idle Hands

Various Artists: Idle Hands Soundtrack
31/3/99: Mötley license the song Shout At the Devil for inclusion in the movie Idle Hands that first screened in US cinemas in April 1999. The song is also on this soundtrack, along with bands including Blink 182, Offspring, Rob Zombie, Zebrahead, Vandals, The Living End, Waking Hours, Static X, Unwritten Law and Lionrock. more >>

Humanary Stew

Various Artists: Humanary Stew
23/2/99: The excellent Alice Cooper tribute album Humanary Stew is released in the US and features Vince Neil and Mick Mars on a version of the classic track Cold Ethyl from Alice's 1974 album Welcome To My Nightmare. Other members that play on the track are former David Lee Roth and Mr. Big member Billy Sheehan, former Nazareth drummer Simon Phillips, and Bob Kulick, formerly in WASP and of course brother of Bruce Kulick from Kiss and Union more  >>

Strip Jointz Rock

Various Artists: Strip Jointz Rock
24/11/98: This sexy compilation album kicks off with Mötley Crüe's Girls, Girls, Girls and includes other dragstrip classics like The Stroke, Dancing With Myself, Addicted To Love, Girls On Film, I Touch Myself and You Can Leave Your Hat On. more >>

Marvelous 3
Marvelous 3

Marvelous 3: Hey Album & Ready Sex Go
27/10/98: As Mötley Crüe released their Greatest Hits album in the USA, Marvelous 3 released their new CD titled Hey! Album. Their Marvelous Records version containing some different songs than the standard Elektra release, finishes up with a track Cold As Hell which makes reference to Nikki Sixx in the lyrics and finishes with a taped phone message from Tommy Lee. The track is also included on their sophomore album Ready Sex Go on Elektra Records. more >>

Guitar Zeus

Carmine Appice: Guitar Zeus
12/2/98: The guitar work of Mick Mars features on the Carmine Appice album project titled Guitar Zeus. Appice has drummed for some of the most internationally renowned rock bands in history, beginning with Vanilla Fudge, while his writing credentials include two of Rod Stewart's major hits. Other guest artists on the CD include Paul Gilbert, Brian May, Slash, Yngwie Malmsteen, Neal Schon, Bob Daisley, Steve Morse and Ted Nugent. more >>

2 Live Crew

2 Live Crew: Goes To The Movies-Decade Of Hits
24/9/97: A previously unreleased collaboration of 2 Live Crew and Mötley Crüe called Crew to Crüe is set to appear on a forthcoming compilation of Two Live Crew's soundtrack work called Goes To The Movies: A Decade Of Hits. The song was recorded for the 1989 movie Hangin' With The Homeboys but a record company executive at Elektra Records wouldn't let Mötley Crüe put their name to it, so it was changed to Triple XXX. more >>


Various Artists: Jeffology - A Guitar Chronicle
5/96: Mick Mars contributes the song Happenings Ten Years Time Ago to the Jeff Beck tribute album titled Jeffology : A Guitar Chronicle. The old Yardbirds song is sung by John Corabi, and also features his former The Scream band mates in John Alderete and Bruce Bouillet. more >>

Menace to Sobriety

Ugly Kid Joe: Menace To Sobriety
13/6/95: Ugly Kid Joe release their Menace To Sobriety album through Polygram Records. The second last track Oompa includes a spoof cover of Mötley Crüe's song In The Beginning, taken from their Shout At The Devil album. more >>

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