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Prayers for the Damned Vol.1 by Sixx: A.M.

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Motley Crue's Carnival of Sins
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Buy Prayers For The Blessed Vol 2 by Sixx:A.M.Sixx: A.M.: Prayers for the Blessed, Vol. 2
18/11/16: Sixx:A.M. release the second of their two new studio albums, also available on vinyl. Tracklisting:  1. Barbarians (Prayers for the Blessed), 2. We Will Not Go Quietly, 3. Wolf At Your Door, 4. Maybe It's Time, 5. The Devil's Coming, 6. Catacombs, 7. That's Gonna Leave a Scar, 8. Without You, 9. Suffocate, 10. Riot In My Head, 12, Helicopters. more >>
Buy Make Some Noise by the Dead DaisiesDead Daisies: Make Some Noise
5/8/16: The Dead Daisies' next album titled Make Some Noise was released by SPV with John Corabi on vocals. Track listing: 1. Long Way To Go, 2. We All Fall Down, 3. Song And A Prayer, 4. Mainline, 5. Make Some Noise, 6. Fortunate Son, 7. Last Time I Saw The Sun, 8. Mine All Mine, 9. How Does It Feel, 10. Freedom, 11. All The Same, 12. Join Together more >>
Buy Prayers For The Damned Vol 1 by Sixx:A.M. Sixx: A.M.: Prayers for the Damned, Vol. 1
29/4/16: Sixx:A.M. released the first of their two new studio albums, available on vinyl as well. Tracklisting: 1. Rise, 2. You Have Come To The Right Place, 3. I'm Sick, 4. Prayers For The Damned, 5. Better Man, 6. Can't Stop, 7. When We Were Gods, 8. Belly Of The Beast, 9. Everything Went To Hell, 10. The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit The Ground), 11. Rise of the Melancholy Empire.  more >>
Buy Modern Vintage by Sixx:A.M. Sixx: A.M.: Modern Vintage
7/11/14: Sixx: A.M.'s third studio album titled Modern Vintage released by Eleven Seven Records. Track listing: 11. Stars, 2. Gotta Get It Right, 3. Relief, 4. Get Ya Some, 5. Let's Go, 6. Drive (The Cars cover), 7. Give Me a Love, 8. Hyperventilate, 9. High on the Music, 10. Miracle, 11. Before It's Over. more >>

This is Gonna Hurt

Sixx: A.M.: This is Gonna Hurt
3/5/11: Following the success of The Heroin Diaries, Sixx: A.M. is releasing an album in conjunction with Nikki's new book This Is Gonna Hurt. Some of the songs were inspired by the author's photographs; others inspired photographs of their own. Track listing: 1. This Is Gonna Hurt, 2. Lies of the Beautiful People, 3. Are You With Me, 4. Live Forever, 5. Sure Feels Right, 6. Deadlihood, 7. Smile, 8. Help Is On the Way, 9. Oh My God, 10. Goodbye My Friends, 11. Skin. more >>

A Public Disservice Announcement

Methods of Mayhem: A Public Disservice Announcement
21/9/10: Tommy's next Methods of Mayhem album titled A Public Disservice Announcement via Roadrunner Records imprint Loud and Proud Records. Track listing: 1. Drunk Uncle Pete, 2. Time Bomb, 3. Louder, 4. Fight Song, 5. Blame, 6. Two Ways, 7. Talk Me Off The Ledge, 8. Only One, 9. All I Wanna Do, 10. Back To Before, 11. Party Instructions. more >>

Tattoos & Tequila

Vince Neil: Tattoos & Tequila
22/6/10: The new Vince Neil solo album Tattoos & Tequila. The full track-listing is: 1, Tattoos & Tequila / 2. He's A Whore (Cheap Trick) / 3. AC/DC (Sweet) / 4. Nobody's Fault (Aerosmith) / 5. Another Bad Day / 6. No Feelings (Sex Pistols) / 7. Long Cool Woman (The Hollies) / 8. Another Piece Of Meat (Scorpions) / 9. Who Will Stop The Rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival) / 10. Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley) / 11. Bitch Is Back (Elton John) / Bonus track available on first pressing in digipak: 12. Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (ZZ Top).  more >>

The Heroin Diaries

Sixx: A.M.: The Heroin Diaries
21/8/07: Nikki's book soundtrack CD featuring 13 songs by Sixx: A.M. is released in the U.S. through Eleven Seven Music with track-listing: 1. X-Mas, 2. Van Nuys, 3. Life Is Beautiful, 4. Pray For Me, 5. Tomorrow, 6. Accidents Can Happen, 7. Intermission, 8. Dead Man's Ballet, 9. Heart Failure, 10. Girl With Golden Eyes, 11. Courtesy Call, 12. Permission, 13. Life After Death. more >>

Rock Star Supernova

Rock Star Supernova: Rock Star Supernova
21/11/06: After choosing their lead singer Lukas Rossi via a reality TV series, Rock Star Supernova released their self-titled studio album, featuring Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee on drums. Track-listing: 1. It's On, 2. Leave the Lights On, 3. Be Yourself (and 5 Other Clichés), 4. It's All Love, 5. Can't Bring Myself To Light This Fuse, 6. Underdog, 7. Make No Mistake... This Is the Take, 8. Headspin, 9. Valentine, 10. Social Disgrace, 11. The Dead Parade  more >>

Tommyland The Ride

Tommy Lee: Tommyland - The Ride
9/8/05: Tommy Lee released his solo album 'Tommyland: The Ride' with track-listing: 1. Good Times (features Butch Walker), 2. Hello Again (features Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate), 3. Trying To Be Me (features Chad Kroeger of Nickelback), 4. Sister Mary (features Carl Bell of Fuel), 5. The Butler, 6. Tired (features Joel Madden of Good Charlotte), 7. I Need You (features Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate), 8. Make Believe, 9. Makin' Me Crazy (features Dirty Harry), 10. Watch You Lose, 11. Say Goodbye (features Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys), 12. Hello Again (Acoustic). more >>

Here Come The Brides

Brides Of Destruction: Here Come The Brides
9/3/04: The blistering debut album featuring Nikki Sixx on bass, Tracii Guns on guitar, London LeGrand on vocals and Scot Coogan on drums released on Sanctuary Records. Adema drummer Kris Kohls plays drums on some of the nine tracks, while John Corabi also plays and signs backups on this hard rocking album. Awesome album - get your copy now! more >>

Live One Night Only

Vince Neil: Live One Night Only
27/5/03: Vince Neil releases his Live One Night Only CD on VNS Records, distributed through Image Entertainment. The live disc is a recording of Vince's performance at The Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood a year ago to the day, recorded by Damon Gold. The disc features eleven Mötley Crüe songs and one solo song, Look In Her Eyes. more >>

Never a Dull Moment

Tommy Lee: Never A Dull Moment
21/5/02: The second post-Crüe CD from Tommy Lee titled Never A Dull Moment is released on MCA Records. Co-produced by Tommy, he also performs guitars, vocals and drums on the songs. Features the first single Hold Me Down. more >>

Diet for a New America

58: Diet For A New America
20/6/00: This is the eleven track debut album from Nikki Sixx's side project 58. Joining Nikki Sixx and guitarist Dave Darling, formerly of the Boxing Ghandis, are Bucket on drums and Steven Gibb on guitar. Born and bred in Miami where he worked as a tattoo artist and piercer, guitarist Steven Gibb is the son of Bee Gees front man Barry Gibb. After playing with Boz Scaggs for a few years, drummer Bucket Baker recently finished work on the new Michael Jackson record shortly before this 58 album's release. Guitarist David Darling, who played on Mötley's Generation Swine album, produced the new album for Meredith Brooks just before this release came out. more >>

The Blue Room

Union: The Blue Room
22/2/00: The second studio album from Union, featuring former Mötley Crüe front man John Corabi features ten songs: Shine (influenced by the Columbine tragedy and the reaction of John's son to it), Do You Know My Name (about greed, jealousy, envy and being condescending), I Wanna Be (John's message to his girlfriend and his son), Everything's Alright (an optimistic homage to The Beatles), Dear Friend, Who Do You Think You Are, No More, Do Your Own Thing (a criticism of the follower mentality), Dead and Hypnotized (inspired by the real-life saga of porn star Savannah, who committed suicide). Bruce Kulick and John Corabi share lead vocals on the track Dear Friend which is a tribute to the late Eric Carr of Kiss. The Blue Room's name is taken from the blue-painted studio of its producer Bob Marlette, where Van Gogh's Starry Night is reproduced on a wall. more >>

Methods of Mayhem

Methods Of Mayhem: Methods Of Mayhem
7/12/99: Tommy Lee's Methods Of Mayhem album debuted at #71 on the Billboard charts, selling 44,000 copies in the USA for its first week. The album went gold in many countries. Tommy finished recording the CD of rap-rock on his birthday. The album features many guest appearances, including techno outfit The Crystal Method who add an edge to the songs Narcotic and Spun, while Who The Hell Cares features guest rapper Snoop Dogg. Kid Rock contributes his vocals to New Skin. The first single from the album was Get Naked. more >>

Live in The Galaxy

Union: Live In The Galaxy
18/5/99: Former Mötley Crüe front man John Corabi and his band Union released this live album on Cleopatra Records titled Live In The Galaxy. The album was recorded live in Santa Ana, California at The Galaxy over two sold out nights on Oct 10 & 11 1998. The CD was mixed by Corabi's former The Scream band mate Bruce Bouillet along with Bruce Kulick. Tracks include covers of The Jungle and I Walk Alone from Kiss' Carnival of Souls album, Man In The Moon by The Scream, Cheap Trick's Surrender and a version of Mötley Crüe's Power To The Music. Two additional bonus acoustic tracks complete the album; October Morning Wind and Hide Your Love Away by The Beatles. more >>


26/7/98: John Corabi first announced at the Detroit Kiss Expo that he'd been recently working with former Kiss drummer Eric Singer on a recording project of some of Eric’s favourite 70's cover material, like old Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Humble Pie, and Jimi Hendrix. Released three months later and titled Eric Singer Project, the CD features Eric Singer on drums and vocals; Bruce Kulick on guitar and bass; John Corabi on vocals, guitars and bass; and Karl Cochran on vocals, guitars and bass. John's wife Layla Dawn does the album's inside artwork. more >>


Union: Union
4/98: Bruce Kulick mastered the bonus track For You which is is included on this Japan Union debut release. Apart from featuring the great vocal and rhythm guitar work of former Mötley Crüe front man John Corabi, it also features a different cover than the US release. more >>


Union: Union
24/2/98: The debut album from ex-Mötley Crüe vocalist John Corabi and his new band Union was released in CD and vinyl formats through Mayhem Records. The first 20,000 or so CDs had Old Man Wise missing from the track listing on the back of the packaging. The album is #1 in the day's sales nationwide in the USA. It is re-released on Spitfire Records 20/5/99. This reissue is remixed and includes an additional bonus track titled Oh Darling. more  >>

Carved in Stone

Vince Neil: Carved In Stone
8/8/95: Vince Neil’s second solo album Carved In Stone album was released on Warner Bros records. The track Skylar's Song, previously called Never-ending Love, is included as a loving tribute to his daughter that passed away just after it's release. The Japanese release includes a cover of Chicago’s 1970 hit 25 Or 6 To 4. The album is re-issued on his own label VNS Records in conjunction with Beyond Music throughout the US on 3/7/01. more  >>


Vince Neil: Exposed
27/4/93: Vince’s album Exposed was released on the Warner Brothers label and entered Billboard charts at #13. The album features a cover of Sweet's Set Me Free as well as Forever, a song about his wife Sharise who filed for divorce earlier that year. Sister Of Pain was released as the first single and featured a space-age-clad porn queen Janine Lindemulder in the video. The album debuted at #1 in Japan and two additional tracks Blondes Have More Fun and a cover of The Ramones' I Wanna Be Sedated are included as bonus tracks on this Japanese release.  The album is re-issued on his own label VNS Records in conjunction with Beyond Music throughout the US on 3/7/01. more  >>

Let It Scream

The Scream: Let It Scream
1991: Nikki mentioned in a Rolling Stone interview that he had been listening to this album. Lead singer John Corabi had read the interview and thought he'd call and thank Nikki for the plug and see if he could do some writing with the Crüe for his band's second album. At the same time John called Mötley's manager Doug Thaler, Nikki was on the phone with Doug asking him to get in touch with John since Vince Neil had just parted ways with the Crüe. The rest is history. This album was re-released on Spitfire Records on the 20th Anniversary of Mötley Crüe's first concert on 24/4/01. more  >>

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