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The Crüe’s hits compilation album from 1991 titled Decade of Decadence is certified double Platinum, having now sold in excess of two million copies in the United States.

Nikki Sixx and Dave Darling enter contract negotiations with a major label for a release of their 1958 project.

Vince Neil says the reunited Crüe’s first show will probably be the huge Rock Am Ring festival in Nurburgring, Germany on May 18 with Kiss and Aerosmith, followed by an arena tour in North America.

Record companies show great interest in a five-song demo from the new John Corabi and Bruce Kulick collaboration. Some song titles are Walking in Your Sleep, October Morning Wind and Tangerine.

As Tommy Lee appears with Denis Rodman on MTV in the USA, having his eyebrow pierced during the pre-recorded segment, the Crüe prepares to play a remixed version of Shout At The Devil, titled Shout ‘97, at the American Music Awards in a week’s time. They decided to rework the song after liking a version played to them backstage last tour, after it had been altered on a fan’s computer.

Jimmy Cavalluzo works with the band on the new version of Shout, electronically remixing it. The work originated from the idea of the Crue creating an EP or greatest hits album where every song is re-recorded in a different way.

Vince hosts the Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament at the Malibu Country Club, in memory of his daughter who died from cancer over a year ago. Guests include Richie Sambora and Alice Cooper. Money raised goes to benefit children’s hospitals via the T.J. Martell Foundation in an effort to help other children with life threatening diseases. The event was rescheduled from early last November as Mötley was still busy in the studio.

They’re back! Vince once again fronts Mötley Crüe at the American Music Awards in hometown Los Angeles, California, almost half a decade to the day that they parted ways. Before they perform, the audience is warned to use the earplugs provided in the program by Mötley Crüe. Introduced by Tommy’s wife Pamela Anderson Lee, the Crüe pumps out the new Shout ‘97, which Nikki says is a likely inclusion on their forthcoming Generation Swine album. Vince’s vocals are pre-recorded on a tape produced by Dave Ogilvie, formerly of Skinny Puppy, who is also working with them for some remixing of the new album. The rest of the band plays live and they have a backing rhythm guitar track to help punch out the sound on the PA, which is typical of awards shows where all artists perform sharing the same PA. At the end of the song it rains Generation Swine money; U.S. bills with a pig’s head instead of a President. Vince hosts an after-party at Monte’s in Beverly Hills.

The Chronological Crue website, presenting the complete online history of Mötley Crüe, is launched live on the Internet to commemorate Crüe Day.

Vince opens a new rock strip club called Girls, Girls, Girls which is located very close to Shibuya Station in Japan. He owns it for a short time as a temporary arrangement, not having much time to invest in it.

U.S. radio station KROQ start a campaign called Screw The Crüe, believing if the Crüe makes a come back, then Winger, Poison, Warrant, and all the other glam metal-type bands from the ‘80s will as well. Tommy and Nikki write them in-depth letters on how they feel about the campaign before KROQ soon return apologies in writing and on air.

Tommy is set to produce the debut album from Krunk, who is described as Cheap Trick meets Green Day on a bad day. Krunk’s drummer is Tommy’s sister Athena, while her husband James Kottak, former drummer of Warrant, Kingdom Come, Ronnie Montrose, The Cult, and most recently Scorpions, takes on lead vocals under the alias Jimmy Ratchet. Guitarist Dave Whiston and bassist Tony Guarderas complete Krunk’s line-up, who is building a loyal following on the Los Angeles club circuit.

Ten songs have now been mixed for the new Mötley album, with the remaining four to be finished in a matter of weeks. The Crüe is also considering a CD-Extra for Generation Swine, consisting of additional CD-ROM computer goodies. Nikki says there is only one slow song called Confessions, which Tommy wrote and could probably be a single. Nikki’s son Gunner has vocal parts on Find Myself that also features Nikki on lead vocals while Tommy and Vince sing alternate choruses. Another likely inclusion on the album is a one-minute song Rocket Ship, sung by Nikki with lyrics written for wife Donna.

Nikki says fans can expect the band’s first single to be released on April Fools’ Day. Generation Swine is now set for a May 6 release with a performance four days later on TV show Saturday Night Live.

A new video for Los Angeles solo artist Beck called The New Pollution debuts on MTV, with the singer-songwriter dressed as Vince during one part of the video. As homage to Mötley Crüe’s Live Wire video, Beck is seen in makeup, black leather trousers, and a blonde wig. The song is taken from his Odelay album that was produced by The Dust Brothers, who also produced Vince’s last solo album Carved in Stone.

A New York judge dismisses a concert-goer’s $7 million lawsuit against Mötley Crüe for hearing loss suffered at one of their concerts.

The Crüe is set to play Livestock VII – the annual two day outdoor concert near Tampa, Florida. They will play just a few songs as the headlining act on Day One, April 5. Other bands to play on the bill include Type O Negative, Helmet, Gravity Kills, Bloodhound Gang and Jackyl. This one-off performance precedes the Generation Swine tour now slated for mid-year, which will not include Marilyn Manson as the previously touted support.

Nikki says the artwork for the new album, directed by Duke Woolsoncroft, has now been approved as Generation Swine goes through its last mixes. Mick Mars smashes a guitar at the end of the album’s recording sessions. The track listing is announced by Tommy as being the title track Generation Swine, followed by Find Myself, Afraid, Beauty, Confessions, Anybody Out There?, Glitter (featuring Cheap Trick members Robin Zander and Rick Nielson), Let Us Prey, Flush, Brandon, A Rat Like Me, Shout At The Devil ‘97, Wildchild (previously titled Birds), and Rocketship (which they have recorded eight different versions of), with Planet Boom being the bonus track on the Japanese release.

John Corabi is officially told his involvement with Mötley Crüe is to cease, and the studio assistance he has been providing is no longer necessary.

Mötley decides to delay the release of Generation Swine until June 5 (the first birthday of Tommy’s son Brandon), since first single Afraid had to be remixed as they weren’t happy with the output. Now that the album’s mixing and mastering is complete, Tommy takes a vacation in Hawaii and Tahiti, where he has a tribal design tattooed on his left thigh. He says Japan and South America will be included in this summer’s touring.

John will be contributing his vocals for a forthcoming Rod Stewart tribute album from DeRock Records. Other artists scheduled to take part include Tommy’s brother-in-law James Kottak, Sebastian Bach, Joey Allen, C.C. DeVille, Jeff Pilson, Gilby Clarke, Eddie Money, Jani Lane and Eric Singer.

Nikki spends the day at the MTV Spring Break Beach Party with wife Donna, as she hosts Glamarama. Nikki plays the new album to MTV VJ and Crüe fan John Sciencios who ‘loses his cookies’ when he hears it. On return, the Sixx family heads to Canada. Donna recently got inked with her first tattoo; a heart and flower design with Nikki’s name in it, on her behind.

John’s drummer for his new project with Bruce Kulick will be Brent Fitz. Brent used to perform in Top 40 cover band Shake Naked in Winnipeg with Lenita Erickson, with whom Bruce has been touring with recently. He also used to play in the Winnipeg band Skeleton Key.

Another delay in the release of Generation Swine is announced with the band feeling they need more time for press and marketing of the album. Some one-minute demo versions of four songs from the new album find their way onto the Internet. Generation Swine is now set for a 26 May release in Japan, followed by the U.S.A. on 24 June. Like the album, the anticipated Saturday Night Live performance has also been pushed back.

The first single Afraid from Mötley’s new album is first aired on radio 98KUPD in Tempe, Arizona as the Crüe rehearses new songs Generation Swine, Shout ‘97 and Afraid, along with Primal Scream and Kickstart My Heart, as likely inclusions for their upcoming hour-long performance at Livestock VII.

As the Crüe prepares to play at Livestock in front of thirty-thousand punters the following day, Nikki announces the band will perform a couple of live tracks at a press conference in Japan in a few weeks. From there, they plan to move onto Europe for six days of press and live TV performances from May 10. June will see an innovative eight-city U.S.A. Live Listening Party tour where the band will perform the whole album live, and possibly a couple of older tracks, followed by the video for the first single Afraid and then a press conference on stage in the two-to-three-thousand-seat venues. The listening party dates conclude in New York on June 24 when Generation Swine will hit the streets. It is expected that a ‘big hall’ tour will be announced soon after the album’s release.

Moments after 9pm, the Crüe hits the stage in Florida at Livestock VII in front of a crowd of over 32,500 for their first concert in over two years, and the first with Vince since 1991. The set opens with Shout ‘97 featuring lots of pyro, followed by Wild Side, the premiere of new title track Generation Swine, Dr. Feelgood, forthcoming single Afraid, and Live Wire. The Crüe then blasts through Primal Scream for the first time live in the U.S.A. Find Myself with vocals from Nikki, and Kickstart My Heart winds up the main set with Nikki throwing his bass into the crowd and Vince shouting, “We’re Mötley Crüe” as the band retreats into a lot of pyro and a fireworks display set off from behind the stage. The encore of Home Sweet Home sees the piano parts replaced by Mick with acoustic guitar, as the ten-song set concludes; twice the expected number of songs. Pamela could be seen taking pictures of husband Tommy from the side of the stage towards the end of the set. Many feel the highlight of the evening is Vince and Nikki embracing in a long, drawn out showing of genuine affection while still playing. This was the first live rock concert for Nikki’s wife Donna, who’s name is now tattooed on the back of his neck. Nikki tells fans backstage after an MTV interview that “It’s nice to feel the brotherhood again” as Tommy explains to Brian Johnson of AC/DC that it feels like he has been reborn.

Donna and Nikki spend time in London, England on vacation, as Tommy and Pam are heard on Howard Stern’s radio program back home in the U.S. The show includes some tracks from Generation Swine, being part of Find Myself, the beginning of Let Us Prey, a couple of seconds of Shout ‘97, most of Glitter and Tommy’s song Brandon that features a string quartet and the heartbeat of his son in Pam’s womb. Pam also says she recently backed her car into Vince’s Rolls Royce convertible.

Tommy joins wife Pamela in two comedy skits on TV show Saturday Night Live, which helps promote the new album to a large audience. Pam’s shirt bears the new Generation Swine pig logo.

Vince recently has his fiancée’s name Heidi tattooed on his left wrist in the style of an ID bracelet. After Vince takes ten sketches to artist Greg James, he has a memorial tattoo inked in the centre of his chest as an everlasting tribute to his late daughter Skylar.

With Nikki and Donna back from London, and Tommy and Pam having caught the opening show of U2’s Pop tour in Las Vegas the night before, the Crüe catches a morning flight to Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan. The week-long promotional trip kicks off with the first Generation Swine Listening Party later that night. The album is already Gold in Japan (160,000 units) two weeks before shipping and release.

In the morning during an interview, Mick says they need a pig for a magazine photo session, so one is brought to the suite of their high-class hotel in Tokyo in the afternoon, where it runs around the room. In the evening, Tommy and Nikki make reservations to get some new tattoos in Asakusa, but end up having the tattoo artist Horiwaka come to their Four Seasons Hotel instead. Nikki has the centre of his chest tattooed with the Japanese kanji Tamashii character meaning ‘spirit, soul, desire, passion for life’ while Tommy watches. The next morning, Tommy has a German Schutzstaffel (SS) military eagle design on his left bicep covered up with Japanese black work. They are tattooed with traditional tools in the tebori technique while lying on the floor with Yakuza members watching their artist friend.

Mötley Crüe appears on two different Japanese TV programs in the morning before going to Yokohama for their appearance on the TVK Bang-up Rock TV show with host Masa Ito.

Nikki and Tommy are guests for radio host Takahiro Matsumoto of the band B’z, before going to Harajuku to buy souvenirs. Nikki buys the band matching silver bracelets and has them engraved with Crüe in Old English style letters, as a bond and promise to do it all again for them and the fans. Vince and Mick then go to an FM radio station for a live interview before Vince heads to Roppongi with a friend. Mick returns to the hotel and asks to watch some zombie movies. He is soon given ten movies and room service, before tattoo artist Horiwaka inks him and Tommy in their hotel suite.

John and Bruce Kulick are mixing the first half of their CD, hoping to have a release and tour this year. Both John and Bruce have handled the bass parts to date, as they get set for a new bass player to join them this month on the remainder of the songs. As touted, new drummer Brent Fitz has now replaced Curt Cuomo. Fitz was the former bass player with Canadian band Street Heart, which wrote the song Dancin’ with Danger on the Frehley’s Comet Second Sighting album.

After checking out of the hotel in the morning, the Crüe members head to a TV studio to record their first live performance of the promotional tour, on a program called Amonite. When they arrive, the studio is not what Nikki had imagined and he says they won’t play. After an hour of arguing between the band and studio staff, Mötley finally decides to record the performance that is broadcast on TV Tokyo twenty days later. At 5pm the band departs Narita Airport and heads back to Los Angeles.

As first single Afraid starts getting airplay on American radio, Tommy says he and Louis, the guitarist from Los Angeles band Boy Hits Car, are commencing a non-profit program for kids called Loud Love 4 Kids. With the view that every kid on the planet should have the opportunity to play music if they want to, their plan is to have companies donate musical instruments, while studios, including Tommy’s, will donate free recording time and blank tape for those kids that can’t afford such things.

As part of the F Music Fest (formerly known as Concrete Foundations Forum) in Los Angeles, the Crüe holds a Listening Party in the Burbank Hilton Hotel’s Convention Centre Foyer, which is attended by several hundred people. The Crüe enters the room after an hour or so and are immediately mobbed as the crowd forces their way closer in search of autographs. The chaos is too much for Vince, who makes a quick exit with his new red hair about twenty minutes after arriving. Tommy & Pam, Nikki, and Mick sign for people for about another hour. John and Bruce Kulick also attend F Fest, meeting and greeting fans, and talking about their new music.

Nikki says Larry Flynt, Hustler magazine publisher and subject of the recent Oscar-nominated movie The People Vs. Larry Flynt starring Woody Harrelson and Courtney Love, has agreed to appear with the Crüe in their video for first single Afraid, being directed by Nancy Bardawil. Nikki phoned Larry to ask him, and Larry wants to make a XXX version as well.

It appears the title of the Crüe’s album will be changed to Generation Slime for the South East Asian market due to pigs being sacred in that part of the world.

Skeleteens Beverages in Pasadena, California becomes the first company to market a soda based on a heavy metal band. Called Mötley Brüe, the Crüe helped design the four versions of the bottle’s labeling that are produced: 1) a generally-distributed black label version with Join The Generation Swine on the front and random lyrics to a song from the Generation Swine album on the back of the label (visible by shining a flashlight into the back of the bottle), 2) a black label with Generation Swine in reverse type on the front and a print of Vince’s autograph with handwritten text reading "squeal like the pig you are" on the back of the label, 3) a blue label with two yellow crossbones on the front and a print of Nikki’s autograph with handwritten text reading "not if I scrue you first" on the back of the label, and 4) a yellow label with one blue crossbones on the front and a print of Mick’s autograph with handwritten text reading "ya all are sick pigs '97" on the back of the label. The drink, which includes ingredients Corn Syrup, Ginger, American Ginseng, African Capsicum, Sage, Brazilian Guarana, Dillweed, Blue #1, turns everything it touches blue on its way in and out of your body. Soon available in coffee-houses, skate shops, record stores, and other spots off the beaten path, it follows in the tradition of other Skeleteens soft drink, such as Brain Wash, Black Lemonade, and Love Potion #69.

Addressing some queries from collectors many years later, the company said that some of the Mötley Brüe labels were adhered upside down by accident, but they said it was on purpose at the time. There is also a version of the generally-available black label where the swine’s eye is printed red. A red label version with purple soda was also made, as seen in some promo photos with Tommy, and a light-green soda version of Mick’s yellow label bottle also exists.

Afraid becomes the number-one most-added track on both active rock and mainstream U.S. rock radio, ahead of new tracks from Megadeth, Faith No More and John Fogerty.

Mötley Crüe’s Shout at the Devil album is certified four-times Platinum in the U.S. It joins their Theatre of Pain and Girls, Girls, Girls albums after they were certified four-times Platinum two years ago.

Tommy has a new nephew when his sister Athena gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Matthew James. It’s her third child.

Vince participates in the Third Annual Hard Rock Café Celebrity/Charity Golf Tournament at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California that raises $364,000 for the Casey Lee Ball Foundation and Pediatric Kidney Research at UCLA Children’s Hospital. Other participants include actors Bill Murray, Jack Nicholson, Joe Pesci, Robert Loggia, Miquel Ferrare, Melrose Place’s Jack Wagner, Cheech Marin, Party of Five’s Jeremy London; musicians Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf, Dweezil Zappa and T. Bone Burnett.

At noon in front of several hundred people, Mötley Crüe is inducted into West Hollywood’s Rockwalk, a sidewalk gallery dedicated to honouring artists who have made a significant contribution to the evolution of rock’n’roll as a universal art form. The Crüe places their handprints and signatures in cement, residing alongside such accomplished musicians and innovators as Jimmy Page, James Brown, Aerosmith, Johnny Cash, The Ramones, Brian Wilson, KISS, Bonnie Raitt, Ozzy Osbourne, BB King, Stevie Wonder, Van Halen, Alice Cooper and Dick Dale. Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan sends a representative to present the Crüe with commendations, while an Elektra Records representative presents the group with a commemorative plaque in recognition of more than thirty million records sold worldwide to date.

Mötley Crüe’s new album Generation Swine is released in Japan and quickly moves to number six on the charts.

John and Bruce Kulick look to fans to suggest names for their new band by offering a prize for the name used. They have recently completed recording Maggie May for a Rod Stewart tribute CD.

The Record Industry Association of America announces Dr. Feelgood has achieved sales in the USA over the six million mark. This six-times Platinum award is Mötley’s highest certification to date.

As the Crüe rehearses for the Live Swine Listening Parties, tickets to the shows sell-out in less than six minutes for every city. Renewed interest in Mötley continues as Time Magazine plans to cover the Los Angeles show, and Hustler magazine plans to put the Crüe on the cover to coincide with a big arena tour in October.

The Crüe flies to New York and appears on air with Howard Stern in the morning, taking calls from fans including Scott Braden, who says he named his boys Brandon Lee and Skylar Neil.

Mötley’s video clip for Afraid airs for the first time on MTV, as Gibson and Guitar Centre give away several limited-edition, ebony Generation Swine Gibson SG guitars. They are enhanced with a Mötley Crüe truss rod cover and transparent pick guard.

The Live Swine Tour begins at the Mayan Theatre in hometown Los Angeles. Like the album, the show begins with the word “destroy” that Nikki says was sampled from an old movie and may be Lon Chaney’s voice. The opening song Find Myself sees Nikki sing the first verse with the band hidden behind a translucent curtain and a spotlight effect to make Nikki and Mick’s shadows appear ten-feet tall, similar to on their American Music Awards performance. The curtain drops as Vince sings the chorus sitting in a chandelier suspended from the roof. The Crüe rocks through the whole album in order. Highlights include Vince playing guitar on Afraid, and Tommy playing guitar on Rocketship as Nikki sings it while sitting on a stool. A string section plays from the side of the stage for Brandon, which completes the album tracks. To the crowd’s delight, Mötley plays encore songs: Primal Scream, Wild Side, Dr. Feelgood and Kickstart My Heart. A question and answer session finishes the night, as the band picks a dozen or so fans to join them onstage to ask questions, before taking questions from the audience. Profits from the tour are donated to the Skylar Neil Foundation benefiting cancer research.

Generation Swine is released throughout Europe, except in the U.K. where it is to be released in three days.

The Crüe’s Afraid single is released in Australia, featuring the original Rave Mix by Lenny DeRosa and the Swine Mix by Dave Ogilvie that appears on the album. Vince’s cover of the Iggy Pop and David Bowie-penned Lust For Life is also included, along with Tommy’s Welcome To Planet Boom that he remixed for the Barb Wire soundtrack.

On the radio prior to Mötley’s Live Swine show in Philadelphia, Tommy confirms wife Pamela Lee is about three-months pregnant.

Hundreds of fans queue for hours, hoping to meet the Crüe at an in-store appearance in HMV downtown Toronto, Canada. The band signs autographs for longer than scheduled as Generation Swine CD booklets are handed out to the crowd, while the new album blasts all afternoon outside on the street.

The second grandchild for Mick is born as his daughter Stormy gives birth to a boy named Shayne.

In Canada at the Toronto Listening Party, Nikki says they will most likely tour with Marilyn Manson, Pantera, Foo Fighters or Korn on their forthcoming tour. The crowd in attendance gives the biggest cheers for Marilyn Manson and Pantera. Those displaying their ticket stubs from the listening parties are likely to get preferential seating for the tour. The Crüe also says a live album looks to be the next release from the Crüe, warranted by popular demand from the fans.

Vince becomes an uncle again in the morning when his sister Valerie gives birth to an 8lbs 2oz daughter named Skye. Her middle name is in tribute to Vince’s late daughter Skylar, and Vince tearily gives his blessing when his sister asks him permission. Val also has an eleven-year-old son named Blake Michael.

As Generation Swine is released in Australia and the Afraid single is released in Japan, the final show of the Live Swine Tour takes place at the Roseland Ballroom in New York. It is broadcast live over the Internet using Real Audio technology with refreshing live images, as well as on one hundred and fifty radio stations across North America. The band played live on Howard Stern’s show earlier in the day.

Today is dubbed ‘The Day of the Pig’ as Generation Swine is released in the U.S.A. with a midnight in-store appearance at Tower Records in New York City. In the afternoon, Mötley Crüe plays ten songs live on the street outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre for The Late Show with David Letterman, who broadcasts them playing Afraid to a TV audience of millions. The night ends with the band and their partners dining in a transvestite restaurant, complete with Planet Boom blasting on the stereo, whipped cream smothered over Nikki, Donna and Vince, dancing on the tables, and Mick hiding in the corner… smirking.

Mötley flies out from New York to Denmark as they prepare to play their first European concert since the Monsters of Rock Tour in 1991.

Mötley Crüe performs live in front of ninety thousand people at the sold-out, four-day Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Other bands on the bill include the Smashing Pumpkins and Prodigy.

Generation Swine debuts in the Billboard charts at number four with sales of more than eighty thousand, making it their sixth consecutive top ten album since Theatre of Pain peaked in 1985. Two spots below the Crüe in the charts is the album Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. The Nashville based singer recently made history by becoming the first contemporary Christian artist to have a number one album on the Billboard 200 chart. When Bob was a session singer in Los Angeles, he performed backup vocals with Mötley Cruue.

A free Swine Sampler CD is given away to anyone who test-drives a Gibson USA guitar at Guitar Centers this month. The CD contains four tracks from the Generation Swine release.

John files a lawsuit for damages and equitable relief in the Los Angeles Superior Court, suing Nikki, Tommy and Mick for $1,085,000 for two counts of breach of contract, dissolution of partnership, fraud, slander, and unjust enrichment. In the suit, John claims that upon joining the band, he was to receive a portion of the band’s new $25 million contract with Elektra Records. When Vince rejoined the band last September, John claims the band told him there was still room for him in Mötley Crüe, but he was officially fired in March and had stopped receiving pay months before, leaving him nearly destitute and living off loans. He is also suing Elektra Entertainment for $4 million for interference with contract, claiming it was Elektra’s refusal to release another album without Vince that led the Crüe members to fire him. John also says he contributed or composed at least eighty percent of the music on Generation Swine and claims he was promised approximately $1 million and proper credit for his work on the album, which he has not received. He is also pursuing an estimated $85,000 he’s owed for his work on the self-titled album from 1994, along with claiming the band members bad-mouthed him after his departure, telling interviewers he couldn’t handle the pressure of being in the band, which he disputes.

The first public hearing of the new John Corabi and Bruce Kulick music takes place at the Fourth Annual Detroit Kiss Expo in Michigan. While signing autographs, Bruce plays a tape to fans of four songs, including tracks Heavy D, Try and Around Again.

For the first time since Dr. Feelgood, Elektra Records says they will inject large sums of money in their efforts to push Afraid to Top 40 Radio. An advertisement begins to air on U.S. television, commencing with Vince saying, “Welcome to the Generation Swine” followed by the opening of Let Us Prey as each band member is shown playing live along with portions of the Afraid video.

Beauty is chosen as the second single to follow Afraid into Active Rock radio stations’ play lists. The band opts to invest in radio and touring rather than making a video to promote the song, but reserve they will make one if MTV wants to show it during highly-viewed hours.

Mötley performs their song Afraid live on The Tonight Show hosted by Jay Leno.

After the recent announcement of this year’s North American tour dates where the band will play for over two hours each show, the Crüe begins a five-day rehearsal program for two shows in Tokyo, Japan in two weeks.

John adds his vocals to the track Shake a Leg for the forthcoming AC/DC tribute album scheduled for a 1998 release. Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey, and Bob Kulick had previously recorded it, but there were no vocals until John was asked if he’d like to contribute.

Tommy and Pam announce their second child, due around Christmas, will be a boy they’ll name Dylan Jagger Lee. They say this will be their last child as Tommy offers to have a vasectomy.

John and Bruce Kulick announce they have commitment from a record label as they continue writing more songs and jamming with an unnamed bass player. The name of the band is still being decided upon with consideration given to the thousand-or-so names submitted by fans on Bruce’s website. The Rod Stewart tribute CD featuring John and Bruce is scheduled for release in October, around the same time they’ll be in the studio to complete recording, including updating songs already recorded. Their CD is expected to be released very early next year.

As the next single Beauty is added to U.S. rock radio, Mötley’s World Tour commences with two outdoor shows at the Ariake Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, Japan with Steve Vai and Zakk Wylde playing first. Plaques are presented to the Crüe onstage for Platinum sales of Generation Swine in Japan.

John attends the birthday party of Kiss bass player Gene Simmons at a bowling alley, with members of his still unnamed band, Bruce Kulick, Brent Fitz and new bass player James Hunting from Pasadena, California who has previously worked with David Lee Roth. Metal Edge magazine takes the first photos of the full line-up. Former Vince Neil Band member Brent Woods also attends.

Conceptualisation of the stage set for Mötley’s upcoming North American tour is almost finished and ready to be built. The show will be very visual with lots of lasers and a theme of space and aliens. Their music rehearsals are to begin in two weeks. Beauty is enjoying airplay on U.S. Active Radio while U.S. Top 40 radio feels the track is too aggressive and prefers to wait for next single Glitter. The band’s latest album Generation Swine is certified Gold by the RIAA, having sold half-a-million copies in the U.S.

Cheap Trick is announced as opening band for the forthcoming Mötley tour. The Crüe believes they are one of the greatest bands of all time, and have previously collaborated with them on songs and toured with them.

Mötley flies in to Minneapolis on a private jet dubbed ‘Air Crüe’ to begin nine separate press conferences in three days promoting the forthcoming tour Mötley Crüe Vs The Earth. The tour is sponsored by Apple Computers.

Mötley’s first Generation Swine U.S. press conference takes place at 8am in Minneapolis where hundreds of fans ask questions and obtain autographs. They continue at the Hard Rock Café in Chicago at noon with radio personality Mancow, followed by Detroit at 4pm. Tickets for the tour will be available for purchase online two days before they go on-sale anywhere else. Nikki announces the Crüe is setting up Swine Interactive Network (SIN) through their official website. Fan Joseph J. Bugajski will be traveling on the tour and uploading nightly real-time concert footage and other imagery to the site from backstage under the stage. The band is also encouraging fans to bootleg the shows by allowing fans to bring video and audio recorders as well as cameras into the venues. These recordings can be traded with other fans through a trading post on S.I.N. Other features planned include Club Crüe where DJ Larceny, real name Tommy Barger, will rock the arena with all kinds of music and entertainment suspended from the ceiling in a round metal cage, so fans can party while waiting for the bands to come on-stage. A world-first, real-time Cyberjam is also planned where technology permits, which will see a contest winner jamming with the Crüe from his or her hometown, and projected on huge video screens during the show.

Press conferences continue at 8am in Cleveland, once again with a large turnout of fans. The Hard Rock Café in New York City is next at noon, where the first Cyberjam in history takes place. Rick Neilson and Tom Peterson from Cheap Trick are beamed in from Kansas City and they jam with Mick, demonstrating to the world’s press and TV some of the cutting edge treats in store for fans this tour. The next press conference is at the Boston Hard Rock Café at 5pm. A female banner contest winner then flies Air Crüe with the Mötleys from Boston to Philadelphia.

The final press conferences begin in Philadelphia at 8am, followed by Cincinnati at noon and winding up with San Francisco later in the afternoon.

Tommy’s lawyer Charles English pleads innocent on behalf of Tommy to misdemeanour battery following a confrontation with paparazzi cameraman Henry Trappler almost a year ago on 29/9/96. Trappler is seeking unspecified damages, claiming Tommy broke his hip when he threw him to the ground as he was filming Tommy and Pam leaving the Viper Room nightclub. Tommy believes the camera was two inches from his face and he was assaulted. Superior Court Judge Elden Fox is told by Tommy’s lawyer that negotiations are underway to settle civil and criminal claims. The jury trial is set to start in October and will take on heightened visibility following the death of Princess Diana, who was harassed by paparazzi prior to her death a couple of weeks ago.

Tickets go on sale for the Mötley Crüe Vs The Earth tour with almost every city selling upwards of fifty percent capacity in the first hour. Promoters are keen to book more shows on the next leg of the tour, now that all shows are expected to quickly sell-out. Nikki says the percentage of tickets sold early through the Internet for the upcoming tour was mind blowing.

The December issue of porn magazine Hustler hits the streets in the U.S. with Mötley Crüe gracing the cover.

Elektra’s lawyers meet with John, Nikki and Tommy in Los Angeles, to discuss the lawsuit recently issued by John.

Tommy and Pam file a lawsuit in Los Angeles against Milton Ingley, whom they claim is selling copies of one of their sex videos over the Internet. Milton Ingley is the same man the Lees have long accused of stealing the tape from their Malibu home two years ago while he was doing construction work on the property. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and criminal charges against Ingley.

A previously-unreleased collaboration of 2 Live Crew and Mötley Crüe called Crew to Crüe is set to appear on a forthcoming compilation of Two Live Crew’s soundtrack work called Goes To The Movies: A Decade Of Hits. The song was recorded for the 1989 movie Hangin’ With The Homeboys but a record company executive at Elektra Records wouldn’t let Mötley Crüe put their name to it, so it was changed to Triple XXX.

Rehearsals in Los Angeles for the tour are now complete with promises of the biggest show Mötley Crüe has ever done, without a doubt. Resources for the tour travel by road to Cedar Rapids as the countdown gets closer to the opening show in that town.

After Donna gives Nikki a family tree CD-ROM, he learns he has a half-brother named Randy who is four years older than him. He tracks him down at a vacation resort he runs in San Jose and learns that his father died at Christmas in 1978. Nikki and Donna fly to San Jose where they visit his grave, to help Nikki come to peace with his father and the abandonment of him as a three-year-old boy. Donna videos Nikki locating his tombstone in the cemetery and his barrage of abuse he hurls at it to exorcise his resentment.

The Crüe flies to San Francisco to shoot some video footage for the opening of the Mötley Crüe Vs The Earth tour. They also participate in an America Online (AOL) live chat session with fans.

Vince’s new tiger stripes tattoo is now complete, covering his whole back and neck.

A lawsuit is filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court by Vince’s former attorneys Lavely & Singer Professional Corporation. The suit against Vince, Nikki, Tommy, Mick, numerous Mötley Crüe business entities, and their record label Elektra Entertainment Group over monies due to the law firm, alleges they never received payment after Vince hired them in 1992 to represent him after he was fired from the band. According to the suit, the firm says that Vince agreed to pay them the total sum of attorney’s fees and costs, which amounts to $423,615.15, or one-third of the gross amount of the settlement or judgment that Vince received from the lawsuit settled last year. After the settlement, he was reinstated as the lead singer, and according to the suit, the entities of Mötley Crüe agreed to pay his bill, but never did.

Pamela takes Tommy to Mexico on a Lear jet for his birthday and they spend three naked days together in a huge beach mansion before the Mötley tour begins.

John’s new band has begun pre-production for their debut album set for release by New York independent label Mayhem Records early next year. Recording at Rumbo Studios will begin in a couple of weeks with mixing scheduled for early November. John, Bruce Kulick and Curt Cuomo are co-producing together. Songs confirmed for the album to date include Old Man Wise, Try, Around Again, Heavy D, October Morning Wind, Do You Think About Me and Tangerine. Three more songs will be recorded for the album. Promotional activities are set to begin shortly after the album’s completion, including an extensive media tour that will take the band to twelve U.S. cities. An extensive worldwide tour beginning shortly after the album’s release is being planned that will include songs they have written when in Mötley Crüe and Kiss, along with songs from John’s days with The Scream.

The Crüe kick-starts their tour at the Five Seasons Centre in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Cheap Trick begins proceedings before a Crüe video intro is shown on two forty-foot screens. The intro is footage from the 1956 black and white alien invasion movie Earth vs. the Flying Saucers mixed with footage of the band, so it appears the Crüe are piloting a flying saucer and blowing everything up. Pyros blast as Find Myself opens the set. Nikki smashes his bass to bits during his solo midway through the set, before flinging it skyward where it explodes in a blaze of fireworks. His solo is inspired by his recent learning of the passing of his father a decade ago, and features video footage of him at his father’s grave with its headstone inscription reading Frank S. Feranna. The solo’s backing soundscape was constructed by Nikki on his computer with former Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna and tears well in his eyes as he performs it for the first time.

The song Too Fast For Love is played for the first time in about thirteen years. Tommy’s spaceman magic act drum solo is unable to be performed due to early technical glitches. The visual illusion act was developed by David Copperfield’s people at MagicCraft and involves pre-recorded footage of Tommy drumming along to Josh Wink’s dance track Higher State of Consciousness that is projected onto a white curtain. Tommy takes photos of the crowd from onstage with his digital camera for the official website and he sings Brandon for the first encore, with a video montage shown behind him. This gives time for Vince to prepare to be launched in a spaceship for the singing of Home Sweet Home. He is lowered into the crowd during the next song Anarchy in the U.K. where he is to be carried on the shoulders of a security guard back to the stage for Helter Skelter, sung to a video back drop of images of Charles Manson. Vince gets mobbed and pushed into a ramp for the handicapped which sees him and some fans tumble to the ground, where Vince has over one-thousand-dollars-worth of jewelry ripped off him. A video scene from the movie Pulp Fiction leads into Kickstart My Heart to end the concert.

Keen to be at peak performance on the tour, Mötley makes a rule that each time a band member is caught drunk or high they will be fined $25,000. Random urine tests are administered to keep them in check and Vince is soon busted.

The Mötley concert at the Rosemont in Chicago is cybercast live on the Internet. A contest winning fan, Neil, located in a TV Station in Detroit, performs the world’s first fan-based Cyberjam on stage with the Crüe to Anarchy in the U.K. Vince chats to online fans backstage after the show, as someone breaks into the tour bus and steals his luggage. The thirty-eight-member crew and band travel on two tour buses. Nikki’s wife Donna joins them on the bus for the first four shows.

The decadence continues as a hardcore porn movie is aired on the large video screens, showing a naked woman masturbating with a dildo and performing fellatio on a guy, prior to Mötley hitting the stage at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. DJ Larceny leads the crowd in a chant for porn. Before Nikki’s solo onstage, someone backstage says to him that they are going to be arrested for its screening, so he leads the crowd in chanting “Suck my ass - we’re Mötley Crüe, we can do what we want”. Local police and the District Attorney say they will investigate and file charges if evidence is found. Mötley’s management states it was an unknown and unplanned showing likely to be a practical joke by someone.

John’s new band finally has a name: Union. Meanwhile, parents who brought their kids to Mötley’s Pittsburgh show last night say they want to press charges against the Crüe for showing a hardcore porn video, and subsequently breaking Pennsylvanian law. Authorities are reviewing the video screened to see whether charges may be filed.

Performing at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, Vince has an altercation with a crowd member close to the front of the stage a few songs into the set. Nikki swings his bass guitar at the guy. At the end of the song, Vince challenges him to come up and settle it on stage. Tommy leads the crowd in a chant of “wimp” when the guy declines. After a few more songs, Vince dives at the guy in the crowd fists-first with the microphone in his hand. He returns to stage after a few minutes saying he’ll finish it later. The fan is then ejected from the venue.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, Vince walks off stage before the end of Don’t Go Away Mad when a drink is thrown at him. He returns after a few minutes to continue the set. Then after Home Sweet Home, the stage goes dark with only a spotlight on Nikki who tells the crowd that was their last song because security is treating fans unfairly. A huge, black security guard had been asked to stop pushing fans but refused, continuing to hit girls. A guy had been pulled by security from the crowd and beaten by ten or so guards. Nikki enters into a verbal barrage with the security guard, calling him a nigger and then proceeding to tell the noisy crowd to kick the ass of the security guards to see how they like it. After asking the crowd if they want to hear more, the Crüe plays for another twenty minutes to complete their set. Many vicious fights occur in the crowd during the night, leaving the floor blood stained.

Nikki consults a sports doctor about damage to his knee from a jump on stage in Charlotte the previous night. He can barely walk and it becomes more painful, swollen and stiff overnight. X-rays show no broken bones or torn ligaments, but it is feared he has a torn cartilage. Fluid is drained and he is injected with cortisone to help relieve the pain.

Prior to Mötley’s Halloween show in Tampa, Florida, Nikki has further x-rays that reveal no tear to his knee cartilage but some bone damage. He is told to take it easy onstage for a few weeks to prevent the bone from dying, which would require surgery.

The Crüe has a day-off from touring in Orlando, Florida. Nikki spends the day with his kids on a VIP Tour at Disney World. Tommy flies back to Los Angeles to be with Pamela and Brandon, as Seattle-based company Internet Entertainment Group, Inc. (IEG) says the complete home-video tape of Tommy and Pam having sex will be available free of charge to subscribers to its and interactive websites starting in four days.

Mötley once again hits the U.S. newsstands; this time in an eight-page feature in the January ‘98 issue of Tattoo Magazine.

A Californian judge refuses to grant Tommy and Pam their cease and desist order in attempting to bar IEG from online broadcasting of their stolen home-video, pending the outcome of the Lee’s lawsuit against IEG for invasion of privacy and receiving stolen property.

IEG broadcasts the stolen Tommy and Pamela home-video online for about five hours, before Tommy and Pam agree to binding arbitration by a private judge of their lawsuit, to decide whether their rights are being violated by the broadcast of the tape.

In Texas, where Tommy’s wife Pamela catches her first touring Crüe show, Mötley helps an animal shelter called The Exotic Cat Refuge and Wildlife Orphanage with $5,000, being a donation from every Texan concert ticket sold. A jaguar called Czar from this refuge starred in the filming of the Crüe’s video clip for their hit song Without You.

Nikki says he and wife Donna, who recently ran some green dye through Nikki’s hair, are planning to have a child together soon. Nikki also says he’s determined to take Donna to Africa in January to get re-married for a third time.

In Carbondale, Illinois, over a hundred angry young blacks protest outside the Crüe’s concert following Nikki’s nigger comments during the band’s recent Greensboro show. Nikki takes a moment on stage to clarify he is not a racist.

After completing the recording of their debut album, John and his band Union fly to Toronto, Canada for a weekend Kiss Expo and acoustic radio promo performance. They receive a great response from the crowd after playing their songs Old Man Wise and Let It Flow.

Tommy and Nikki brainstorm ideas with their manager Allen Kovac on the tour bus as they head for Columbus, Ohio. Outcomes of major meetings held later in the day reveal recording of a new studio album will begin when Mötley hits the road again for a two-month second leg, on the first day of February next year. Recording is expected to be completed by April Fools’ Day in readiness for a mid-year release followed by more touring. Songs for the album are currently being written by the band using Studio Vision software on their Mac laptops in between shows on the tour.

Elektra Records dries up their cash-flow payments to the Crüe as an attempt to drive them into debt and hopefully break the band up, so they are owed $12 million. Mötley do their best to make Elektra despise them, so they will pay them out the $12 million left on their record contract instead.

In Columbus, Ohio, hundreds of fans rush the stage during Helter Skelter after Nikki says he had a wish that the crowd would do anything they want for the last two songs. They stay there until the end of the following song Kickstart My Heart that winds-up the set. The band and long-term music industry workers say they have never seen anything like it before. The live footage in the video for Wild Side was shot in this same venue ten years earlier.

Union returns to the studio to mix the final track Robin’s Song for their upcoming album. The song is a letter to John’s ex-girlfriend who married another man just four days after leaving him.

Cheap Trick plays their final show in support of Mötley Crüe for this tour in Des Moines, Iowa. To the Crüe’s delight, their guitarist Rick Nielson gives all the Mötley band members a skull sweater like the ones he wears.

Mötley Crüe has the honour of playing the final concert at the Aladdin Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada before its demolition. The night begins to run out of control when women climb on stage and flash before Tommy’s video camera, after he asks all the girls to, “Bust them out.” Chaos erupts during Primal Scream and the stage is invaded by the crowd. A guy runs at Mick from behind in an attempt to grab his top hat, but knocks him to the ground, slamming his head against the stage. The show is temporarily stopped while the offending crowd member is taken backstage and the rest of the crowd dispersed from the stage. Vince is also punched during the incident. Mick is reluctant to return to the stage as a paramedic checks him out backstage. In later years, Mick says it was his scariest encounter with a fan. Four people are sent to hospital with relatively minor injuries and there are no resulting arrests. The band is told the next day that every building in the complex EXCEPT the theatre they played in is being demolished, so the Crüe is hit with the huge cleanup bill for walls, seats, personal injuries, etc.

A band called Feeb featuring Tommy’s brother-in-law Gerry Anderson opens for Mötley Crüe in San Diego, California. Tommy’s sister Athena performs next with her band Krunk before the Crüe takes the stage.

Mötley Crüe is flown to San Francisco for their show tomorrow in the Gulfstream jet of a friend of Vince’s. He plans to take them to their next concert in Boise, Idaho following their San Francisco and Sacramento shows.

After the band’s show in San Francisco, Vince heads out for a drink at a strip club before heading back to his hotel. Nikki calls his room demanding he pays his fine of $25,000 after the taxi driver informed him that Vince had been drinking the night before, and Vince tells him to shove it. Tired of not being allowed to have fun in the way he wants and not enjoying playing the new Swine songs live, Vince feels he would be better on his own, so he tells Tommy and Mick in the hotel lobby as they prepare to leave for Boise, Idaho that he will be finishing with the band at the end of the tour in nine days. While Nikki stands with wife Donna and his grandfather Tom at concierge, Vince tells him that he will be quitting as he has had enough. When Nikki asks him if it is because he can’t be honest, Vince tells him where to go and quits Mötley on the spot. Nikki punches Vince with an uppercut to the face before throwing him to the ground and digging his fingernails into Vince’s neck saying that he will rip his vocal chords out. Tommy and Mick initially don’t let anybody break it up, preferring to let them get it out of their systems. When the fight breaks up, Vince walks out of the hotel foyer and heads to the hotel of his pilot friend so he can be taken back to Los Angeles.

When Vince arrives at the airport, he walks past the rest of the band with his pilot friend and tells them to wait. He gets on board and shuts the door before proceeding to flip them the bird from behind his window. When Mötley’s Tour Manager Nick Cua knocks on the door to see if the situation can be resolved, Vince says he’s going home, which he does after he has some drinks at the Peninsula Hotel first. The rest of Mötley waits for eight hours at the airport before they can get on a commercial flight back to Los Angeles.

Tommy also finds the current tour to be too much for him as he recognises that the passion for the Crüe’s music that he has always felt is no longer there. He has not been comfortable with the direction of Mötley since Vince replaced John in the band and this new incident only strengthens how he feels.

John and Bruce Kulick from Union participate in an online chat at The Electric Village. They say their album will probably be self-titled and include a bonus track or two on releases in Europe and Japan. The first single is scheduled for release next month, followed by the album on February 24, when they will perform some acoustic radio promotions. The album’s final track listing is: Old Man Wise, Around Again, Pain Behind Your Eyes, Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore), Heavy D, Let It Flow, Empty Soul (previously titled Try), October Morning Wind, Get Off My Cloud, Tangerine, and Robin’s Song.

John sings the tracks Gasoline Alley and Maggie May on the newly released Victor Records Rod Stewart tribute album titled Forever Mod. Other artists appearing include Steven Pearcy, Eddie Money, Robin McAuley, Paul Shortino, Jani Lane, Spike, Jeff Pilson, Gilby Clarke, Eric Singer and Sebastian Bach with The Last Hard Men.

Tommy and Pamela reluctantly reach an agreement with Internet Entertainment Group before the arbitration process begins to decide whether online public broadcast of their stolen home-video is legal, and drop their attempt to bar its viewing on the Internet. The agreement allows IEG a one-off broadcast online and no rights to do anything else with the tape but return it. The legal battle adds another strain to their marriage, along with raising a young son while pregnant and their hectic career schedules, not to mention the constant paparazzi pressure they are subject to.

Mötley cancels their show in Boise, Idaho, telling the public that their private plane is unable to make it there due to bad weather. After spending a couple of days doing what he feels like, Vince meets with Nikki in their management’s offices. He gets a lot of issues off his chest that have built-up inside since the first time he was out of the band five years ago. He tells Nikki that he runs the band like a dictator and is condescending to everyone, while Nikki tells Vince that his lying about drinking only causes the band members to resent him while they are working to help cover his debts. They compromise and agree to listen to each other more, as they develop a greater understanding of each other. Following this conversation, Nikki and Vince become the closest they’ve been in the last seventeen years. The Boise concert is rescheduled for two days time, after their show tomorrow in Salt Lake City.

More rioting takes place at a Mötley Crüe concert when halfway during the band’s show at America West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, Tommy starts cussing the heavy-handed security and tells them to leave the fans alone; which they do. During the encore, security once again mistreats fans, so Tommy runs to the front of the stage where he says to get the security out of here. After an invitation, the crowd swamps the stage causing $15,000 worth of damage to over three hundred chairs, plus damage to a lot of stage equipment. Eighteen-year-old security guard Kenneth Lee Chambers is allegedly hit in the back of the head by Tommy’s forearm and then kicked by Nikki. About one hundred local Maricopa County sheriffs arrive in full riot gear to restore order. They handcuff Tommy, Nikki and Vince before placing them in the Police Department’s cell at the arena. Tommy and Nikki are then taken to a downtown Phoenix jail where they are booked on one count each of misdemeanour assault and fingerprinted, before having mug shots taken. They are released in the small hours of the morning after spending the first few hours of Nikki’s thirty-ninth birthday together behind bars, telling jokes and eating peanut butter sandwiches. Ten people suffer minor injuries and are treated and released at the arena. TV news in America shows their mug shots and footage of Nikki kicking. Tommy and Nikki are expected back in Phoenix in January to face charges.

The Crüe plays their final show of the Mötley Crüe Vs The Earth tour in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have forty pounds of flour dropped on Nikki as he sings the verse of the first song Find Myself. Later in the show, a birthday cake in the shape of two giant tits is slammed into his face.

The plan of a second leg of the tour anticipated for next year is dropped in favour of hitting the studio to record a new album. The next live Crüe shows are expected to occur in the middle of next year.

Upon returning from the tour, Vince checks into a Malibu rehab facility and quits drinking again. Vince is also going through personal bankruptcy and needs to come up with a large lump sum to keep his creditors at bay before they foreclose on his assets, which includes some of those co-owned by Mötley Crüe.

The second boy for Tommy and Pamela is born and named Dylan Jagger Lee, aka DJ. Weighing 6lbs 14oz, he is born at 11:20am in their Malibu bedroom, underwater in their bathtub with candles and soft music playing. Dylan is named after musicians Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger.


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